Blu Atlas Atlantis Citrus Fragrance For Men

Atlantis is the first foray into men’s fragrance by Blu Atlas, a men’s skincare brand devoted to crafting its products with only the most premium ingredients.

In this review, you will get to know Atlantis and discover why we found it to be the top citrus fragrance going into 2023 as I break it down in the following sections:

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  • Brand: Blu Atlas
  • Fragrance: Atlantis
  • Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Release Year: 2022
  • Batch Reviewed: N/A
  • Olfactive Fragrance Family: Chypre Citrus
  • Related Fragrances: N/A
  • Price On Blu Atlas: From $100 [Buy Now]

Blu Atlas’ product catalog was largely marked by men’s skincare products until 2022 when they introduced Atlantis, their first fragrance.

Similar to the brand’s other mainline products, Atlantis is Made in the USA. It’s also vegan and sulfate-free, with decidedly citrus notes formulated to evoke the scents and sights of coastal jungles in Bali, Indonesia.

Atlantis Mens Fragrance by Blu Atlas

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Blu Atlas Atlantis Cologne Composition

In the following section, I’ll be discussing the composition of Blu Atlas Atlantis. In the context of the Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula, the composition naturally holds the most weight as it provides insight into what one can expect from a fragrance.

Head Notes

  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Blackcurrant

The citrus essence of Blu Atlas Atlantis is absolutely prominent in the head. I detected notes of bergamot, lemon, and blackcurrant, all of which collaborate to produce a refreshing citrus burst.

Heart Notes

Atlantis Fragrance Presentation Box

  • Lavender
  • Peach
  • Apricot

With the dry-down of the fragrance, I’m able to get a sense of the heart of Atlantis. Some fruity notes begin to shine through; among these are lavender and peach with a slight note of sweet apricot.

At this point, this remains a light and tropical fragrance that certainly evokes a summer feeling.

Base Notes

  • Violet
  • Musk
  • Oakmoss

Hours after first applying Atlantis, I’m still able to pick up notes from the fragrance’s base. They include violet, oakmoss, and musk, the latter of which certainly imparts some substance. It also helps to give Atlantis a masculine tone.

Blu Atlas Atlantis Cologne’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength

I’d describe Blu Atlas Atlantis as anything but fleeting, though this should not be conflated with a fragrance that is overpowering when first applied, which Atlantis is not. Even then, nearly 8 hours after first applying it, I was still detecting the base notes of the fragrance, and they remained quite pleasant. As a result, it earned top marks for longevity.

When it comes to sillage, Atlantis’ was mostly subtle. It doesn’t “leave a trail” as more notorious fragrances (such as Creed Aventus) but its particular smell did draw compliments for me.

Similar to sillage is also projection, which for Blu Atlas Atlantis I found to be low. The softer notes generally require one to get close to detect them, which is normal for a citrusy fragrance such as this one.

Finally, I’ll also add that Atlantis definitely has some evolution to it, with layers that are very defined. As expected, the base notes linger the longest, though the citrus character never fully faded with the passing of time.

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What People Think Of Blu Atlas Atlantis

Blu Atlas Atlantis Fragrance On The Beach

While I have a rather extensive collection of men’s fragrances, I always enjoy getting feedback from 3rd parties whenever I’m reviewing a new one. Indeed, one can enjoy or dislike any particular fragrance, but getting an outside perspective can often influence our own thoughts on it.

For this reason, when we first created the BUFF, we knew it would be important to include a section that took others’ experiences into account.

With Blu Atlas Atlantis, the feedback was unanimous in that it was difficult to pinpoint exactly the smell of this fragrance, though it had elements that were definitely familiar. At the same time, it was clear that Atlantis wasn’t similar to other citrus fragrances out there.

Broadly speaking, feedback to Atlantas was quite positive, namely due to the uniqueness of Blu Atlas’ first fragrance.

Seasonality & Impression

Blu Atlas Atlantis’ citrus essence, which I’ve referenced various times throughout this review, is what lands it squarely in the summer fragrance category. This also aligns with Bali’s coastal jungles that are stated by Blu Atlas as having been the inspiration for the fragrance.

If you find yourself enjoying Atlantis and are looking for other times of the year to enjoy it, you could potentially try it during late Spring or early Fall, depending on your geographical location.

Personally, I only used Atlantis during the time that I spent in Nicaragua which is a notoriously warm country, especially in the Pacific coast region where I spent most of my summer.

As far as impression for Blue Atlas Atlantis, I’d say this is an ideal fragrance for an older demographic of men, such as those between 35 and above, but probably not much younger.

Presentation & Value For Money

Atlantis Citrus Fragrance For Men In Box

Atlantis’ presentation consists of a square, matte black bottle with an embossed Blu Atlas “ba” and a magnetic cap. It also includes a felt-lined cardboard box with a magnetic lid. Overall, the design is simple but well executed and the box is small enough to where it can be used to protect the cologne when traveling.

When it comes to the atomizer of the Atlantis bottle, it produces a fine mist that projects out more than 12 inches. I wouldn’t say it applies too much, though it does project a generous amount of the fragrance.

As with every fragrance, it’s always important to discuss value. With Blu Atlas Atlantis, you can purchase the 100ml (3.4 oz) bottle for $100 directly from their website. Blu Atlas also offers an increasing discount if you purchase additional units.

Taking into account the uniqueness of Atlantis and its surprising longevity, I’d definitely say that it represents a good value. With two applications, one in the morning and a refresher in the afternoon, I was set for the entire day, which is not something that can be said even for fragrances boasting much higher price points.

Closing Thoughts

Following the BUFF, Blu Atlas’ Atlantis cologne earned a final score of 81/100, which just nudges it into the outstanding (5-star) category.

Blu Atlas Atlantis Cologne Bottle In Hand

A large component of this score came down to Atlantis’ uniqueness. I really couldn’t think of any other fragrance in my collection that is similar to this one, especially when considering all of my other summer colognes. Indeed, many fragrances intended for the warmer months rely on the same scents to evoke the summer feeling, but Atlantis’ well-defined layers make it a very interesting and appealing option.

Given that this is Blue Atlas’ first fragrance, I must say I’m excited to see what else they have in the works as, judging by Atlantis, they have a bright future ahead in the fragrance space. Specifically speaking, I’d be interested to see what other options they may come up with that are geared toward the colder months of the year. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy Atlantis when I’m traveling in warmer climates.

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"A decidedly summer fragrance thanks to its citrus essence, the unique nature & excellent performance of Atlantis paints a promising future for Blu Atlas in the fragrance space."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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