Dievier Boots Review Forest Crazy Horse Color

The online boot space is a very dynamic one, with new brands regularly entering and others falling by the wayside. One of the most recent boot brands making waves in the community is DIEVIER.

Boasting Goodyear-welted boots at a very aggressive price point, DIEVIER has targeted a niche populated with established competitors. Is the price the only aspect in which DIEVIER boots can outshine their peers, or is the quality there to match? I’ll be exploring this and breaking down DIEVIER’s Nomad boots in this review via the following topics:

Dievier Nomad Boot Specifications

  • Brand: DIEVIER
  • Made In: North America (León, Mexico)
  • Style: Moc Toe Boot
  • Formality: Casual Boot
  • Upper: Full-Grain Crazy Horse Leather
  • Sole: Polyurethane, Slip-Resistant
  • Construction: 360° Goodyear Welt
  • Price: $170 USD [Buy From Dievier]

As you can see from the first few images, I went for DIEVIER’s Nomad boots in forest green Crazy Horse leather for this review. However, they’re also available in 5 other leather upper options. Three of these are in waxed suede leather, while the other two are in different tones of Crazy Horse.

Additionally, DIEVIER is constantly experimenting with different types of leather for their boots. This is evidenced by their R&D section, which offers test boots or “factory seconds” at a discount. These pairs didn’t make it to full production or had aesthetic imperfections when they were being crafted and can be purchased at a significant discount.

Diever Boots Forest Green Leather In Box

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Style & Appearance

I’ve had my eye on moc-toe boots for quite some time. However, I wasn’t entirely convinced with the traditional moc-toe boot profile, which tends to be rather bulky or tall in the toe box. Generally, I reach for boots that implement a dressier or more formal aesthetic, so the typical Red Wing Classic Moc-Toe didn’t fit my personal preferences.

Details Dievier Boots Crazy Horse Leather Upper 2

Enter DIEVIER’s Nomad boots. These implement the moc-toe but do so in a much sleeker profile. Accordingly, the Nomad boots allowed me to get the moc-toe boot look I wanted without compromising the more elegant boot styles I generally prefer.

Out of the box, these DIEVIER boots looked great. Naturally, the star of the show was the Crazy Horse upper, which had a beautiful green tone. There’s also contrast stitching in a beige tone that plays well with the green upper and the Vachetta leather welt. Finally, the DIEVIER Nomad boots come equipped with black waxed laces. These match the black PU sole and bring together the overall look of the boots quite nicely.

Slip-Resistant Soles On DIEVIER Boots

Overall, this a burly pair of boots. However, they’ve been executed to a very high level.

The stitching is very clean, as are the rough edges of leather that are worked into the design. Likewise, the Goodyear welt is perfectly stitched and precisely cut to match the sole. Clearly, these Nomad boots are manufactured with an emphasis on the details, and such precision isn’t easy to find with a pair of Goodyear-welt boots priced under $200.

Stitching & Leather Details Green DIEVIER Boots

Fit & Comfort

I followed the recommendations on DIEVIER’s site regarding sizing and opted for a size 12, my standard sneaker shoe size.

Initially, the DIEVIER boots were a bit tight, particularly in the vamp of the right shoe. It’s normal for me to experience at least some discomfort when first putting on a new pair of leather shoes, so I wasn’t particularly alarmed. However, I also wouldn’t have been able to size up as there is no half-size up, with the next size up being a 13, which would have likely been much too big.

Vachetta Lining Inside Dievier Nomad Boots

Moreover, DIEVIER only offers their boots in D width, so again, it was the size 12 or nothing. If I had the option, I would have preferred to have these be wider as they would have made for more comfortable wear at the beginning. Fortunately, after 2-3 wears, the pressure on the top of my foot went away as the leather upper stretched and the cork in the footbed molded to my foot.

Now that I’ve worn these more than a dozen times, they’ve become really comfortable to wear. The leather lining on the inside is very smooth, and the Crazy Horse upper is weathering nicely. I’ll note that I’ve not taken any caution when wearing these as I want the leather to patina as soon as possible, with scratches or blemishes only making the boots look better on my feet.

DIEVIER Boots Forest Green Nomad On Feet

It’s also worth pointing out that while the DIEVIER boots look big, they’re actually relatively light. This is primarily due to the PU sole, which is much less dense than the traditional leather sole on most Goodyear-welt boots.

I know there are some boot aficionados who prefer to feel that heft when they’re wearing boots, but I’ve found that it can be exhausting when wearing boots for an entire day. In this aspect, the DIEVIER boots presented a welcome surprise.

Green DIEVIER Boots On Feet with Light Wash Denim

Finally, I’ve been wearing the Nomad boots with regular athletic socks. If you plan on wearing them with thicker socks, such as during the winter or in colder temperatures, then you’ll likely want to size up either half a size or a full size to leave some extra room.

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Dress Code & Formality

Only a few boot styles can truly be worn formally, and these DIEVIER boots are not one of them. Moc-toe boots are historically worn as workwear, which gives them an inherently casual appearance. Moreover, the Nomad boots also employ a synthetic sole, which further pushes them into the casual realm.

DIEVIER Nomad Boots With Light Denim

With this in mind, the DIEVIER boots do have some design elements that make them dressier than classic moc-toe boots. For instance, the toe box is slimmer and more elegant, and is reminiscent of the toe box design seen on the renowned Alden Indys.

Accordingly, I chose to wear these DIEVIER boots with denim on most occasions. If they’re not too worn down, I’d consider pairing them with light khaki chinos in the future, but I’ve been enjoying wearing these with light and dark denim more than anything.

Presentation & Value For Money

The DIEVIER Nomad boots were delivered in a big, branded shoe box. Inside were the boots with plastic protective bags as well as some packing paper.

DIEVIER Boots Black Shoe BoxI was slightly disappointed to see that shoe bags weren’t included, as I’m not sure I have shoe bags big enough to fit these DIEVIER boots. Yet, given the boots’ price, I can understand why DIEVIER may have chosen to skip this accessory.

Ultimately, I’d rather go without the matching shoe bags if it means the price of these Nomad boots remains at $170 as opposed to costing closer to $200 and including them.

Expanding on price – given the quality of the materials used, the Goodyear-welt construction, as well as the precise execution of DIEVIER’s boots, I’d confidently say these offer excellent value. In fact, I’m not sure any other boot manufacturers out there sell an equivalent boot for less than $200, let alone for $170.

Forest Green Crazy Horse Nomad Boots by DIEVIER

Closing Thoughts

If you like this sleeker moc-toe style boot and the leather upper options offered, I have a hard time seeing how you won’t be satisfied with DIEVIER’s Nomad boots. They’ve genuinely grown on me the more I wear them, and now I’m actively looking forward to new outfits to pair them with.

DIEVIER Goodyear welt Boots and Cuffed Jeans

If you’re on the fence, I wouldn’t spend too much time thinking about it. DIEVIER’s small-batch model means they’re constantly cycling through inventory, so the boots you see today might not be there tomorrow. While this means that an established model such as this forest green Crazy Horse Nomad boot may be unavailable soon, it also promises that DIEVIER will have new styles in the future, and that is an exciting proposition.

Nomad Boots in Green Leather with Anti-slip Sole

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"A phenomenal pair of boots from a young yet innovative brand, the Nomad boots prove DIEVIER has a bright future ahead."
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