Duck boots are great for snowy conditions, and this page will provide you with the best duck boots for snow. If you’re looking for more information about the history and make of duck boots, our duck boot style guide is a great resource.

In this guide, we will break down the effectiveness of duck boots for snowy conditions as well as the considerations to bear in mind when buying them. For your convenience, we’ve broken this guide down into the following points:

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Duck Boots In The Snow: Are They Worth It?

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Best Duck Boots For Snow

Featured from our Best Snow Boots guide, check out our favourite snow boots for winter conditions:

1. Ross & Snow Philippe [Premium Duck Boots]

Ross & Snow With Sole Detail
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An ultra-premium Italian-made duck boot, Ross & Snow offers the best possible protection from the elements as well as exuding both style and quality thanks to its high-grade materials.

Key Features

Unlike the other models listed here, Ross & Snow’s Philippe is made with Italian calfskin leather as well as organically-raised and ethically-sourced shearling wool. Similarly, it is designed with proprietary seam-sealing technology and is constructed using an Arctic Vibram sole. You’ll struggle to find a better duck boot on the market.

Best Colors

The Philippe’s are only available in black. Nevertheless, it’s beautifully produced and leaves little need for any other colours!

"ACutting-edge performance footwear technology and Italian heritage craftsmanship converge to produce these exceptional boots for all weather conditions."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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2. Sorel Caribou [Insulated Duck Boots]

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Perfect for those harsh winters, Sorel’s Caribou boots can withstand temperatures as low as -40°F / -40°C thanks to a rich lambswool lining. With an added duck boot design, they’re also waterproof as well as insulated.

Key Features

You can also enjoy the extra insulation offered by the removable 9mm ThermoPlus felt InnerBoot on those particularly harsh days. Furthermore, the AeroTrac non-loading natural rubber outsole allows for all-day comfort despite stomping around in thick snow.

Best Colors

We prefer the brown pebbled leather Bruno colour. However, you could opt for the grey black Tusk colour instead.

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3. Sorel Cheyanne II [Duck Boots]

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Our favourites remain Sorel’s Cheyanne duck boot. While not as effective in the coldest environments, they’re light and perfect in heavy snow or rain. As such, they’re a more versatile choice for those who need protection from the elements.

How To Wear

The new and improved Cheyanne II is made using a seam-sealed waterproof construction as well as Nubuck leather. While not as insulated as the other duck boots featured here, it still has a 200g lining.

Best Colors

Lots of new colours are available for the new Sorel Cheyanne duck boots such as Chipmunk tan, Nori green as well as Quarry grey. However, we do miss the blue colour that used to be available with the old model.

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4. Johnston & Murphy XC4 Duck Boot [Mid-Range]

Johnston & Murphy Thompson XC4
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For a more premium duck boot, we’d turn to the impressive XC4 by Johnston & Murphy. Although we’re more familiar with the brand’s dress shoes, they also excel at practical footwear.

Key Features

Made from full-grain leather with waterproofing and a seam-sealed construction, these warm duck boots also feature a sheepskin and Thinsulate lining. Furthermore, there’s a multi-density rubber outsole for shock absorption while the memory foam insole offers extra comfort and cushion.

Best Colors

Although only available in brown with a black rubber toe, the uppers are full grain leather, which makes for a much more elegant boot.

Why Wear Duck Boots In The Snow?


If you live in a part of the world where it snows, you will simply not survive comfortably without proper gear. You’ll need overcoats and scarves for your tailored outfits, and you’ll need something like a quilted coat and Thinsulate gloves for when you inevitably need to shovel your sidewalk or driveway.

Your footwear is no exception. Those gym shoes might be comfy, but they’re not going to cut it when there’s snow and ice on the ground. Unless you’re alright with having cold, wet feet.

Whether you’re a country man, suburbanite or a complete townie, you’re likely to come across snow at one point. Therefore, you’ll need to be properly equipped with the right shoes when it happens.

There are many options. However, duck boots are an excellent choice. In the following guide, we’ll be taking a close look at duck boots and how they fare in snowy conditions.

Thanks to their rubber soles and toe boxes, duck boots are securely sealed to offer a fully waterproof shoe. Whilst this may not sound obvious when walking through snow, remember that the white stuff melts.

This is a particular issue when walking through snow. As your feet will release heat, loose snow caught on the shoe will slowly turn into water. As you continue on your merry way, it begins to seep through most shoes and leak.

Eventually you’ll have wet feet, which is terribly uncomfortable when things get cold.

Fortunately, duck boots effortlessly overcome this. Furthermore, their leather uppers are easy to waterproof with grease and dubbin, which makes them comfortable too.

What To Look For In Quality Duck Boots?

Sorel-Duck-BootsNot only are duck boots good in the snow, they’re your best footwear option in the snow if you’re not in Antarctica. An important detail to keep in mind is that not all duck boots are necessarily made for wear in snowy conditions.

As mentioned above, any duck boot will keep your feet dry, but only duck boots lined in something like shearling or Thinsulate will keep your feet both warm and dry.

The additional warmth naturally comes with additional expense. However, it’s almost essential to have lined duck boots. If they’re unlined, then you don’t necessarily reap the benefits that they can truly offer.

However, the decision regarding lined or unlined duck boots can be made based on how often you find yourself in blizzard-like conditions. If it only snows lightly once or twice a year where you live, save a few dollars and go with an unlined pair, wearing thick socks as needed.

Nevertheless, if you live in, say, America’s Midwest or Northeast, you’ll want some lined duck boots for sure.

Ross & Snow Philippe Duck Boots

How To Wear Duck Boots

Living in the suburbs, I have a driveway and a sidewalk to shovel. There’s no way I’d be able to get this done in regular shoes without his feet freezing.

These Sorel boots are heavy-duty, lined with Thinsulate to keep the feet warm, and totally waterproof. Leave it to a Canadian company to make a great snow boot.

Sorel In The Snow

Pairing these duck boots with jeans and a winter coat is hands-down the easiest way to wear duck boots. As one of the more utilitarian shoe styles a man can keep in his closet, it follows logic that they would pair well with more casual garments.

With that said, if there’s a bunch of snow and slush on the ground, no one should give you a hard time if you wear duck boots with your business professional attire, so long as you change into proper dress shoes when you get to the office.

Ross & Snow Philippe Duck Boot Toe DetailAlternatively, wearing flannel pajama pants underneath your jeans (pictured above) is a surefire way to maintain a lot of warmth in the cold.

Layering is key in frigid temperatures, but we have a tendency to only layer our upper bodies -tee, button-down, sweater, sport coat, and overcoat- while our lower halves get covered in a single layer of cloth and that’s it.

I’ve had these Sorel boots for a while and he’s a huge fan. Sorel’s offering are among the top 5 best duck boots that we feature in our guide. Furthermore, they can be found on Amazon for only around $80 depending on your size and options.

Note the height of these boots. They have a 6-inch shaft, and while it may not seem like a lot, the extra coverage is a huge bonus when it’s cold and the ground is covered in snow.

A Final Thought On Duck Boots

Duck boots are an absolute must if you live anywhere that experiences snowfall every year. Remember that not all duck boots are created equal. Some are lined with shearling or Thinsulate which will make them great for snowy weather but too warm for simple rain.

Now that you’re more familiar with duck boots, we encourage you to take a look through our shoe style guide and various footwear reviews.

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