Often associated with the Oscars, lavish galas and James Bond, shawl collars are an elegant choice. Unlike notched lapels, they feature the formality and refinement required for formal events.

Their graceful and minimalist design is reminiscent of Victorian smoking jackets and Sherlock Holmes. However, how can be one worn today? In the following guide, you will discover the shawl collar and how to wear one as we cover the following:

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What Is A Shawl Lapel?


The shawl collar (sometimes referred to as “shawl lapel” or “roll collar”) is one of the three main types of men’s suit jacket lapels. However, it’s both one of the most exclusive and unique designs.

First things first: the term “shawl lapel” is a bit of a misnomer. Why? The shawl style is all collar, even though it extends to where the lapel typically is and technically becomes a lapel at that point.

We say that it’s “all collar” because, unlike peaked or notch lapels, there’s no separation between the collar and lapel. It’s all one piece.

Still, the term “shawl lapel” gets used despite technically being an oxymoron, and it’s important to be aware of it.

Shawl collars live almost exclusively in the world of black tie. You’ll never see this lapel style on a business suit (where notched lapels are the appropriate option), and you shouldn’t see it worn during the daytime either.

It’s a holdover detail from the men’s smoking jacket, which is why the shawl collar looks a bit like a detail you’d see on a bathrobe, albeit much dressier.

A favourite of the likes of the Rat Pack, shawl collar smoking jackets and tuxedos conjure up images of crooners having too many martinis and smoking Lucky Strikes by the pack. They’re rare, but they’re natty as all get-out.

Best Jacket Styles

Not every jacket style will look appropriate with a shawl collar. The two styles listed below are the ones generally considered “correct” when made with a shawl lapel.

Tuxedos & Shawl Collars


Regardless of whether your tuxedo jacket is single-breasted or double-breasted, it may take a shawl collar. Keep in mind that regardless of lapel style, single-breasted tux jackets should only ever have one button, and double-breasted ones should be 6×2 models.

Shawl collars work particularly well when paired with cummerbunds. The curvature of the cummerbund is a natural mate to the curved silhouette of the shawl collar.

For more information on evening semi-formalwear, see our guide to tuxedos and smoking jackets.

Finally, it’s worth noting that some three-piece suits can feature a shawl collar on the waistcoat. However, the jacket will likely have a peak lapel instead. Nevertheless, waistcoats are not traditionally worn with a dinner jacket so it shouldn’t really be incorporated into a tuxedo outfit.

Smoking Jackets & Shawl Lapels

Man-In-Burgundy-Velvet-Smoking-Jacket-The smoking jacket is, in fact, where the shawl collar got its start.

A Victorian-era garment, smoking jackets were originally only worn in the home as the gentleman of the house retired to his study after dinner for some reading, a cigar, and a glass of port.

The jacket served to protect his clothes from the smell of smoke and also falling ashes from his stogie.

The garment was so casual and personal that it was considered inappropriate for a man to be seen in it by anyone except his family or personal staff, such as a butler.

It happened to take a shawl collar, and in the 1950s, the smoking jacket became a correct substitute for a standard dinner jacket. The collar came with it.

As such, the shawl collar typically found on such jackets is considered less formal than the peaked lapel, the other option for black tie jackets.

Where To Buy Suits With Shawl Lapels Or Collars

As shawl collars or lapels are becoming increasingly rare despite a minor comeback, here are our favourite retailers for finding one:

  1. Indochino: Made-to-measure suits with shawl options.
  2. Black Lapel: Higher-end made-to-measure suits with shawl lapels.
  3. Suitsupply: One of the few brands with a focus on shawl lapels.
  4. Brooks Brothers: Traditional American clothier inspired by British style.
  5. Charles Tyrwhitt: A British Jermyn Street brand with a selection of shawl-collar jackets.

While custom clothing sounds pricey, you’d be surprised by the value for money that our two first suggestions can provide! For instance, Indochino often has suits on sale for less than $250 and you can benefit from a 10% discount when spending over $399 with our code “BESPOKEUNIT“.

Similarly, Black Lapel offers a $25 discount on any suit with the code “FTOBESPOKEUNIT“. Although Black Lapel is a little pricier, it offers superior craftsmanship, construction, and fabrics.

In either case, shawl collars are available for any suit that takes your fancy as a free customisation option. We’re not saying that you should just because you can. However, you will have the freedom to customise a suit or tuxedo into any style you want, including the additional choice of opting for a shawl collar.

Is A Shawl Lapel Right For Your Face Shape?

The shape of our faces is an incredibly important, too-often-overlooked aspect of style. If you’re unaware of yours or would like to double-check, please have a look at our guide to identifying your face shape.

If you could use one word to describe the shawl collar, that would be “curved.” As it lacks angularity entirely, it needs some angularity in the face above it to balance things out.

The face shapes listed below will look best with a shawl collar jacket.

Diamond Face Shapes


The Diamond face shape -longer than it is wide, with strong cheekbones and an angular jaw- is all about sharp angles and lines. The curvature of the shawl lapel chisels away at this angularity, making for a pleasing contrast.

Triangle Face Shapes


Another face defined by its sharpness (particularly of the chin), Triangle faces do well with shawl collars because the sharp points of the face are tempered with the lapel’s lack of points altogether. If you have a Triangle shaped face, a shawl collar will look great on you.

Square Face Shapes


Square faces are characterized by an angular jaw and all-around width. As it’s comprised of various right angles, it syncs beautifully with the shawl lapel, whose curvature softens the square face.

Is A Shawl Lapel Right For Your Body Type?

If you’re unaware of your body type, you’re doing yourself a disservice. One of the key elements of dressing well is understanding your body type and dressing to it. If you’re unsure of what you’re is and would like to learn, take a quick look at our body type guide.

As with any lapel, width is key. Larger men should wear wider lapels, whereas smaller men should opt for narrower ones. Still, the curve of the shawl collar works better with some body types than others. Below are the body types we find to be most sympathetic to the shawl lapel.

Thin Men & Shawl Lapels

Thin men tend to be angular. Without any roundness to soften them, they benefit from a lapel style that will do that for them. The shawl collar is just the lapel for the job.

  • Recommended width: 3″

Tall & Thin Men & Shawl Lapels

Men who are tall and thin have a tendency to look even thinner than similarly thin men of average height. This is because length has a slimming effect, so tall thin men can look gaunt if they’re not careful.

Opting for a shawl collar will give you the roundness you need to appear less sharp and lanky.

  • Recommended width: 3 3/8″

What Next? More Lapel Styles

Though shawl collars are relatively rare, they offer unparalleled comfort and rakishness. Now that you’ve read about them, we invite you to take a look at our other pages on lapel styles:

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