To take advantage of the oblong face shape’s features, the objective is to create broadness whilst downplaying its length. The following sections will assess the face shape’s styling objectives and then propose suitable styling recommendations.

In this men’s guide, you will discover the ways to properly style an oblong face shape. Furthermore, we feature recommendations on the best haircuts, beards, moustache styles and glasses for its characteristics.

Scroll down to read each section or jump directly to what interests you the most:

Each section features stylised graphics that lead onto individual guides. These will feature more specific advice on how to customise the style for your own face shape.

Graphic of a man's diamond face shape

Best Guide To Men’s Oblong Face Shape

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Oblong face shapes usually consist of the following features:

Your face length is the largest whilst your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all similar in length. Your chin may be pointed and it’s likely that your cheek line and the sides are your face are straight.

If this sounds about right, scroll down. Nevertheless, you might not be sure. If this is the case, know that we identify 7 different face shapes. Be sure to discover your own face shape with our easy guide.

Remember that also the above narrative generalises face shapes, which means that there are subtle difference between individuals. You may fit under the description of several face shapes so it’s up to you to properly identify your own using the tools we provide.

Knowing your face shape has its uses and is worth knowing. You’ll fit that once you get to grasps with your own features, you’ll be able to make styling decisions for more easily.

Oblong Face Shape Specifications

What's An Oblong Face Shape Geometric Breakdown

The above graphic presents and breaks down the face shape’s own features. Take note of its relatively simple structure consisting of more-or-less equal widths down the sides. The forehead is likely the broadest part.

However, its most distinctive feature is the face length. In short, the oblong is very much like an oval face shape except that it’s taller. Therefore, a touch of attention to styling can help you achieve a more harmonious balance.

A tall and wide forehead complimented by a noble jawline and even cheekbones is what we’d expect from an Oblong face shape. With elongated yet balanced features, the oblong face structure is somewhere between the oval and square shapes.

Oblong Face Shape Men Celebrities Hamm Baron Cohen Affleck

Best Oblong Face Shape Hairstyles

With its tall structure but otherwise balanced features, the key to showcasing an oblong face is in controlling the hair’s proportions. Although most styles work well, too much length on top or to short on the sides will run the risk of elongating the face. The safest approach would be classic scissor cuts whilst avoiding extremes.

Styles should focus on the sides or across the forehead whilst staying relatively flat on top. A style that uses gravity to let the hair fall naturally will provide sufficient volume and accentuate the forehead’s breadth without elongating its length.


  • Even or balanced cuts
  • Styles that work with gravity
  • Classic “scissor” cuts


  • Too tight back and sides
  • Too much height or length on top
  • Avoid extreme styles

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Best Oblong Face Shape Beard Styles

Natural Full beards risk elongating the face even further so the objective here is to shorten it and square off the jawline. Applying volume to the sides whilst shortening the length on the chin is a safe way to go in order to create a more chiselled facial structure. This can be achieved with both a full beard or a natural circle beard. Voluminous Side Burns or moustaches are also very efficient is providing volume to the cheeks and shortening the face respectively. They’re also great for making a bold statement!

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Best Oblong Face Shape Moustache Styles

Like hairstyles and beards, the objective is to give the face more width and reduce height. Opt for large moustaches that go beyond the corners of the mouth. These will reiforce the cheekbones and take a little height away with hair growth.
Bear in mind also that small moustaches may look lost on the large surface area of an Oblong face shape.

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Best Glasses For Oblong Face Shapes

With a tall face and more-or-less equal width at every level, the general objective is to decrease height whilst bringing out the features. As long as they aren’t too tall, either round or angular frames can do this quite well.

That said, if glasses are as wide as they are tall, this shouldn’t pose to much of a risk. For instance, square glasses can help increase the broadness of your forehead whilst adding some angularity to emphasise your cheekbones.

However, if the glasses are too small, they can appear lost on an oblong face shape. Similarly, frames that are intentionally oversized to be too wide may inadvertently backfire by making the face appear too tall. Therefore, it’s important that they fit well.

Nevertheless, naturally large frames tend to work well in restoring harmony. Furthermore, frames with an emphasis on width such as browlines, which feature bars that act as secondary eyebrows, help increase width without oversizing.

Recommended Glasses For An Oblong Face Shape

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Acceptable Glasses For An Oblong Face Shape

Oval Face Wearing A Monocle
Oval Face Wearing Pince Nez Glasses Frames
Oval Face Wearing Round Glasses Frames
Oval Face Wearing Wayfarer Glasses Frames

What Next?

Now that you’ve learned about your oblong face shape, you can explore all your options throughout our guides. Each of the hairstyle, beard, moustache and glasses guides feature dedicated section that dissect how well they work for each face shape. This will help you find out the specifics for any particular style you may want. Head to one of the following topics to find the style that you want to learn about:

If you ever forget the basics, this page will always be here for a refresher!

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