Apposta is an authentic Italian made-to-measure shirtmaker that specialises in luxury fabrics that it offers at an affordable price. Founded in 2016, Apposta has become a respected brand in Europe and its influence in the USA continues to grow.

In this review, you will discover Apposta in detail as we explore its shirts, how they’re made, and the brand’s fascinating background:

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Apposta Italian Made-to-Measure Shirt Review



Apposta Shirt Reviews

Apposta Custom Italian Shirts Side By Side

Before we explore Apposta in further detail and explore its background and how the shirts are made, let’s explore a sample of its products. We have currently reviewed the following Apposta custom shirts:

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Apposta Custom Pin Collar Dress Shirt Review

Apposta Shirt Pin Collar
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Chosen Custom Options

Albini Oxford Weave Apposta Custom Pin Collar Shirt

The first featured Apposta shirt is crafted from Oxford weave pure cotton by Albini in a Bengal strip style. As detailed on the website, it has a 70/1 warp and weft and is suggested for year-round use.

Given that it isn’t an easy style to find among ready-to-wear shirts, we chose a pin collar, which has a characteristic rounded club shape. When choosing this option, the collar is supplied with a plain gold-coloured pin.

With regard to the cuffs, only one French cuff style is available so we chose that. Similarly, we opted for a contrast collar and cuffs in white to add a stylistic emphasis on their distinctive styles.

As for the fit, we chose the adjusted regular fit for this shirt and you can see that it features stitched vents in an image below. Meanwhile, its buttons, placket, and collar stiffness are all standard.

That being said, as it’s a pin collar, it’s likely a soft collar by default. Since we chose a soft collar for the other shirt below, it admittedly wasn’t the best choice to compare the difference.

Overall Style

Custom Apposta Striped Blue Shirt

The combination of a contrast pin collar and double cuffs with plain blue stripes is a quintessentially metropolitan style. Often reserved for c-level management, it’s unapologetically brash and not particularly subtle. Nevertheless, it can be particularly elegant when properly incorporated into your wardrobe.

We’d recommend this customised shirt configuration for business professional wear, especially for important meetings. However, it’s not overly formal in itself and wouldn’t be particularly suitable for either casual events or special occasions.

Given the use of ornamentation and powerful colours, it may come across as somewhat overbearing in such situations.

Fit & Comfort

Apposta Custom Shirt Regular Close Fitting

Albini’s fabric is wonderfully lightweight and breathes well. It’s soft against the skin and resists creasing. As such, it’s another reason that we would suggest it for important meetings in case you’re worried about sweating! The Oxford weave adds visual interest but also offers good air circulation.

As promised by the name of the fit, the shirt is well-adjusted around the waist. Consequently, it’s spacious without being too roomy with an abundance of excess material. Additionally, the armholes are relatively low and don’t restrict any movement.

Otherwise, the measurements supplied to Apposta using the steps described below were properly reflected in the shirt’s construction. The shirt feels properly tailored with ideal length in the shirt’s body and arms.

It’s worth mentioning that the cuffs fit perfectly around the wrist. Therefore, if you’re somebody who likes to wear any timepiece larger than a dress watch, consider being a little more generous with the measurements on the wrist. Furthermore, you can indepedently measure the left and right wrist if you wish.

Apposta Tab Collar Dress Shirt Review

Dobby Weave & Tab Collar Apposta Custom Shirt
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Chosen Custom Options

Canclini Girino Dobby Weave Apposta Custom Tab Collar ShirtThe second shirt consists of a Canclini cotton fabric with rich blue stripes in a Dobby weave. Its warp and weft are 80/1.

On this occasion, we opted for a tab collar. As mentioned above, it’s the softer option. However, it was hard to compare the difference between the two given their distinctive styles.

Meanwhile, this shirt is a slim fit, which we will describe below. Similarly, there is no placket and we chose mother of pearl rather than the standard buttons.

These buttons are at no extra cost. That being said, there isn’t a phenomenal difference between them and the standard buttons. While the standard buttons are whiter, the mother of pearl buttons are somewhat more translucent and reflect a touch of colour.

Although not mentioned earlier, we added free monograms to both shirts in the standard placement. You can see a photo of it later in the article.

Overall Style

Adjusting Apposta Madet-to-Measure French Cuff Shirt

Since Apposta is Italian, we thought that we’d combine the tab collar, slim fit, and unique fabric in order to have a touch of Sprezzatura this time!

A considerably less formal style, this shirt can be worn more casually but is still perfectly fine for business professional settings. That being said, like the pin, the collar’s tab does require that you wear a tie for it not to look a little odd.

The Dobby weave features a rich pattern in the fabric. The rich visual interest it adds is warm and laidback. Indeed, it’s a great shirt for evenings out or when wearing less conservative suits. For instance, you could consider it with vintage-inspired tweed or double-breasted suits.

Fit & Comfort

Apposta Custom Shirt Arm Length Fit

Although slimmer with smaller armholes, the shirt doesn’t restrict your movement. That being said, you can feel more tightness in the shoulders, chest, and waist. Nevertheless, it’s surprisingly comfortable with plenty of room to breathe.

As mentioned above, the overall fit was excellent with good length in the body of the shirt and sleeves. Since the slim fit requires better precision in the measurements, it was here where you’d notice any faults and none were detected.

If you’re concerned about aggressive slim fitting shirts, rest assured that Apposta’s isn’t going to stick to your body. Similarly, if you’re fond of a tailored look but don’t like it when the fit is adjusted with stitched vents, this is a great option.

Meanwhile, if you’re somebody who does like very aggressive slim-fitted shirts, Apposta has seven different fitting options!

How To Order A Custom Apposta Shirt

Apposta Shirts In Box

Given that ordering a custom garment can be somewhat intimidating, we’ve decided to offer a guide that will walk you through the process to show you just how easy it is to do!

Keep reading to learn more or if you want to learn about the brand or even don’t want any spoilers, simply jump ahead!

Before you begin, we suggest that you create an account and add your measurements first. Getting this part out of the way means that you can then focus on creating your shirt without any distractions.

Taking your measurements is easier with help but it’s doable on your own. Apposta’s interface displays useful videos when you highlight each measurement that needs adding.

Apposta Shirt Measurement Profile

Although it’s possible to just select a default profile based on collar size, Apposta is a custom shirt specialist so it’s worth adding all your measurements. Furthermore, Apposta will prompt you if it believes that any of your measurements proportionately don’t make sense.

Fabric Selection

Choosing Apposta Fabric

Once you have set up your profile, the fun may begin! As you’ll learn below, Apposta has a rich inventory of over 4,000 different fabrics. While such a vast collection may seem overwhelming, the website features an intuitive filtering system.

The filters can allow you to choose according to the yarn, weave, fabric producer, and even the weft. There are certification filers, too. However, if this all sounds too complicated, you also have filter options according to colours, patterns, seasonality, and the perceived weight.

Clicking on a fabric will then show you the fabric’s material, its weave, yarn, weft, and all the other considerations mentioned above. Once you’re happy with your choice, you can simply click on “select” and move on.

At this stage, you will start configuring the shirt. The first customisation option is simply whether you want a long or short-sleeved shirt.

Cuff, Pocket, & Fit Styles

Apposta Cuff Selection

Apposta offers 8 different cuff styles. While most are varieties of barrel cuff, they are distinctive with various numbers of buttons, finishes, and widths. Otherwise, you can choose between a convertible or French cuff sleeve.

Once the cuff has been selected, you can choose the breast pocket for which there are 7 available choices. The pocket styles are quite different and you can opt for one or two. Alternatively, you may choose not to have a pocket at all.

If you’re unsure about any of the above, you can hover your mouse over them to see a photo that depicts a real-life example.

Apposta Shirt Fitting

Finally, you will be presented with 6 different types of shirt fitting. These vary from regular to slim fits with different degrees of tapering. In the reviews above, we compare the regular close-fitting and slim-fitting options so you can see the difference.

Apposta Collar Types

Apposta Collar Styles 1

One of Apposta’s greatest strengths, of which there are many, is the diverse selection of collar styles. Indeed, you’ll be presented with a whopping 29 individual types of collar for your shirt!

Since there are so many, it’s worth hovering your mouse over each one so you can see a photo of what it looks like.

Although most of them are straight collars with different point lengths and spreads, there are also club, pin, tab, wing, and band collars, too. Indeed, there are 4 varieties of button-down collars alone!

Final Customisation Options

Apposta Shirt Recap

After choosing your collar, you’ll be presented with an overview of your shirt. It’s worth taking the time to check all the details to make sure that you’re happy with them before finalising your order.

Fortunately, Apposta makes this easy and you can jump back to any stage of the process to make changes to your order.

Apposta Shirt Monogram

Apposta’s monograms are free of charge.

However, the custom experience isn’t quite finished just yet! Below the fabric, you’ll notice the option to add a monogram, which is free of charge. The monogram can be added in two different fonts, several colours, and three different placements.

Apposta Shirt Custom Options

Meanwhile, scrolling down will also display another selection of options that you can change and it’s worth studying each of them before finishing. For instance, you can choose among different placket styles, the buttons, and the way that they are stitched.

Apposta Shirt Standard Vs No Placket

Standard Placket [Left], No Placket [Right]

Similarly, you can change the collar’s structure and whether you want it to be stiff or soft.

Furthermore, under “style” you can choose coloured inserts for the collar. If you’re interested in contrast collar and cuffs, this is where you’ll find it. You’ll then need to change the collar’s colour manually on the right of this option.

Finishing Your Order

Apposta Monogram Stitching

Once you’re satisfied and you have thoroughly checked the order, you can finalise your order. As you can create several measurement profiles, you can easily choose between the ones that you want to use.

Apposta will then prompt you whether you would like a pocket square that has been coordinated with the shirt as well as replacement collars and cuffs.

The latter is particularly useful and worth adding to your order as these are the first to show signs of wear. When you need to replace them, this can be taken care of by a local tailor. However, Apposta can do it free of charge if you just pay for postage!

Finally, if you make any mistakes in your order or realised that you missed out an option that you liked, simply contact Apposta’s customer service. The team is fast to act and can quickly forward any changes to the production team.

We tested the customer care multiple times, largely because we missed several options ourselves, and we were delighted with the team’s prompt responses.

Apposta Special Orders

Apposta Italian Made-to-Measure Shirt

Apposta prides itself in offering one of the most comprehensive custom clothing experiences. Similarly, co-founder Gianmarco Taccaliti strongly believes in this excellence of his customer service. No job is too ambitious for his factory!

Clone Shirts

Firstly, Apposta is capable of creating a replica based off an existing shirt. This may be a shirt that you saw in a film or even one that you own that is either too worn or no longer fits. After sending them the shirt, they will then seek out a matching fabric and then producing it according to your sizing specifications.

Similarly, you may want them to make a shirt based on just the size of one that you feel already fits you perfectly. You can send this shirt and Apposta will create the size profile for you.

Tailored Specifications

Furthermore, Apposta can also make small adjustments to their predesigned styles according to your personal tastes. For example, you may want a more aggressive cutaway collar or one with points that are slightly longer.

By contacting them beforehand, the customer service team can modify your profile. Next time you choose your customisation options, they will be according to your own specifications.

Replacement Collars & Cuffs

Stitching Collar On Apposta Shirt

As mentioned above, you can also include replacement collars and cuffs with your order. However, even if you decide not to do so at the time of purchasing it, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility in the future.

Gianmarco informed us that you can simply contact its customer service and ask for the replacement service for your Apposta shirt. The team will then check whether the fabric is still in production and whether the colours of the new batch matches the existing shirt.

If they don’t match, Apposta will then offer whether you’d like a contrast collar and cuffs instead in a colour of your choice. In either case, you’d just need to pay 24€ ($30) for the set as well as the shipping costs. Apposta will offer the replacement service free of charge.

Make Your Shirt Now On Apposta

How Was Appposta Founded?

Striped Blue Contrast Collar & Cuff Custom Apposta Shirt

Apposta is a joint passion project between Gianmarco Taccaliti and Gianluca Mei. Those familiar with the shirtmaking industry may be familiar with the name Taccaliti. Indeed, Gianmarco is a descendant of the celebrated family business, Camiceria Taccaliti, which first began producing Italian shirts in 1911.

Needless to say, Gianmarco’s knowledge of the shirtmaking business is intimate, to say the least! Having grown up in his family’s factory, he accumulated a lifetime’s of experience in the trade and developed his own personal connections with textile mills and other industry leaders.

Meanwhile, Gianluca specialises in digital economy and marketing. As a serial entrepreneur, he applied his knowledge of these technologies to develop a rich user experience with Gianmarco’s guidance. Through their website, you can easily create your own shirt without ever having to set foot in a tailor’s workshop.

Consequently, Apposta marries its inherited tradition of craftsmanship with modern technology and forward-thinking design. The result is an innovative brand for discerning men who wish to dress well while respecting a reasonable budget.

What Does Apposta Mean?

Apposta Slim Fitting Custom Shirt

As you may guess, “apposta” is Italian and can broadly mean “on purpose”, “designedly”, “intentionally”, and “specially” in English depending on the context. Indeed, the name is rather appropriate as it elegantly reflects the brand’s very identity.

Apposta’s objective is simple yet ambitious. After all, others have tried in the past with varying results. It strives only to allow people to go online, create, and then customise a perfectly-fitted shirt of the highest quality and at the best price available.

Apposta only produces shirts specifically ordered by clients and does not work with any existing inventory. As a result, it minimises waste as there isn’t a stock of shirts waiting to be sold. Conversely, many ready-to-wear brands often destroy unsold goods rather than donate or discount them further.

Furthermore, it significantly reduces the quantity of fabric waste when producing a shirt by using state-of-the-art equipment, which we describe below. As mentioned above, its progressive approach to the shirtmaking profession offers many benefits for both the manufacturer and customer.

Make Your Shirt Now On Apposta

Where Are Apposta Shirts Made?

Apposta Fabric Preparation

Apposta’s factory is located in Ancona, Italy, which is the capital of the Marche region along the eastern Adriatic sea coast. However, the factory bears a closer resemblance to a workshop as it’s not overly large.

In fact, Gianmarco invited us on a digital guided tour via a video call and we were shown every part of the manufacturing process, which we explore in detail below. The factory’s staff consists of just 40 craftspeople who each specialise in one particular part of a shirt’s production.

Meanwhile, sources its fabrics from only the following: celebrated textile producers:

  • Albini
  • Canclini
  • D& J Anderson
  • Getzner
  • Grandi & Rubinelli
  • Induo
  • Leggiuno
  • Monti
  • Ronghi
  • Söktaş
  • Thomas Mason
  • Valli

As you can see, most of Apposta’s suppliers are based in northern Italy. However, there are a few notable exceptions that offer specialist fabrics. For instance, Söktaş is a Turkish mill founded in 1971 that produces refined poplins, dobbies, and twills.

Apposta Fabric Selection

Consequently, Apposta has access to over 4,000 unique fabrics, which is staggering, to say the least!  Nevertheless, as we explained in our guide on how to order an Apposta custom short above, it’s very easy to filter through them to find what you want.

These range from luxurious Sea Island and Egyptian cotton to contemporary non-iron and even Coolmax fabrics.

In order to supply such a variety of fabrics, most are stored in an on-site inventory while others are requested as special orders directly from the producer when needed. Yet, these orders are completed quickly given the proximity of the mills and at no extra cost to the customer.

How Are Apposta Shirts Made?

Stitching Apposta Label On Shirt

An Apposta shirt will usually take two weeks to produce from start to finish. The process begins with the customer’s measurements being manually translated into a computer-generated 2D design, which consists of each of the shirts individual components.

Fabric Cutting

Apposta 2D Designer

The design transmitted via CAD-CAM software to a high-precision laser, which will then cut the parts of the shirts directly from the cloth. In order to provide the highest level of accuracy, the cloth is vacuum-sealed to make it perfectly flat.

Not only is cutting the fabric in this way precise but it also helps significantly reduce waste. The designer will group the elements together and arrange them in a way that it results in very little scrap unusable fabric.

Apposta Laser Fabric Cutter

Afterwards, the components are assembled together with a barcoded order form and placed on a hanging conveyor. This device will then transport the shirt to each station in the correct order.

Collar & Cuff Assembly

Fused Apposta Collar

The collars and cuffs are fused and then stitched. Although fusing may sometimes be snubbed, Apposta uses high-quality interlining and fuse according to the individual fabric’s requirements.

Different interlinings are used depending on the fabric’s thickness, which also decides the quantity and temperature of the adhesive. Apposta will also use layers according to the desired hardness requested by the customer.


Apposta Collar Stitching

The shirt will then travel between each sewing station for its components to be assembled by different specialist craftspeople. Apposta uses 7 stitches per centimetre for a durable construction for the best possible longevity.

Meanwhile, the buttons are securely attached using a heat-sealed shank to prevent them from coming undone.

Apposta Button Stitching

Several different people will perform various individual stitches for just the collar alone. Similarly, several professionals will tend to the collar and front plackets given the required level of attention to detail.

On some occasions, the shirt isn’t even removed from the conveyor. For instance, we saw a seamstress who stitched a cuff to a sleeve while the shirt remained on the hanger before sending it on.


Ironing Apposta Shirt

Once the shirt has been assembled, the collars and cuffs are pressed individually. Following this step, the entire shirt is placed on a mould where it is pressed with steam.

The crisp shirts are then thoroughly quality controlled by inspectors. Each shirt is measured to check that it will provide the perfect fit. Additionally, the inspectors ensure that each shirt fulfils Apposta’s high standards before they are carefully packed and shipped.

Apposta Quality Control

Make Your Shirt Now On Apposta

What Next?

Dobby Weave Custom Italian Apposta Shirt

We are constantly improving the customer experience to the slightest detail which is highly rewarding.  Apart from that, we aim to grow Apposta not only in our key European markets, but also aim to expand into the U.S.

Authentic experience

If you want to learn more about Apposta, head to its website. Otherwise, consider checking out some of the related guides below:

"A precisely fitted and luxury shirt was once something few could afford. Apposta has provided an accessible opportunity for everyone to taste a touch of Italian refinement."
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