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As you can learn in our full guide, cashmere is a seemingly expensive fabric. However, when you take into account the level of work required to produce authentic cashmere, it’s much easier to understand the price point.

As such, I was pleasantly surprised when we discovered State Cashmere and its catalog’s prices. Offering genuine yet affordable cashmere garments, it seemed almost too good to be true!

Therefore, we decided to give State Cashmere a thorough review, which you can read across the following areas of interest:

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State Cashmere’s Cashmere

To avoid redundancy and for brevity’s sake, I will be using State Cashmere and “SC” interchangeably.

Cashmere Composition & Care Tag

SC Care Tag & Extra Thread

I was surprised by how many pages I had to sift through on SC’s site before I was able to find specifics on their choice of cashmere. Their product listings state “100% Cashmere”, as do the care tags on the garments, but the grade is not specified.

Only by hopping around and scrolling through multiple pages was I able to learn that SC uses Grade A cashmere in their clothing. Given that Grade A is the most expensive, you’d think that this would be more visibly displayed.

In fact, if a retailer does not indicate the grade of fabric used, it’s probably not pure Grade A cashmere. It may contain a blend partially composed of Grade A fibers, but if it were completely crafted from these then it would likely be marketed (and priced) as such.

SC’s Sustainability, Quality, & D2C Model

Chrome Zipper on Cashmere Hoodie

SC’s fluffy cashmere up close

SC’s site also explains how their cashmere comes from Mongolian goats which are known for growing the finest undercoats. Moreover, their sustainable fibers are sourced from green-friendly shepherds purchased at fair prices, ensuring an ethical chain of production that is beneficial to all involved.

The cashmere fibers are transported directly from Mongolia to a factory in Northern China where the yarn is spun and the garments themselves are ultimately sewn. Once completed they are delivered to customers, once more avoiding middlemen which could compromise the quality and increase the cost for the end-user.

Review of State Cashmere Men’s Sweaters

In our cashmere guide, we delved into the fact that cashmere is highly coveted not only for its luxurious feel and premium look but also for its durability. This latter point may be what you want to concentrate on exclusively when picking out cashmere apparel.

If you’re going to wear an item for many years to come, you want to make sure that it’s something that’s not going to go out of style. The easiest way to stay within this often-blurred boundary is to shop for staples or classic garments.

Essentially, these have been around for years and which will continue in vogue into the future.

State Cashmere Sweaters in Plastic Protector

State Cashmere sweaters shipped in protective zip bags

It’s clear by State Cashmere’s online catalog that they understand this concept, too; most of their options are indeed staples offered in standard colors. Following this exact rationale, I chose to go with a black crew neck sweater, a charcoal zip hoodie, and a brown polo sweater with button mock-neck for review.


Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

Black Crew Sweater Sleeve Details

A crew neck sweater is likely one of the most versatile items in a man’s wardrobe, especially for those who regularly lean towards business casual, whether for work or personal taste. In my case, it is more so due to the latter.

As you’ll hear me mention at least a few more times, this State Cashmere crew neck sweater is incredibly soft and stretchy which makes it exceptionally comfortable. In fact, I’m sure it could be worn without an undershirt; indeed, the cashmere is not itchy whatsoever on bare skin, perhaps to the surprise of some. With the northeastern upon me, though, it’s not something I’ll be trying any time soon.

Black Cashmere Sweater Neck DetailsPersonally, I found it to pair perfectly with an oxford button down and slacks, though it could just as easily work with denim for a more casual look. It also makes an excellent layer, given that it imparts significant warmth at a negligible weight.

While I opted for the black color, this sweater does possess some nice broad “ribs” along both flanks, as well as a nicely detailed V-Stitch neck. A lighter color selection would certainly have made these more prominent visually, but I preferred them to remain a subtle detail as they do in the black colorway. Naturally, SC offers a more traditional crew sweater without these added details.

Black Sweater Business Casual Fit

Zip Hoodie With Drawstring

State Cashmere’s Zip Hoodie isn’t particularly ostentatious in its design; I also wasn’t expecting it to be. This is not to say that the small details aren’t well executed – exactly the opposite, in fact.

The sleeves have the traditional elastic ‘ribbing’ at the end. The pockets also boast some nice texture accents, and the zipper itself is seemingly chrome-plated, which provides a subtle but refined contrast.

Most importantly, this hoodie is incredibly snug and silken. It’s ideal for the lazy days hanging around the house when one just wants to be comfortable. It can be worn just as well when running informal errands on the weekends, too. Of course, it also makes for a balmy layer in the most casual of outfits.

We all have days when we just don’t feel like ‘dressing up’. Why not treat yourself to the most comfortable hoodie in your closet while you’re at it?

Charcoal Sweater Casual Fit Pic 2

Button Mock-Neck Polo Sweater

SC’s Polo Sweater is probably my favorite of the three reviewed here.

Mock-Neck Cashmere Sweater Buttons Detail

If by no other metric, this is validated by how often I’ve reached for it over the past months.

With a button neck, I found it to be more elegant than the usual zip-up mock neck, though SC offers both styles. Most noticeably, the button neck has an attractive ‘strip’ of gray which contrasts against the brown cashmere. The same is true for the suede-like elbow pads, which also impart a classy contrast and avoid a monochromatic look.

Admittedly, I wore this polo sweater in just about any setting just because of how comfortable and polished it is. However, its most appropriate applications likely fall within the business casual realm.

The sweater can easily be layered over a button-down, yet is thin enough to not feel bulky. At this point, I would guess that its warmth goes without saying.

All in all, this polo sweater is an excellent pickup that I expect to enjoy for many years to come.

Brown Cashmere Polo Sweater Full

In Closing…

State Cashmere’s foundation is, quite simply, their extravagantly soft cashmere. On top of that are their varied yet expertly-selected apparel options. Next is their price point, which is more than competitive for the quality. And finally, the durability, which I was able to gauge after dozens of wears prior to writing this review, is also up to spec.

So, whether you’ve owned and enjoyed cashmere garments in the past, or if this is your first foray into this deluxe fabric, I can confidently suggest giving State Cashmere a shot. It may seem like a significant investment up front, but it will surely pay for itself in long-term (and luxurious) warmth and comfort.

"With their extremely soft cashmere, State Cashmere makes it rather difficult to not purchase one of everything on their site. Add onto this their sustainable sourcing practices, and there may not be any reason left to not have at least one of their sweaters in rotation throughout Fall and into the Winter months."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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