La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe Opening

Although I reviewed the La Gloria Cubana Serie D N°5 Exclusivo España not too long ago, I recently received their 2014 Caribe Regional Edition Paraiso from Montefortuna Cigars too.

Only 4,000 boxes were made for this regional Robusto release that was officially launched in 2015, which comes to a total of 100,000 cigars.

In this article, I will be reviewing the La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe with a focus on the following points:

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  • Brand: La Gloria Cubana
  • Range: Paraiso
  • Reviewed Vitola: 5 1/3 x 52 Robusto
  • Filler: Cuban Puro
  • Binder: Cuban Puro
  • Wrapper: Cuban Puro
  • Factory: Partagás [Havana Vieja, Cuba]
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Mild- Medium
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 70 – 80 Minutes
  • Pricing: $27 / Single [Buy Now]

La Gloria Cubana’s Paraiso is actually only the second Caribbean regional edition to have been released from Cuba. Aside from a few retailers, the critically-acclaimed Edición Regional Caribe is quite hard to find nowadays. However, it’s always worth reviewing rarer cigars when the opportunity allows.

La Gloria Paraiso Exclusivo Caribe Cigar

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La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Look & Feel

  • Wrapper Hue: Cinnamon
  • Rolling Consistency: Mostly Even
  • Spring: Supple
  • Aromas: Fudge, Molasses, Vanilla

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe DetailWith its pronounced veins and bumpy wrapper, the Exclusivo Caribe actually first comes across as rather rustic. However, hidden beneath the somewhat crude wrapper is a surprisingly even construction with a first yet supple spring.

In terms of aromas, the foot is particularly intoxicating with notes of creamy fudge, spicy molasses, as well as a soft vanilla finish.

Having spent a number of years in storage, you can see where the oils have stained the bands, which is always exciting!

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Exclusivo Caribe Review

Rather than receiving a whole box, I was supplied with just three cigars for this review. However, this should prove to be ample enough to provide a balanced overview that takes into account any inconsistencies.

Pre-Lighting Experience

  • Draw: Slight Resistance
  • Aromas: Terracotta, Vanilla, Cardamon

Carefully using my Xikar MTX, one of our top 10 cutters at Bespoke Unit, I sampled the cold draw. This proved to be absolutely perfect and provided only slight resistance.

While there was less emphasis on the fudge and molasses in the cold draw, I could still just about detect them. However, the soft and creamy vanilla was the most prominent note with some accompanying flavours of dry terracotta and a faint hint of cardamon.

1st Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Grapefruit Zest, Sea Salt, Peanut Skin

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe First ThirdAs I concluded in my Serie D N°5 review, I’m particularly fond of the smoking experience it offered. Therefore, I was very excited to try this older offering from the relatively elusive marca.

Indeed, it reveals a wholly different profile in the first third. However, the spirit is very much the same with an emphasis on aromatic and refreshing notes.

On this occasion, the leading flavour is a tangy grapefruit zest, which dominates the retrohale. Meanwhile, there’s an captivating accord of slightly bitter peanut skin and the minerality of sea salt.

2nd Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Coriander, Dried Earth, Sea Salt

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe Above WaterInterestingly, the second third evolves to lose this citrus body and instead reveals a somewhat polemical note of coriander. Personally, I love coriander but I realise that it’s not to everyone’s taste.

In this case, I find that it offers a unique aromatic property that pairs with with the persisting flavours of sea salt. Meanwhile, musty and dried earth akin to the terracotta described earlier begins to make itself known.

Final Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Toasted Brioche, Cumin, Sandalwood,

By the final third, the Paraiso develops a spicy rather than aromatic character. The coriander all but subsides in favour of a rich cumin spice. Similarly, the sea salt and dried earth all but disappear to instead reveal a rich combination of toasted buttery brioche and sandalwood.

Overall Burn

  • Ash Backbone: Slight Resistance
  • Burn Angle: Slightly Wavy
  • Temperature: Warming
  • Draw: Mild Resistance
  • Final Smoking Time: 70 Minutes

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe BurnAdmittedly, it was difficult to fairly assess the Gloria Cubana Paraiso’s burn qualities. After all, the cigars did occasionally experience some heat given that I was travelling during my summer holidays.

However, I did my best to keep them cool and moist by using my Cigar Caddy with a Boveda 72% pack just to be on the safe side.

Overall, the cigars burned well but there were a few issues with runners that required occasional touch-ups. At one point, I was able to admire the steel grey ash with a relatively strong one-inch stack.

In terms of burning temperature, it was occasionally warm without becoming hot. However, I was enjoying this cigar under the sun so I expect that this played a roll.

As for the draw, it remained perfect throughout and only gave slight resistance. Finally, the cigar lasted me about 80-odd minutes, which is just about what I expected.

Ideal Pairings With A La Gloria Cubana Paraiso

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe Final ThirdAlthough it had a strong accent towards aromatic and spicy notes, I actually find the Paraiso to be particularly versatile for pairing. Admittedly, however, I didn’t get the opportunity to pair mine with a beverage or snack as I was outdoors when I tried them.

That said, I’d probably honour the fact that it’s a Caribbean Exclusive by opting for a rum. Although I’d instinctively reach for a Brugal Leyenda, I think that the best option would be either a Diplomatico Reserva or even a Don Papa for their vanilla notes.

Alternatively, a mild espresso blend would be absolutely perfect accompaniment and probably my first choice. Otherwise, a refreshing root beer would be another option if you’re looking for something longer and cooler.

Finally, if you’re looking for snacks, the Paraiso is equally versatile. Given the notes of cumin and coriander, things like onion bhaji and samosas would be great options.

Alternatively, you could go for some slightly spicy nibbles or simply roasted or salted peanuts.

Overall Experience

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional CaribeUnfortunately, I didn’t get a look at the box so I’ll have to skip that for once. However, I imagine that it would be very similar to the Serie D N°5 box, which you can see in that review.

Indeed, the bands are more-or-less identical except that it says “Exclusivo Caribe” in this case. As I said in the aforementioned review, I’m particularly partial to their design as it’s a lot more elaborate and traditional than most others these days.

La Gloria Cubana Paraiso Edición Regional Caribe & LakeAs for when to smoke one of these, I would probably save it for a special occasion rather than use it for a daily smoke. For me, I actually savoured it to celebrate the last day of my family holiday. As you’ll notice in the photos, I spent that time frolicking near the sources of the Tarn river.

Otherwise, it would be a good option for contemplative smoking alone or with a close friend or family member. However, I’d be reluctant to bring them out for festivities.

After all, these are quite rare and pricey cigars today. Indeed, I’ve struggled to find them for less than $27 as sold by Montefortuna Cigars. Although they’ve aged them perfectly, I’d actually be more willing to spend my money on the Serie D N°5.

Montefortuna also sell these and for nearly half the price. While they are slightly smaller, I do feel that they provide overall better value for money. However, if you’re somebody who does appreciate refined cigars, you may prefer reaching for the Paraiso.

Closing Thoughts

For the casual smoker, the Serie D N°5 is probably the better buy. That said, the Paraiso does offer something more now that it has been aged for nearly 5 years.

Given that the Paraiso is a limited release from 2015, you’ll probably to struggle to find them now. However, if have a penchant for rare and limited cigars that offer a unique smoking experience, I strongly recommend that you act sooner rather than later before they’re all gone!

La Gloria Cubana Pariaso 2014 Edición Regional Caribe
Reviewed by Charles-Philippe, on .
"Bridging the gap between aromatic and spicy. A refreshing cigar with a unique bouquet, the Paraiso offers a unique smoking experience for the Cuban enthusiast."
Rating: 4.0 ★★★★

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