Wolf & Shepherd Mid Wtz Shoe In Brown Leather

Wolf & Shepherd has quickly become the reference brand when it comes to the athletic dress shoe aesthetic that has taken men’s footwear by storm. Their Crossover line has accomplished this by fusing performance soles with high-quality leather uppers resulting in a polished look that is also comfort-forward.

The subject of this review, the Crossover Mid WTZ shoe, is a bit more casual than W&S’ dressiest styles, though it still employs its industry-leading comfort tech while retaining a unique design. Follow along as I review it via the following categories:

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Mid WTZ

  • Brand: Wolf & Shepherd
  • Made In: Portugal
  • Style: Athletic Boot (Midsize)
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: Full-Grain Italian Crazy Horse Leather
  • Colorway: Brown/White
  • Construction: Cemented
  • Price: $289 USD [Buy From Wolf & Shepherd]

Wolf & Shepherd’s Crossover Mid shoe is currently available in two versions that are differentiated by the sole type. The ones featured in this review are the WTZ (winterized) version that is marked by a “toothed” sole, whereas the standard Crossover Mids have a regular flat sole.

Some of the colorways are only available with a specific version of the Crossover Mid. For instance, the Dark brown/white version only exists for the WTZ version, while lighter colors such as Denim, Mocha, and Coast (all-white) are only available with the non-winterized Mid shoe.

Wolf & Shepherd Mid Wtz Shoes Brown In Box

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Style & Appearance

It’s not difficult for the Crossover Mid to separate itself from the other, more formal styles in Wolf & shepherd’s catalog such as the Longwing or Loafer. Aside from being closer to a boot than a regular shoe given its above-ankle height, there are a number of design characteristics that make it a more casual shoe.

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Mid WTZ Shoes in Brown Leather

For starters, even before they’re worn and tarnished for the first time, the Italian crazy horse leather of the upper gives the Crossover Mid a rugged appearance. This remains a very attractive upper and one which will undoubtedly wear in beautifully, but it’s clear that it’s not intended for formal affairs as perhaps a smooth leather upper would.

The crazy horse leather upper is functional, too, and not merely an aesthetic choice. This leather type was popular in horse saddles which speaks to its durability as well as the intended setting – the outdoors. Indeed, the Crossover Mid was designed to be taken on hikes rather than be worn in the office like most of Wolf & Shepherd’s other shoes.

Adjacent to the white sole and wrapped entirely around the welt are prominent mudguards that protect the leather in some of the most high-contact areas. Naturally, the mudguards are also worked into the design, giving the Crossover Mid a sporty look while performing the preservation function.

Wolf & Shepherd Mid Shoe Mud Guard Details

Stitched onto the topline and serving as the tongue under the paracord laces is a stretchy sock-like fabric that is more reminiscent of a pair of soccer cleats or the latest athletic sneakers. Nevertheless, this sock liner integrates perfectly into sporty Crossover Mid.

Finally, you have Wolf & Shepherd’s trademark sole, which not only ensures long-lasting comfort but, thanks to its elongated profile, also puts the finishing touch of modernity on the shoes.

Fit & Comfort

While the unique design of the Crossover Mid might at first seem like the star of the show, comfort has always been Wolf & Shepherd’s focus and it has not been overlooked in the Crossover Mids.

Brown Sock Liner On Mid Wtz Shoes

As is tradition, the midsole is W&S’ lightweight EVA material that has been augmented with the “toothgrip” outsole for improved traction on rocky terrain. Inside, the Crossover Mids have a removable memory foam insole that is a pleasure to wear. Moreover, the entire inside of the shoe is lined with the sock material mentioned earlier and which helps with breathability.

While they’re relatively big shoes, the Crossover Mids wear very light. All of the elements, including the athletic soles and the knit fabric at the topline, make these feel like a pair of sneakers when you’re wearing them.

As far as break-in period, there was none with these. Indeed, they are of cemented construction which helps cut down any kind of adjustment period, and while they do have a leather upper, its quite pliable right out of the box.

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Dress Code & Formality

Wolf & Shepherd makes no qualms about these being very casual shoes; As a result, I didn’t try to sport them at any formal affair.

However, given that sneakers have worked their way into almost every facet of menswear, I did enjoy wearing these to some dressed-up casual affairs. For instance, I paired them with cuffed chinos and a simple button-down shirt for nights out with friends. The Crossover Mid also worked perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt while touring downtown in Medellin, Colombia.

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Mid with Black Chinos

These kinds of scenarios are about as formal as I’d go with the Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Mid. If in the past you’ve been able to pull off sneakers with formal trousers or even a casual suit, then surely these would fit in there, too, but it’s not a look I’ve practiced on many occasions.

Presentation & Value For Money

The Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Mid WTZ were shipped in the brand’s standard shoe box and included individual dust covers for each shoe.

There’s not much else to mention here except that the dust covers are a nice detail. The shoe bags are big enough to fit the shoes adequately, and I did, in fact, use them to store the Crossover Mids in my luggage while traveling.

Inside Look Of Wolf & Shepherd Brown Mid Wtz

As far as price, the Crossover Mid WTZ retails for $289 and can sometimes be found for less, though W&S doesn’t make a habit out of discounting their shoes.

I would definitely say that this is a premium pair of shoes given the price, but also admit that they provide value. The comfort factor on these is off-the-scale and their design is absolutely unique. I’ve received many compliments and many questions asking what they are/who makes them, which is always a plus.

Additionally, over the past three months, I’ve put the Crossover Mids through the wringer and they are holding up perfectly, which leads me to believe that they’ll continue to provide comfort for many months to come.

W&S Crossover Mid Crazy Horse Leather Upper

Closing Thoughts

Having worn Wolf & Shepherd shoes in the past, I had high expectations for the Crossover Mid WTZ shoes and ultimately, they did not disappoint. What first drew me to them was the modern-sporty design and, once I wore them around and confirmed that they were still as comfortable as any W&S I’ve tried in the past, they definitely exceeded my expectations.

The price point is not absolutely affordable, but it is definitely within the range of other premium sneakers out there, and I’d argue that they’re much better quality given the Italian leather upper and high-tech sole. Considering this, If you’re attracted to their exceptional design, then I highly recommend you give these a try.

"A unique design fusing premium leather with high-tech materials that ensures both comfortable & lightweight wear in a modern aesthetic."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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