What Is A Swept Back Long Hairstyle GraphicSwept back long hair on men is one of the most effective and minimalist styles available. Nevertheless, with what appears a simple gesture, you can reveal the richness a complex layers of your mane. It’s a simple yet elegant look, which denotes tradition and Renaissance vibes.

Arguably, it’s one of the oldest styles around given that unstyled long hair has been with us throughout history. Furthermore, the wearer can manipulate the hair throughout the day to slightly adjust its appearance according to their needs.

It can be presented as a laid back, laissez faire look or something much more refined. Although some may argue that swept back hair is a lazy option, maintaining a long mane is far from easy. To stay in place, the weight of the hair will do much of the work with gravity.

However, product is recommended to keep it from getting unruly. Celebrities such as Shia LaBeouf Jared Leto often favour a dollop of gel. However, others like Kit Harrington will be more rationed in the use of product to emphasise its natural qualities.

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Cream and oils in small amounts offer the best balance between hold and free flowing hair. Furthermore, these options provide a natural shine that improves volume and nourishes the hair. These are best massaged in blow dried hair then brushed for even distribution.

Remember, as we highlight on our long hair page, it is absolutely vital to keep long hair not only clean but healthy. The use of conditioner is a must to retain volume and shine. Otherwise the hair risks drying out, becoming brittle. Moreover, unhealthy hair is much more difficult to manage as the dryness causes unruly hair to become loose.

Bespoke Unit Guide to Swept Back Hairstyle

A long mane requires a lot of patience to grow out it would be a shame for it not to be worth the effort. After all, a man with long hair is a noble and distinguished gentleman.

Will Long Natural Hair Suit My Face Shape?

Long swept back hair can be styled differently according to the needs and limitations of different face shapes. 7 unique face shapes have been listed on Bespoke Unit to help you discover the best hairstyles for your own. If you don’t yet know your face shape, we suggest that you follow our identifying guide before you continue.

Ideal Matches

Graphic of a man's heart face shape

Heart Face Shapes

Heart shape faces can certainly benefit from long hair. For instance, long swept back hair will conceal their larger foreheads and provide volume down the sides.

What is a man's oval face shape?

Oval Face Shapes

There are few pitfalls for Oval face shapes when wearing this style. Just be sure that the texture isn’t too soft to avoid rounding off your features.

What is a man's triangle face shape graphic

Triangle Face Shapes

Triangle face shapes can also use the volume of long hair to provide bulk on top and balance the proportions with their jawline.

Acceptable Matches

What is a man's diamond face shape graphic

Diamond Face Shapes

Swept back long hair could certainly compliment a Diamond face shape’s proportions. Nonetheless, even in providing soft contrast to their angular features, their structure may be too angular for such a stark difference.

What is a man's oblong face shape graphic

Oblong Face Shapes

whilst an Oblong face shape can benefit from volume and length on the sides, it needs to be very careful to avoid any height. This can be sidestepped by brushing the hair back and styling naturally. However, care should be taken to avoid a flat finish.

What is a man’s Square face shape?

Square Face Shapes

Square face shapes do all right with long hair. However, you may suffer when the hair is still growing. At jawline-level, the hair may widen your features. Nevertheless, if you keep it swept back, you can overcome this illusion.

Incompatible Face Shapes

graphic of a man's round face shape

Round Face Shape

However despite the options available, dealing with the sheer volume and length of swept back long hair can prove to be problematic. For instance, Round shape faces best steer clear of long hair styled this way. Its light textures and volume risk softening the faces features and rendering it even rounder.