graphic of a man's round face shapeMen with Round face shapes may find that the following paragraph sounds familiar:

Whilst your face cheekbone width and face length are alike, they’re both larger than your similarly-sized forehead and jawline. Chances are that your chin is also rounded in shape with no particularly hard lines or angles.

If this sounds correct, scroll on! That said, if you think that it doesn’t quite ring right, note that we cover a total of 7 different face shapes. You can identify your own face shape following our quick and easy guide.

Note that the above description simplifies morphology to a certain degree. In some cases, there are slightly dependencies. Your own face may share traits with other shapes and fluctuate at different times.

Nonetheless, associating yourself with a face shape that fits your description the most will help your improve your styling method.

Round Face Shape Specifications

The above graphic helps illustrate a Round face shape’s individual characteristics. You will notice how the face length and cheekbone width are similar dimensions with only a slight decrease down the jawline. The measurements’ low range gives the face a round appearance.

The thought of a round face may feel unappealing but in reality its characteristics make for a facial structure that is symmetrical with relatively high cheekbones. Its rich fullness evokes vitality and can create a sympathetic and youthful look.

Round Face Shape Men Celebrities Aziz Ansari DiCaprio

Styling Advice For A Round Face Shape

Round shaped faces realise their potential through bring out their hazy features and render the face more oval. This can be achieved by highlighting their recessive traits whilst simultaneously adding height to the face length. The following sections will assess the face shape’s needs and then propose appropriate styling options.

Each styling option features its own in-depth guide, which allows you to learn more about it in better detail. For example, the beard guides will demonstrate how to trim that particular style as well as maintain it.

Scroll down to read about each section in order or jump directly to what interests you the most:

  1. Hairstyles For Round Face Shapes
  2. Beards For Round Face Shapes
  3. Moustaches For Round Face Shapes
  4. Glasses For Round Face Shapes (Coming Soon)

Round Face Shape Hairstyles

The circular nature of a round face shape can sometimes be lacking in features and you can create definition through sharp layers and textures. In fact, a round face shape is can be considered the perfect canvas as it can benefit from extreme styles.

Height and volume on top can add length to the face and in aiming for jagged cuts, you can create an angular effect in the corners, which compliments the round shape through asymmetrical juxtaposition.

Short and tight sides accompanied by a tapered nape can ensure that width is reduced to a minimum. Styling up and towards one side with a side part, textured fringe or quiff can offset the face’s roundness with a sense of asymmetry.

Fringes or styles that fall towards the front and down the sides tend to soften the face’s edges and emphasise roundness. Some may want to avoid this but if you’re looking to embrace the roundness with a youthful boy band look, it’s the perfect face shape for it. Just be sure to keep some volume on top to avoid disproportionately widening the face.


  • Aim for height and volume
  • Tight back and sides
  • Opt for hard-textured cuts


  • Add length to back and sides
  • Flatten the top
  • Soften features over the forehead with front fringes

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Round Face Shape Beard Styles

Men with rounder features can greatly benefit from facial hair to provide hard structure along the jawline and increase height of the face. Always think about how the style will improve your proportions and make it squarer or more oval. Sculpting a Full Beard with angular edges or growing a strong Circle Goatee can elongate the shape and give the appearance of a more chiselled jaw.

You can look to  to slimming down the face to appear more oval as well as create angular features by trimming a Boxed beard with hard lines. Pointed beards feature tapered sides that draw attention away from the roundness and towards the chin.

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Round Face Shape Moustache Styles

Round faces fare better with thinner moustaches that don’t go beyond the corners of the mouth. The objective is to avoid increasing the roundness. Therefore, bushy and wide moustaches are not recommended as they soften features and reduce face length. Furthermore, big moustaches that go over the lips will make the chin appear even shorter so be careful with these.

Sharpened edges heighten features so these are your best bet. If in doubt, add growth below the mouth such as a Van-Dyke style soul patch to reinforce the chin.

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You can learn more about what you can do for a Round face shape through the various hairstyle, beard and moustache guides. These will each provide detailed steps on how to adapt the style for your particular face shape.

Alternatively, now that you’ve read about your Round face shape, think about identifying your body type so to take your styling to the next level.