Versatile and rugged, boots offer exceptional value for men thanks to their many uses and longevity. The popularity of men’s boots isn’t showing any signs of waning, and they’re frequently worn on formal occasions, too.

In this guide, we reveal the top 10 best boots for men:

  1. Trickers Stow Boot
  2. Amberjack The Chelsea
  3. Taft The Branson Boot
  4. Beckett Simonon Dowler
  5. Ross & Snow Riccardo
  6. Allen Edmonds Dalton
  7. Wolverine Original 1,000 Mile
  8. Taft The Saint Boot
  9. Ace Marks Hugo
  10. Beckett Simonon Douglas

Use the links above to jump ahead. We’ll also provide tips for choosing the perfect boots according to your needs.

Trickers Best Boots For Men

What Are The Best Boots For Men?

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1. Trickers Stow Boot

Trickers Stow Boot Wide
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Trickers is a celebrated English shoe brand that has been operating in Northampton since 1829. On its 160th anniversary, Prince Charles visited the factory to award the historical shoemaker with a Royal Warrant.

Indeed, Trickers is often credited with having created the first men’s country boot. This heritage lives on as the stow boot, which is made in England using 260 different processes including a traditional Goodyear storm welt, and Dainite rubber soles.

As a result, there is no finer men’s boot on the market and if you’re looking for the ultimate specimen, Trickers would be our first recommendation.

"As elegant as it is rugged, the Stow boot by Trickers is the epitome of English craftsmanship and is even worn by Prince Charles himself."
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2. Amberjack The Chelsea

Amberjack Chelsea Boots Paired with Light Denim Jeans
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When it comes to picking the best boot to fit all occasions, the Chelsea boot is easily one of the best designs for the mission. This is due to the inherent versatility and sophistication of this boot style.

To bring this traditional boot into the modern day, Amberjack specifically concentrated on using premium leather and outfitted their Chelseas with the brand’s proprietary comfort technology to make it easy to wear them all day.

Available with both Italian suede and A-Grade American steer hides for the upper, there are also varied colorways to help you implement these uber-comfortable Chelsea boots in as many ensembles as you desire.

3. Taft The Branson Boot

Taft Clothing Branson Boot In Honey
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Since it was founded in 2013, Taft Clothing has grown an impressive cult following for its radical and controversial fashion forward shoe designs. Their shoes and boots are all manufactured by a family-owned workshop in Almansa with the utmost care and attention.

We loved the Branson boot, which combines plaid wool with Italian full-grain calfskin leather. The resulting design is reminiscent of early 20th century spats with decorative brass buttons, delightful brogue details, and a Goodyear welt construction.

4. Beckett Simonon Dowler

On Horseback With Beckett Simonon Boots

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Despite all the other boots that we test, Beckett Simonon remains one of our favourite brands on the market. Indeed, their boots are ethically crafted from their own workshop in Bogotá, Colombia, and offer astounding value for money.

Thanks to their group made-to-order business model, Beckett Simonon can drastically reduce costs. Although you’ll have to wait for the boots to be made for you, you can pick up their footwear for less than $200!

We’re currently enamoured by the Dowler boots, which are crafted with beautiful Argentian pull-up leather with a Blake stitch construction. They’re a wonderfully casual boot that beautifully patinas with heavy use. As a result, they just look better with wear!

5. Ross & Snow Riccardo

Ross & Snow Riccardo Boot
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Ross & Snow endeavour to produce boots that are both attractive and functional. Manufactured in Italy, their boots are crafted from premium materials and offer waterproof or weatherproof protection.

Additionally, Ross & Snow specialises in ethically-sourced and organically-raised shearling. Consequently, the boots are delightfully warm during the winter but also quite breathable during warmer months thanks to its natural properties.

We love wearing our Riccardo boots casually as they provide stylish comfort in the cold. Meanwhile, they can be worn loosely laced when it’s warmer with very chic results.

6. Allen Edmonds Dalton

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boots
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Rich in ornamentation as well as iconic Dainite soles, the Allen Edmonds Dalton is another exquisite specimen of the brogue boot. Overall, they’re somewhat similar to Trickers and are made with a Goodyear welt too. However, they have their own American heritage and a loyally following.

Casually or formally, the sky’s the limit with these beautiful boots. Although you may not be able to wear them with a dinner jacket, they’d look great even with cocktail attire, business wear or even a pair of scruffy jeans.

The Dalton is available in a variety of colours and you can opt between leather or Dainite rubber soles depending on what you prefer. Nevertheless, the Dainite rubber sole has many benefits, including improved traction and water resistance. Therefore, it would be our first choice.

7. Wolverine Original 1,000 Mile

Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Cordovan Boot
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Since 1914, Wolverine have followed the same design and manufacturing process to produce the 1000 Mile Original. As a beautifully-constructed blucher boot, it’s robust and more than earns its name.

Although generally designed as workwear, the 1000 Mile boot is incredibly easy to wear. Its Goodyear construction ensures longevity and they offer excellent performance for a number of years. You can potentially wear the Original 1000 Mile as work boots or even with business casual attire.

8. Taft The Saint Boot

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Another creation by Taft, we couldn’t resist including them too given their unique design. Made from hand-woven leather, The Saint is rich in visual interest, which is further deepened by additional brogue details.

Given the cost of hand-weaving leather, the Saint is constructed using a Blake stitch in order to ensure that its price is consistent with the brand. Nevertheless, the Blake stitch still offers excellent durability and function for many years.

9. Ace Marks Hugo

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A classic blucher boot made in Italy in a factory just outside of Rome, the Hugo boot provides the wearer with excellent value. Its sleek and elegant contours render it an ideal choice for professional wear.

Crafted using the Blake flex method, they provide a sleek profile and are easy to break in. Meanwhile, the uppers are full-grain calfskin leather and the interior is lined with comfortable calfskin too.

10. Beckett Simonon Douglas

Beckett Simonon Douglas Jodhpur Boot In Box

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Another creation from Beckett Simonon, we absolutely adore our Douglas Jodhpur boots! Versatile and elegant, they can be worn with a variety of different dress codes from formal business wear to jeans.

They’re also very cosy thanks to the well-crafted Blake stitch and full vachette lining. Similarly, the uppers are made from full-grain Argentinian calfskin, which looks beautiful with the subtle strap and buckle.

How To Wear Boots For Men

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boot Dianite Sole

When choosing a new pair of boots, you’ll likely have a few ideas in mind of what you’re looking for. However, you might not be entirely sure enough to outline a specific criteria.

Therefore, let’s take a moment to look at a few considerations and what to bear in mind. After all, with so many styles and fits to choose from, this can be a daunting task.

When Will You Wear Your Boots?

The first thing to ask yourself is when you’ll be wearing them. By that, we mean the season and time of year. Are you looking for a pair of boots for the milder months or specifically during the winter? Alternatively, you might be looking for versatile boots that can be worn all year.

Therefore, keep in mind the weather that you’ll experience when wearing the boots.

Soles & The Weather

black dainite sole allen edmonds boots in rainIf it’s going to be raining a lot, you’ll want to avoid leather and instead opt for a rubber sole.  Two of the boots above feature Dainite soles. This made in England sole is extraordinary and will ensure that you stay dry and retain some grip even in the roughest weather.

However, you might be looking to wear your boots during warmer months instead. As rubber doesn’t breathe, it might get stuffy in there so you may want to consider leather instead.

In this case, a crepe sole as found on Chukka boots are a solid choice too. They’re slightly more affordable and a naturally-sourced rubber, so they breathe just a little. Furthermore, their texture doesn’t track mud or dirt, so they’re great for the outdoors during the late spring.

Construction & Insulation


Remember also that boots are great for winter as they’ll keep your feet cosier than shoes. However, bear in mind that the build quality will be a deciding factor. Non-lined boots won’t offer much protection from the elements, and thin leather doesn’t insulate all that much.

If you’re going to be encountering snow, Ross & Snow specialises in boots for rough weather conditions.

In dressier scenarios, rubber-soled leather boots may do the job sufficiently if large enough to wear thick socks underneath.

Furthermore, aim for welted boots where possible. The welt is a strip of leather than runs around the outside of a pump rather than a lining. This traditional method offers extra insulation and protection from the elements.

Therefore, water is less likely to run into the shoe and wet your feet. Additionally, welted boots usually feature wider soles with slightly more height, which is excellent for puddles!

Where Will You Wear Them?

Black Allen edmonds boots with blue pantsThe next question to ask yourself is where you’ll be wearing these boots. If the boots are a professional requirement, that narrows down your criteria considerably.

If work boots are what you’re looking for, you’ll just need to think about other needs such as ASTM safety standards. This includes electrical hazard protection as well as flame resistance.

Alternatively, will you be often wearing them outdoors? Like the previous section, it’s essential to keep in mind factors such as soles and welting. You’ll want something sturdy and comfortable if you’re going to be walking a lot too.

However, if you’re needs are more focused on fashion, then take a moment to consider the dress codes you’ll face. Will you be wearing the boots to the office? If so, is the environment more casual or conservatively professional?

For instance, you may be using your boots outdoors a lot, so something sturdy would be a right choice. Nevertheless, if the boots will be worn at the office too, you can’t exactly stroll in with bulky hiking boots!

How Will You Wear Them?

wolverine cordovan 1000 mile boots with plaid trousersHow you wear your boots ties in somewhat with the previous question but relates more to you than your native environment. While you may be wearing these boots professionally, you have your style and preferences to keep in mind.

For instance, there’s no point forking out just under $500 for the best dress boots available if you aren’t a fan of laces. You may prefer the convenience of only being able to slip a Chelsea boot on your feet and being on your way.

Alternatively, you may personally enjoy the details and ornamentation of brogues. Otherwise, you may be more casually-inclined and prefer Chukkas or even relish the versatility offered by blucher boots.

Whatever you opt for, remember that boots are an investment and a quality pair will last you for years. Make sure that you’re entirely satisfied with your choice and won’t tire of them too soon!

Can I Wear Boots With A Suit?

Indochino Custom Suit & Wold & Shepherd Botos

Traditionally, boots served a utilitarian purpose. As they are functional, they were worn by the working class. Meanwhile, shoes were considered less practical for manual labour and were therefore by men of high social standing.

Indeed, this abstract concept still influences men’s fashion in the sense that shoe formality is effectively dictated by its practicality. As a general rule, a shoe is more formal when it is less practical. This is quite clear when comparing the opera pump with a pair of work boots or even hiking boots.

However, the rules of formality have greatly relaxed since the World War II and continue to do so. Consequently, it is increasingly common to see boots with suits and other formal garments.

Nevertheless, you must take great care not to overstep the line even if it does continue to move. For instance, Dr Martens produce leather boots with a blucher design. Yet, they’re not overly formal. Similarly, you wouldn’t necessarily wear cowboy boots with a suit either.

Using our guide to shoe formality can be a great help. Otherwise, we have a variety of dress boot guides, which focus on the best buying options to wear with a suit.

Additional Boot Styles & Brands

You may have noticed the absence of a few popular boot styles and menswear brands. Similarly, well-known brands like Dr Martens, Timberland, and Red Wing are missing too.

Both Dr Martens and Red Wing were originally featured in this guide until our most recent update. While they are arguably in fashion and we do like them, we just felt that they didn’t make the cut this time.

Similarly, Red Wing and Dr Martens mostly produce their boots in Asia these days. That said, Red Wing Heritage is a range made in the USA and Dr Martens has a made in England line too. Yet, these represent just a small minority of their production.

Meanwhile, all the boots we listed above are made in England, Spain, Italy, and the USA. Otherwise, Beckett Simonon is the only brand to produce its boots in a developing country but this is in an ethical workshop.

However, you will find Red Wing, Timberland, and Dr Martens in more of our boot guides as they are the best boot brands for certain purposes.

Likewise, you might have noticed that we didn’t feature in Chelsea boots, desert boots or chukka boots. Indeed, we are fond of these boot styles. For instance, Beckett Simonon produces stunning Chelsea boots. Similarly, we love the chukka boots made by Ace Marks. Otherwise, Clarks desert boots are celebrated for their value for money.

Although you’ll likely see them in our other boot guides, we really wanted to reflect the best of the best on this occasion!

"Very helpful guide! I was looking for a new pair of boots I could wear regularly and this list provided a ton of great candidates."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

What Next?

With so many boots to choose from, it can be a real nightmare to find the right pair for you. Hopefully, we’ve helped you with a step in the right direction. Now that you have perused all the styles that we have to offer check out our other shoe resources below!

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