Collage of Rampley And Co Accessories

Luxury silk and accessories business, Rampley & Co. has established itself with superior quality and unique designs.

In the review below, Paul Anthony shall be looking at what makes this London-based firm so unique, and a contender for your next pocket square or accessory purchase.

Union Jack Flag on silk pocket square

The Rampley & Co. Vision

Founders Elliot Rampley & Simon Cranston were business partners in an advertising agency before founding the company. They felt more passion and drive for working on their own visions and business than others and thus formed Rampley & Co.

Elliot Rampley recalls his school trips in London as a boy being the inspiration of their lines. He was always fond of being well dressed and used pocket squares to a touch of of sartorial flare, but found designs to be lacking. This was unlike that of ladies’ silks and scarves from the likes of Hermès and Liberty Of London, which featured stunning designs.

The company set out to secure rights with some of London’s and the worlds best galleries to use the paintings for their fine silks. Some of the current affiliations include be are not limited to: Museum of London, Victoria & Albert Museum, British Museum, the Tate and Library of Congress.

Each pocket square tells a story with many on their website Rampley & Co having stories of the art and their respective artists.

Rampley & Co continues to add designs to their collection so it’s always worth checking back to see what’s new.

Silk Pocket Squares  – Made In England

Three silk pocket squares

Each pocket square is made in England from the finest silk, in the perfect size (much larger than typical) and weight for a square.

The size of each pocket square is 42cm X 42cm (16.5″ X 16.5″), which enables it to be more secure in the pocket and not perform a dispersing magic trick!

Furthermore, this stability is enhanced by the fine mulberry twill 100% silk and a hand-rolled edge. The silk was research over several years to find this ideal mix of weight, weave, quality and structural stability. Lastly, the hand-rolled edge is more time and expertise intensive over a machine-rolled edge, but offers a greater fullness and drape of the pocket square.

Prices range from roughly £60 – 75 ($75 – 95 at time of writing – Aug 2018), with a portion of revenue going to the museums or galleries whose work is featured.

Quality & Presentation

As one may have guessed from the above, no expenses had been spared in the design, material or construction of these pocket squares.

This is nice to see in this day and age. Buying one of these seems more like an investment rather than a fast-fashion throwaway piece.

English Silk Pocket Square in Presentation Box

As for the presentation, nothing is lacking here either.

Each pocket squared arrive in a nice branded box, with the neatly-folded pocket square enclosed. Additionally, there was a thank you note signed by one of the founders as well as some nice branded Rample & Co collar stays.

Rampley And Co Pocket Square

The picture below details the fine hand-rolled edge and accompanying collar stays.

Rampley And Co tag on pocket square

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Designs Of All Kinds!

Firstly, the designs are not a one-trick pony and offer a myriad of options. Consequently, wearers don’t have to simply choose pocket squares that they find aesthetically pleasing but have more personal meaning.

Although best known for their fine-art silk pocket squares, they offer a wide variety of designs including American City Maps and Harris Tweed patterns.

Below are the three pocket squares Bespoke Unit founder Paul Anthony owns.

Museum / Gallery Collaborations


Having grown up just outside London and being called Paul, this struck me as a very fitting pocket square! It just seemed to tick all the right boxes.

How  To Style

One of the most unique elements of these pocket squares is the sheer variety of textures and colours offered across the painting’s scene.

Four Ways To Wear Same Pocket Square

Above you can see four unique ways that the same pocket square can be worn. As such, it can be worn for a variety of occasions from the office to the even. Furthermore, it can be tweaked to be either conservative or even a novelty talking point.

See our guide on how to fold a pocket square. Feel free to play around with how you style a pocket square, don’t try too hard as organic results look best!

Vintage City Maps

Vintage New York City Map Silk Pocket Square

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As someone who frequents NYC, this particularly design has frequently sparked a conversation or two!

Other Designs

Silk pocket square with hat designs

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They have many other stunning designs such as this personal favorite above, featuring many “British Hat Designs”.  As someone who is follically challenged, I’m almost always wearing one so it fits nicely with my lifestyle. Note: please excuse the creases, as I have been putting it to good use already!

The full current collection of designs can be seen on their website.

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Other Accessories By Rampley & Co.

Also on offer are:

  • Ties
  • Braces / Suspenders (see below)
  • Umbrellas
  • Socks

All of which are in keeping with the same qulaity standards as the aforementioned pocket squares.

Braces (UK) / Suspenders (USA)

Below are the pair of fine English box cloth braces.

British Blue Box Cloth Braces

I find this material to be perfectly comfortable for braces, and that especially true in the cooler months.

Blue Box Cloth and Braces Buttons

It’s always nice to see brace buttons included, if you’re looking to retrofit a current pair of trousers you own.

If you’re interested in how to style and wear braces, see our full step-by-step guides.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think you can go wrong with a Rampley & Co pocket square or accessory.

Although the price may seem high for some, these items are of the highest quality. The pocket squares for which they are best known offer outstanding value. They’ll be cherished items in my wardrobe for many years to come.

Do as I did and buy several for yourself that resonate to your identity and lifestyle or make it an ideal personal gift for someone special.

Paul Anthony Showing Panama Hat Design On Pocket Square

Above Paul Anthony can be seen sporting his favorite summer hat, the Panama, while showcasing it on the “Hats Of Britain” pocket square.

Rampley & Co Pocket Squares & Accessories
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"Unique designs and high quality. Rompley & Co offer exciting new possibilities with their designs for pocket squares that resonate with your lifestyle and personal identity."
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About the Author:

Paul Anthony is the founder and creative director at Bespoke Unit. He has had a life long affair with design, watches, fragrance and clothing. Originally from England, he now lives in the USA splitting time between NYC & Philly. Favoring "British Style", but has an overall eclectic taste.


  1. Ray August 16, 2018 at 8:05 am - Reply

    Wow these are such nice looking pocket squares. Thank you for sharing.

    • Paul Anthony August 16, 2018 at 10:26 am - Reply

      Dear Ray,

      Thanks for the comment. I was and am so happy with them. The quality and detail of the silk printing is outstanding!

      I’d for sure recommend anyone who’s into looking dapper, to one one, two or a few!

      Cheers – Paul

  2. John August 16, 2018 at 10:24 am - Reply

    Great article, those pocket squares look brilliant.

    Are those braces from Albert Thurston?

    • Paul Anthony August 16, 2018 at 10:28 am - Reply

      Hey John, good to hear from you again.

      Yes I believe they are. I just love box cloth braces, got that certain look from the texture and weight of the fabric.

      Cheers – Paul

  3. Charles-Philippe August 16, 2018 at 10:35 am - Reply

    These look genuinely stunning! I noticed there’s one from the battle of Trafalgar that looks fantastic! I’d love to see some romantic artwork such as by Delacroix and Ingres. I’d snap one right up of Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa.



    • Paul Anthony August 20, 2018 at 5:31 pm - Reply

      Yes they really are.

      I’m sure you can shoot the guys an email and see if they have any plans on the art you suggested, or could even commission a bespoke piece.

      – Paul

  4. Jens August 21, 2018 at 11:16 am - Reply

    I find their squares to be tacky and the quality isn’t there either.

    • Paul Anthony August 21, 2018 at 11:23 am - Reply

      Dear Jens,

      Each to their own, tasted and quality expectations. However, I could not disagree more. I love their designs, and feel the quality and price points are fulling inline.

      Is there somewhere else you’d recommend?

      Cheers – Paul

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