When looking for particularly casual men’s boots, there’s a wealth of options out there. In fact, we’re often spoiled for choice! Yet, the deluge of options can make it difficult to settle on one pair from the bunch.

Having conducted separate tests, research as well as using our reviews as a reference, here are the Best Men’s Casual Boots that you can buy online:

  1. Chelsea Boot: Amberjack The Chelsea
  2. Blucher Boot: Beckett Simonon Dowler
  3. Chukka Boot: Johnston & Murphy Forrester
  4. Dress Boot: Wolverine 1000-Mile Original
  5. Ankle Boot: Ecco Vitrus I
  6. Cap Toe Boot: Allen Edmonds Patton
  7. Hiking Boots: Irish Setter Canyons Waterproof Hiker 
  8. Blucher Boot: Dr Martens 1460

Like something you see listed above? Use the links to jump straight to them! We’ll also cover the characteristics of casual boots in terms of material, design and color. Continue reading below to learn more!

Beckett Simonon Dowler Boots & Briefcase

What Are The Best Casual Boots For Men?

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1. Amberjack The Chelsea [Chelsea Boots]

Amberjack Casual Chelsea Boots In Brown Suede
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The use of advanced materials technology in the sole and premium leather uppers make Amberjack’s The Chelsea an unbelievably comfortable pair of boots.

These characteristics, as well as the contemporary design and surprisingly competitive price point, have helped this relatively newer brand attain widespread acclaim in spite of their young age.

Amberjack Chelsea Casual Boots Chestnut Leather

How To Wear

The Chelsea style likely epitomizes what the best casual boots for men should be. Depending on the material, they can be worn with a suit in professional settings while also providing impeccable style for the after-work outing.

If that’s too much of a risk for your workplace, rest easy knowing that you simply cannot go wrong pairing a stylish pair of Chelseas such as Amberjack’s with jeans or your favorite trousers.

Best Colors

Since we’re talking casual, the Dune variety is our top pick as the best all-around Chelsea boot. If you’re looking for more traditional options, check out the soft suede of the Grizzly. Finally, if you want the most formal style, the Chestnut leather upper is your best bet.

2. Beckett Simonon Dowler [Blucher Boot]

Beckett Simonon Dowler Pull-Up Leather Boots

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If you’re looking for something both laid-back and rugged, you may struggle to find better than the Beckett Simonon Dowler. Offering phenomenal value for money, they’re crafted from gold-rated Italian pull-up leather. As a result, its natural waxes and oils produce a rich patina the more you wear them.

How To Wear

A perfect casual option, the Dowler looks best when worn with slim-cut jeans. However, you could also pair them with chinos or other casual trousers as their cap-toe gives them a refined appeal.

Best Colors

We’re particularly fond of the waxy matte finish of the walnut boots. Meanwhile, the brown and dark brown colors are great too and instead have a glossy appearance, which you may well prefer.

3. Johnston & Murphy Forrester [Chukka Boots]

johnston & murphy forrester chukka boot
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Ever since we reviewed it (linked below), the Forrester Chukka is one of our firm favourites. Made for the 1850 Collection, it features an artisanal style thanks to hand-burnished Italian calfskin and genuine crepe rubber soles.

How To Wear

Although casual, these are surprisingly versatile and we’d happily wear them with a more laid-back suit. However, they excel when worn casually and add a particular style to even the most dressed down attire.

Best Colors

There’s a formal black option too but if you’re looking for casual boots, go for the brown. This leather colour is much more versatile in the casual side of the formality spectrum.

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4. Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot [Dress Boots]

Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Cordovan Boot
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Another favorite of ours, Wolverine’s classic 1000-Mile boot offers quality, style, and comfort. With a leather outsole, premium Horween leather sourced from the famed Chicago tannery, and a Goodyear welt construction, this pair of luxe boots are a gift that just keeps giving.

How To Wear

In our review, you’ll notice that we’re quite fond of wearing the Wolverine boot with a suit for an avant-garde look. However, they’re essentially casual boots and will go very well with just about any style thanks to their versatile design. Jeans, chinos, corduroy, or wool, they’re fantastic with all trousers and in all circumstances.

Best Colors

If you’re looking for something casual, opt for the Cordovan, rust tan, or dark brown. Nevertheless, there’s also a black option for something more formal.

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5. Ecco Citytray Avant [Ankle Boots]

ECCO Citytray Avant Casul Boots In Brown Leather
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As they’re constructed from and lined with calf leather from Ecco’s own tanneries, the Citytray Avant ankle boot is naturally stylish while remaining within the casual realm. The stitched leather elements and the lightweight rubber sole make for decidedly casual boots that don’t skimp out on comfort.

How To Wear

The fine leather upper, along with the lugged rubber soles, makes these boots great for wearing when dressing down. Ideal with stone-washed jeans, they also look fine in business casual attire.

Best Colors

For casual use, we prefer the “Whisky Cow” brown leather over the “Mocha Cow” option. This will not only be more casual but more versatile for seamlessly introducing into your wardrobe rotation.

6. Allen Edmonds Patton [Service Boots]

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If you want something a bit more premium than the boots above, consider opting for a classic cap toe boot. What we love about Allen Edmonds’ interpretation of this classic is the sturdy Dainite vulcanized rubber outsole paired with 360º bench welt construction and a phenomenal waxy kudu leather upper.

How To Wear

Service boots such as the Patton have been around for a long time. As the name suggests, this style of boot was used by servicemen starting in World War I, though the functional design has also led to it becoming a staple work boot.

In the modern-day, they’ve been elevated with premium materials and handcrafted construction that give them a place within any man’s wardrobe. Although mostly casual, the refined nature of the Patton will comfortably accompany you on any adventure across a wide spectrum of settings. They pair perfectly with your favorite pair of blue jeans as well as more formal trousers.

Best Colors

Allen Edmonds offers the Patton in a number of different leathers from Chromexcel to suede. We find the gray kudu to be quite unique and versatile when it comes time to dress them up or down.

7. Irish Setter Canyons Waterproof Hiker [Hiking Boots]

Irish Setter Canyons Waterproof Hiker Hiking Boots
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The family-owned Red Wing company’s boots have earned a reputation for being top-notch boots regardless of the style. Irish Setter is made by the same Red Wing brand and, therefore, they implement the same heritage and craftsmanship when producing the Canyons Hiker.

The Vibram outsole, which provides significant shock absorption and grip to the Canyon boot, might be a bit of overkill for the regular casual outing. That being said, it’s a critical element for a true hiking boot and, if you need to run from dinner straight into the woods (for some reason), you’ll be well-equipped.

How To Wear

Recently, premium hiking boots have stepped out of the outdoor realm and into the casual and even slightly formal worlds. While you won’t catch us wearing hiking boots with a suit, we’ll admit that these can look great with well-worn Japanese selvedge denim and even light-toned trousers.

Best Colors

The brown color featured here is the most traditional color for hiking boots and our favorite. Still, Irish Setter offers some of their hiking boots with a dark green upper that is also an eye-catcher.

8. Dr Martens 1460 [Blucher Boots]

Dr Martens 1460 Dress Boot
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An iconic and classic boot that has enjoyed a long association with counter culture, Dr. Martens are timelessly stylish. Now seen more with more forward-fashion attire, they’re a great option as a casual boot. These are one of their best sellers and a long-time part of their Core Collection.

How To Wear

Made with the 59 Last, black soles, and matching pull tabs, they’re more understated than some of Dr. Marten’s particularly outlandish and punky boots. These are great for a more subtle casual style. However, we’re still fond of wearing them with business casual attire, too.

Best Colors

If you’re feeling brave, there’s also a white option for very flashy boots! However, we aren’t ready to make such a statement and will enjoy the tried-and-tested black leather.

What Are Casual Men’s Boots?

Brown Leather Boots On Snow

When it comes to boots, the stoic lines of formality can become somewhat blurred. This is largely because boots were originally considered only utilitarian footwear and it wasn’t until recent years that they’ve started to be worn formally.

Although fashion is known for its fickle ways, it appears that boots are very much here to stay. As such, how do we make the distinction between dressy and casual boots?

Firstly, it’s important to think about your surroundings and your wardrobe. Boots are still highly regarded as generally casual footwear and something that tends to be worn in more liberal environments.

Man In Boots Against Brick Wall

If your profession takes place in a very conservative workplace, then it’s likely that all boots bar a few exceptions will be considered casual. In this case, the only real exceptions that come to mind are Chelsea boots, which have enjoyed a higher status than others thanks to their 1960s origins.

Therefore, could we simply suggest that all boots are casual? Well, times are changing so it’s no longer as black and white as that. In fact, dress boots are considered quite versatile and can be worn across many dress codes with the proper wardrobe.

Nevertheless, the best practice is to keep in mind the boots’ characteristics and how they will fit into a scale of formality.

Style Formality: From Casual To Dress Boots

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots Rocks

Always keep in mind the boot style and how it is generally perceived. Some styles are very casual by default whilst others have a greater potential to be formal.

In the following list, we’ve arranged the common styles from the most formal to the most casual boots:

  • Chelsea Boots: Thanks to their association with Mod suits and the Beatles, Chelsea ankle boots have enjoyed a status of greater formality over the years; even after all these years, they continue to impart impeccable style to those who wear them. Yet, this doesn’t stop them from being worn casually when the opportunity arises.
  • Wingtip Boots: Essentially an old-school work boot featuring brogue details, this traditional ornamentation helps render a boot more refined and dressy. Conversely, brogue shoes are usually seen as less formal than regular Oxfords.
  • Cuban Heel: A homage to Latin footwear, smooth and streamlined Cuban heel boots feature a subtle side zip for easy opening. Their design is quite dressy but they’re seen as avant-garde and niche footwear.
  • Monkstrap Boots: As it’s a relative newcomer to men’s style, monkstrap boots have a formal appearance but could be considered too unorthodox. However, they borrow from formal styles to create a very dressy boot.
  • Blucher Boots: The most iconic and classic boot style, their origins are steeped in blue-collar tradition. As a result, the blucher style is the foundation for the traditional work boot. Based on the classic Derby shoe, they’re considered to be quite casual. However, depending on their design, ornamentation, material, and colors, they can be rendered quite formal.
  • Chukka Boots: Undoubtedly the most casual boot style, Chukkas, and Desert boots are starting to become seen with suits.

Bear in mind that boots are a lot more dynamic than shoes, which have their own established designs that date back generations. Manufacturers enjoy a greater range of freedom, which allows for greater expression in designs.

These slight variations can alter a boot’s formality. For instance, adding a Balmoral cap toe, which is a hallmark of Oxford shoes, will render them much dressier. Likewise, boots that are Goodyear welted or possess a leather sole will usually appear more formal. Meanwhile, chunkier soles or rounded toe boxes will make them more casual in appearance.

Boot Material Formality

J Fitz Boots LeaningBefore considering the material itself, note that the way its treated plays a role too. For instance, full-grain leather is an otherwise formal leather. However, if it’s been given a matte or burnished finish, it becomes more casual. The level of shine plays a vital role here.

Again, from the most the least formal:

  • Patent Leather: Very rare to find with boots, patent leather features a distinctive shine. However, you’ll unlikely see patent leather boots.
  • Full-Grain Leather: As mentioned above, this is the most formal leather grade that’s used for boots. With its high quality and tight fibres, it’s a very smooth and formal leather.
  • Pebbled Leather: A remarkably stylish leather, pebbled leather is robust and much more casual, which makes it a great option.
  • Suede & Nubuck: Although products of different side of the hide, their appearance is similar. Suede leather is a very casual type of leather.
  • Canvas & Wool: It’s becoming popular for some boots to feature canvas or tweed panels on the sides. Whilst the tweed can sometimes be worn relatively formally, it’s generally perceived as a casual material.

Remember that the way the leather has been treated makes a huge difference. Burnished and painted leathers add complexity but also reduce formality. Similarly, boots are often treated to create a distressed or vintage look, which is equally casual.

Casual Boot Colors

Medallion On Brown Brogue Boot

A medallion at the toe of a button boot.

Finally, the boot’s color plays a significant role in its overall formality. As a general rule, the lighter the leather, the more casual the boot. However, let’s again rank the most to least formal:

  • Black: Classic black is guaranteed to be the most formal. This doesn’t mean that it’s unwearable in casual attire but it will be harder to incorporate it into your wardrobe.
  • Burgundy & Oxblood: A marriage of brown and red, the dark and distinctive shade of either Oxblood or Burgundy can actually be very formal depending on the way the leather was treated.
  • Brown: Although this can come in several shades, brown is the most versatile of colors. Remember that the lighter the brown, the more casual the boot.
  • Tan: The least formal in the shades of brown, tan leather is probably one of the best options for casual wear.
  • Other Colors: By default, as soon as any footwear isn’t black or brown, it’s considered very casual footwear.

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