Three different suit hanger sizesIf you’re investing in your clothes, you will also need to think about the cost of maintaining that investment. This is an all-too-often overlooked aspect by the sartorial newbie and veteran alike!

These maintenance items and their associated costs range from storage to cleaning routines and products. Correct storage and care items include cedar shoe trees, flannel bags, and steamers. The focus of this article is getting the best hangers for your suits.

Good suit hangers can increase the lifespan of your suit jackets, and result in less ongoing maintenance for both your jackets and trousers. As suits tend to be the most expensive items in our closets, it makes sense to extend their life as much as possible.

The rest of this article shall cover how to pick the best hangers for your needs, and then review the best hanger options we have found from

Editor’s Note: Please be aware that we are not in any way compensated for this post. We just want our readers to get the best products for their needs! Other decent options include Allen Edmonds for cedar hangers, and Amazon for good value wooden & large plastic ones in different sizes.

Picking The Correct Size Suit Jacket Hangers

Not all hangers are created equal. They differ in quality of materials used, width side to side, and girth of the shoulder rests at the end of the arms.

See the picture below for details on both width and girth.

From top to bottom:

  • XL 20″ wide clamping suit hanger from Hanger Project [detailed in this review]
  • Standard 18″ suit hanger
  • Dress shirt hanger

Different size suit hangers

Many people will use the dress shirt hanger for their suits, but this is NOT ideal for two reasons:

  1. It’s too narrow, and may damage the shoulder of a suit jacket, especially after wear when the fabric may be warm and damp.
  2. It’s most likely not wide enough to support the shoulder all the way to the edge.

Thus, it’s optimal to get suit hangers that are wide enough to span the back of the jacket, and also wide enough at each end to support the shoulders hanging from them.

As you might expect, the one major drawback of larger overall hangers is the additional wardrobe space you shall need to accommodate them. However, it’s better to have a relatively small number of high-quality garments than a large amount of low-quality and potentially ill-kept ones.

Optimal size hanger for XL Navy Blue Blazer

Getting the right size is key. Hanger Project, for example, offers four suit hanger sizes:

  1. Small – 15.5″ (chest sizes 40 and below)
  2. Medium – 17″ (chest sizes 41 to 44)
  3. Large – 18.5″ (chest sizes 45-48)
  4. Extra Large – 20″ (chest sizes 48 and larger)

XL & XXL Suit Hangers

As mentioned above, if one has broad shoulders, a large chest, or both, you’ll have to graduate from regular size hangers.

These extra large hangers are not only wider, but broader too. These two extra dimensions help support the weight and breadth of the garments adorning them.

Normal Vs Extra Large Suit Hanger

The same is also true if you’re slimmer or more slight. You don’t want to get hangers that are too large and push out against the sleeves of your jackets.

Three mens wooden suit hangers Review

Clamping Trouser Suit Hanger

As the suits being tested were a 48″ chest, the XL 20″ size was ordered.

Hanger Project Packaging

As you can see above, the hangers come individually well-packed and arrived a couple of days after ordering.

Hanger Quality

Overall the hanger quality was very high, from the heavy gauge wood used to the well-jointed middle section.

Close up Hanger Project suit hanger details

Every small detail had been considered, even the subtle but nice embossed Hanger Project logo in the wood.

Differentiating Hanger Features Versus Standard Hangers

Two clamping suit hangers compared

Outside of the obvious size difference, the wood was much thicker down the length of the arms, as well as the shoulder rests. Furthermore, the metal top hook was slightly longer, easily fitting on a door frame if needed.

These hangers should be able to stand the test of any heavy garments, as well as the test of time!

Ample Room For Trouser Seams – Biggest Benefit

The biggest upgrade over the other clamping hangers tested was the ample size given for the trouser seams.

Below we can see the Hanger Project hanger with a much greater space allowance for this compared to its competitor below. We found this to be especially useful for heavier weight trousers that are constructed from flannel or tweed.

Larger slot for trousers seams

Not only was there consideration given for trouser seams, but the clamping movement has lots of space to accommodate even a 1.75″ turn-up trouser cuff.

Trousers clamped in suit hanger with turnup

As seen above, even with the additional seam allowance and distance from the clamps pivot, the mechanism has no issues supporting the heavy flannel trousers, with braces attached to boot!

Clamping Suit Hanger In Action

Suit hanging on XL hanger

By clamping the trousers with braces still attached, we allow the trousers to hang correctly-not over a rod- and any wrinkles fall out much easier.

Regardless of how you store your suits, we recommend airing a suit’s jacket and trousers separately from each other for around 24 hours after use. Then store as seen above, with shoulder dust covers too. Please see our guide on overall correct suit storage and care here.

XL Suit on XL Suit Hanger

Is This The Best Place To Buy Suit Hangers?

In short, yes!

The one turn off for some readers will be the price point of $35 each for the above clamping hangers ($39 for the XL size).

However, considering the quality of the materials used, ideal sizing options, three wood finishing options, and the fact that they’ll last a lifetime, the cost is justified.  Further, consider the savings in your suiting investment looking better over an increased lifespan!

Whether your budget is Macy’s or Savile Row, make sure you don’t let that investment down with a poor hanger decision!

Hangers can be purchased directly from:

Benson And Clegg Blazer Hanging on Clamping Hanger

Reviewed by Paul Anthony on .

“I am very pleased with the quality of these luxury trouser suit hangers from Hanger Project. Beautiful wood finish, high-quality materials and multiple size options. Best suit hangers money can buy!”

Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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