Apoint Brand Leather Espadrilles & Jeans

After having recently written a detailed Åpoint brand review, we thought that we’d take a moment to focus on one of their creations. For a change in our usual pace, we thought it would be interesting to explore their stylish leather espadrilles for men.

A summer classic in Europe, this review will give you an insight to the Åpoint Espadrilles by focusing on the following considerations:

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Espadrilles Specifications

Åpoint’s espadrilles are manufactured by 10 master artisans down the coast from Barcelona in Alicante. A three-generation family business that has been operating since the 1900s, Åpoint’s partner workshop is one of the last to use traditional rope-making techniques.

In order to attached the jute rope sole to the calfskin leather upper, the artisans must use a hand-stitching technique known as punto ojal, which is achieved transversely to offer great transversal resistance.

Apoint Brand Espadrilles Overviewl

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Style & Appearance

Apoint Brand Espadrilles & Crossed LegsTraditionally, espadrilles are affordable casual footwear worn in both Spain and Southern France throughout the summer period. In most cases, they’re cheaply made so they can be effectively worn to death in a single season and then discarded.

While indeed wasteful, it’s relatively standard practice given that most espadrilles probably won’t set you back more than $10 in the supermarket. In fact, this isn’t too dissimilar to the way flip-flops are consumed abroad.

Conversely, Åpoint have produced a high-quality alternative that will effortlessly endure year after year. Although canvas options are available, their flagship espadrilles feature a supple calfskin leather upper instead.

Apoint Brand Espadrilles Sole DetailThe result is a much more elegant finish and the leather patinas nicely with everyday wear by producing rugged yet elegant scuffs that polish out nicely if desired.

Meanwhile, the jute sole is thicker than most espadrilles and is also thoroughly stitched to the upper. Underneath the sole is a full-length rubber insert to provide improved traction.

Thanks to their more refined appearance, Åpoint’s espadrilles is a considerable step above most other espadrilles. Therefore, they’re also more versatile to wear outside of typical summer situations.

Fit & Comfort

Apoint Espadrilles & JeansIt’s often claimed that espadrilles are healthy footwear as the rope soles allow feet to breathe naturally. However, the soles are often quite stiff and don’t provide any type of support.

Therefore, they can cause some discomfort after only a few hours of wear and aren’t very suitable for an active lifestyle.

Although I personally love espadrilles, I can never wear them more than an hour without feeling pain in my ankles as well as the base of my feet. While I don’t suffer from anything like plantar fasciitis, I imagine that people who do couldn’t wear these at all.

I’ve always found this particularly frustrating as I would love to wear them more. Therefore, I was particularly delighted by Åpoint’s approach.

As noted above, the soles are much thicker with a two wide rows of rope. Consequently, the footbed is much softer with a somewhat spongy step, which is very comfortable and easy to wear.

As for the calfskin leather, it’s remarkably supple and soft to the touch so it accommodates the shape of the foot nicely. Furthermore, I didn’t find it overly stuffy even when worn without socks in the high heat, which I admit I found somewhat surprising.

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Dress Code & Formality

Apoint Espadrilles & Blazer Near RiverNeedless to say, espadrilles are very casual shoes. Although they’re more versatile than flip-flops and slides, they’re often grouped in the same category of footwear. However, I did find that Åpoint’s espadrilles’ relatively refined appearance allowed me to break a few rules.

Firstly, I would argue that they’re not limited to summer wear. In fact, they could probably be worn throughout the year depending on the weather. Indeed, they’re shoes for when the sun is out but some climates may be quite accommodating.

Similarly, I felt like I could push the boundaries with these espadrilles. Despite living closer to Paris than the Mediterranean, I found that they were perfectly adapted to a coffee or a casual meal on a brasserie terrace.

Apoint Espadrilles & A Cigar Near Castle RuinsAdditionally, I tested the limits in terms of wardrobe and found some pretty satisfying results. For instance, the camel leather pairs wonderfully with light stone-washed jeans or even khaki chinos.

Even with a dress shirt, blazer, and chinos, they seemed right at home while the summer weather persisted throughout September.

Finally, espadrilles are often worn as indoor alternatives to slippers, especially in warmer areas. I’ve actually started doing the same with these are the soles are easy to clean and they’re cosy enough for lounging.

Presentation & Value For Money

Apoint Brand Espadrilles On BoxCompared to other Åpoint footwear that is delivered in a classic black box with shoe trees, the espadrilles have a more Bohemian appeal to them. Instead, the brand has opted for a craft-style brown box without any additional accessories inside.

I was surprised that there wasn’t even an information card that was present with the other shoes we tested. However, I wasn’t overly disappointed either given that I personally feel that these are occasionally wasteful unless they have something meaningful to say.

As for their value, $65 may seem pretty steep for a pair of espadrilles. However, they’re actually not the most expensive to be featured on our guide to the best espadrilles. Compared to most designer brands, they’re actually quite affordable!

I’d also be negligent to not emphasise that these are authentic espadrilles that are made by craftsman in Spain. Meanwhile, most designer or branded espadrilles are actually cheaply manufactured in China.

When taking these into account, Åpoint do actually offer excellent value for money with their espadrilles.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re in the market for espadrilles are you currently fancy a pair, I sincerely believe that you should seriously consider Åpoint. While much of their footwear is both appealing and affordable, their espadrilles stand out as a truly compelling purchase.

Not only do I personally feel that they’re the quintessential casual summer shoe but I also find that they’re fantastic for everyday use both in and outside the house. It’s a shame that summer’s nearly over, though, as I’d love to keep wearing them for the next few months!

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Åpoint Leather Espadrilles
Reviewed by Charles-Philippe, on .
"Genuinely surprised and impressed. While I'm not sure what I was expecting, I'm pretty delighted with these elegant espadrilles to say the least."
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