Oliver Cabell Low 1 Leather Sneakers w Shoe Box

In recent years, the minimalist leather sneaker has become a staple in men’s wardrobes. However, when it comes to picking up a pair for yourself, there are many brands to choose from. This can make it challenging to settle on one, particularly considering the broad price & quality ranges that exist.

Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Sneakers immediately draw attention with their fully Italian construction. Yet, is this enough to justify the price point? In this review, I aim to answer that question & more via the following categories:

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Sneaker Specs

  • Brand: Oliver Cabell
  • Made In: El Marche, Italy
  • Style: Sneaker
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: Full-Grain Italian Calfskin
  • Construction: Cemented, Sidewall Stitch
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Price: $220 USD [Buy From Oliver Cabell]

The Low 1 sneakers have helped to put Oliver Cabell on the map thanks to their quality craftsmanship and more accessible pricing, distinguishing them from luxury brands that charge significantly higher prices.

Renowned for their construction and design, the Low 1s are currently available in 22 colors. These range from the iconic all-white colorway to styles with colorful accents throughout. They come in both full-grain and nubuck leather options, offering a variety of looks within their minimalist blueprint.

Oliver Cabell Low Sneakers In Box

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Style & Appearance

The design of Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 sneakers isn’t particularly intricate. Obviously, this is by design as these are a minimalist pair of shoes. However, this is not to say it’s not done well.

Oliver Cabell Low Slate Color Sneakers

The Italian leather upper is excellent and particularly attractive in this Slate colorway. The leather is supple and smooth throughout and has so far developed very few wrinkles. In the most stressed areas, it’s creating leather rolls rather than prominent, unsightly wrinkles.

Neatly stitched (with matching thread) onto the upper are the eyestay and a leather segment on the heel, but that’s it as far as additional leather overlays. This heel segment, as well as the tongue, are branded “Oliver Cabell” in gold print, which adds a bit of contrast but one that is not too distracting.

Oliver Cabell Sneakers Slate Side View

The rubber sole is both cemented and side-stitched to the upper. These stitches are clearly done with a thicker thread, which is sure to extend the lifetime of the shoes.

Finally, the Low 1 sneakers are equipped with matching laces in Italian cotton. These have worn in well, though it seems they’re slightly prone to getting dirty.

Low 1 Sneakers Heel Details Gold Print

Overall, and after scrutinizing these Oliver Cabell Low sneakers after first getting them, I can find no defects or imperfections. Even at this price point, some sort of imperfection is often encountered, so I was glad to see that Oliver Cabell’s QC is on point.

Fit & Comfort

Right out of the box, the Low 1 sneakers are surprisingly comfortable. The thick leather upper, advertised by Oliver Cabell as 3oz leather, wraps around the foot almost like a sock and imparts a premium feel. On the other hand, even though the leather is slightly thick, there was little to no break-in period.

Inside, the shoes are lined with smooth leather, and the removable insole, which appears to be made of dense foam, also helps with comfort. Add these to the rubber outsoles that aid in shock absorption, and these have been a pleasure to wear, even for extended periods.

Leather Lining Padded Collar Oliver Cabell Sneakers

It’s also worth mentioning that the collar of the Low 1 sneakers is significantly padded. This serves as a design element and helps the sneakers wrap snugly around the lower ankle. The inside of the heel also has a small segment of roughout leather, which has done a proper job of preventing heel slip.

With these positives aside, I’ll touch on some negatives I found the more I wore the Low 1s.

Padded Collar of Oliver Cabel Minimalist Sneakers

First, the tongue does not stay entirely centered. This is more of an inconvenience as it doesn’t cause discomfort at all, but I will bend down to fix this every so often when I’m wearing them.

The other negative aspect is how easily these Low 1s seem get dirty. The upper is easy to clean with a damp cloth, but I can’t say the same about the outsoles. I missed out on getting one of Oliver Cabell’s cleaning kits, but probably should have. I’ll also admit I’m not incredibly careful wearing these around, so if you’re more mindful, you’ll likely not have this issue.

With these two small points out of the way, I’ll summarize that these are incredibly comfortable to wear, and this has led me to wear them dozens of times in the few months I’ve had them.

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Dress Code & Formality

Oliver Cabell’s Low 1s are sneakers, so in a traditional world, the formality for them would be exclusively casual. However, their minimalist ethos makes them an ideal candidate for a dressy pair of sneakers.

Low 1 Sneakers Gray Review

I’ve mostly worn them with light-toned denim for casual outings with friends, but I can easily see these being dressed up with more formal trousers. Additionally, Oliver Cabell offers the Low 1 sneakers in an extremely varied number of colors, so the outfit options are endless.

For instance, there is a very enticing Birch (Olive) colorway that I’ve been keeping an eye on and will likely pick up as soon as I figure out what outfits I can wear them with.

Presentation & Value For Money

The Oliver Cabell Low 1s were delivered in the brand’s standard white shoe box. Inside were the shoes (stuffed with packing paper) as well as a white cloth shoe bag.

Oliver Cabell Low Sneakers In Box

When it comes to price, the Low 1s are generally sold for $220 on Oliver Cabell’s website. The most popular colors, such as this Slate or the standard all-white, are most often encountered at this price. However, some of the less popular colorways, such as the Birch ($170) I mentioned earlier or the Nude version ($190), can often be purchased for less.

Even at the standard $220 price point, and after wearing these for almost three months, I can say they are well worth the money. The quality of the materials, along with the sturdy construction, has left me with no doubts about their durability, which is ultimately what I consider the most when determining value.

Oliver Cabell Low Sneakers Slate Review

It’s true that they’re not cheap, but they’re by no means inaccessible and absolutely worth the investment for a comfy, stylish, and durable pair of sneakers.

Closing Thoughts

As I mentioned above, I’ve been wearing these Low 1s for a number of months now and have had a difficult time not making them my sole pair of shoes in that time. The minimalist style makes them very versatile and easy to wear to many different (largely casual) settings.

I’ve received numerous compliments on them which is almost counterintuitive, given that minimalist items of clothing tend to fly under the radar. However, the quality of the Low 1s is evident, causing them to draw a lot of attention.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 in Slate On Feet

If you’re had your eyes on a similar pair of sneakers from other brands in the past, I can easily recommend Oliver Cabell’s Low 1s. I’ll admit I haven’t tried all the other manufacturers so I can’t compare directly, but I have spent many hours with these, and I’m not sure there’s much that could be improved, especially given their price.

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"Oliver Cabell's Low 1 are a high-quality and stylish take on the widespread minimalist sneaker."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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