Top And Side View Of Opera PumpsOpera Pumps Defined

Opera pumps are an evening dress slipper with a silk or grosgrain bow across the vamp. They’re typically available in black patent leather or calfskin.

Pumps are one of the three commonly accepted shoes to be worn for black- or white-tie occasions, the other two being a black patent Venetian loafer and black oxford shoes in either patent or calfskin.

Opera Pump History: They Look Like Women’s Shoes?

Usually when we hear the word “pump” as it relates to footwear, we think of women’s high-heeled shoes. The funny thing is that the opera pump, while it resembles a women’s ballet flat, it does not resemble a pump in that sense.

Regardless, it has a distinctly feminine feel, but that’s only if you don’t understand the history behind the shoe.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries (known as the Regency era n England), rich European men would wear these shoes in the evenings. They originally had a silver buckle across the vamp, but Beau Brummel’s minimalist influence saw them removed and replaced with the bow we see today.

As the Victorian era approached, these shoes were adopted for evening events where music or dancing was a focal point (hence the term “opera pump”). They are still the standard for white-tie events and are acceptable wear for black-tie ensembles.

To this day, opera pumps are still worn with English court dress. This is why they’re also referred to as “court shoes” in the U.K.

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Opera Pumps Today

Black Opera Pump On Green Leaves

Opera pumps, as Alan Flusser states, are the only men’s shoes to enter the 21st century pretty much exactly as they left the 19th. It’s the last vestige of a men’s court shoe, something worn in the presence of royalty at high society events. When you don a pair, you are literally walking around in history.

This was a time when men wore shoes with heels that we would consider to be pretty feminine nowadays.

Interestingly, this shoe never caught on with the masses the way other styles of the rich and royal did. If you think about it, it’s a bit of a miracle that they’re still around.

How To Wear Opera Pumps

While they’re not at all versatile, pumps are stylish as all get-out.

FormalityBlack Opera Pumps With Brick Background

Technically, pumps are standard footwear for white-tie affairs (tailcoat) and an acceptable option for black-tie ones (tuxedo). Therefore, they’re only appropriate with formal or semi-formal attire.

With that said, rules were meant to be broken. If you’re going to wear these shoes outside of the guidelines above, knock yourself out. You’d just better bring your dandy A-game, otherwise your look will fall flat.


Pumps can be worn any time of year so long as the sun has gone down for the day.

Should You Wear An Opera Pump?

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something, right?

Yes, you should wear opera pumps if you feel so inclined. It’s a very bold move, so you must be prepared to stand out from the crowd, who will surely be wearing black patent oxfords or loafers.

You may come off as eccentric or peculiar, and the less sophisticated among us may wonder about your sexual orientation.

You’ve got to have style, and sometimes having style is synonymous with having balls.

None of these are reasons to not wear an opera pump, to be clear. We are firmly in the camp that anyone can pull anything off with some know-how and a little je ne sais quois, but you should know that it’s a bit of a risk.

Generally, men who fancy themselves shoe or clothes enthusiasts or who simply don’t give a damn will be drawn to the opera pump.

Perspective View Of Black Opera Pump

Where To Buy Opera Pumps

Relatively few brands make opera pumps any more. The ones we found, however, look astounding:

Final Thoughts On Court Shoes

We are all for men expanding their sartorial vocabularies and doing what they can to develop their personal style. If you attend more than four formal events per year (one per season), we suggest that you pick up a pair of opera pumps in addition to a regular black patent leather oxford or loafer