Apparel99 may not be one of the most well-known online stores for suits and tuxedos, but it’s certainly one of the few menswear suppliers that sells quality suits and tuxedos at incredibly low prices.

Apparel99 Blue and Burgundy Suits

And this is precisely how it manages to stand out. In a market where even a half-decent men’s suit can cost hundreds of dollars, being able to buy one for as little as about $99 is surprising to say the least. [Be sure to read our guide on how to buy an off the rack suit]

However, don’t let the name Apparel99 fool you into thinking that all the suits and tuxedos on the website are available for $99. There are many that are priced slightly higher, but you can find many decent options for around the $100 mark.

I personally reviewed two $99 numbers for this review.

Taking A Closer Look At Apparel99 Suits

White Tuxedo By Apparel99


As pricing is one of the biggest highlighting features of Apparel99’s products, let’s get to it first. For the suits that you can find here, the prices can range from as low as just $89 to $200 or more. The tuxedos are priced a little higher, with the cheapest ones being about $100, and the more premium ones being $200 or more.

It’s also fair to mention that Apparel99 also sells other men’s clothing products like t-shirts, joggers and sweatpants, hoodies and sweatshirts and more. It also has a fairly large collection of dress shirts, and a range of specific tuxedo shirts too.

The prices for the shirts, start from as low as about $40.

All of Apparel99’s products, especially including suits, tuxedos and shirts, come in a variety of colors so you’re sure to find exactly what you need there, at prices that would make your jaw drop.

Discount Code

As a Bespoke Unit reader, you can currently access a further 15% discount now. Simply use the code “99ORLESS” during checkout to get it!

Getting the Right Fit

apparel99 blue tuxedo with black lapels

When it comes to buying a suit or a tuxedo, there are not many things more important than the fit. This is especially true when buying slim fit suits or tuxedos.

Apparel99, offer as many as 23 different sizes for their suits and tuxedos with many coming in “Short”, “Regular” and “Long” length jackets.

The customer service of Apparel99 is also pretty responsive, so if you have any questions about the fit or which size you should choose, you can simply get in touch with them.

That said, if you have an athletic body, one of Apparel99’s slim fit vested suits would be right up your alley. My personal favorites are the classic dark grey suit as well as this versatile blue slim fit suit.

What I love about the blue slim fit suit is that it can be taken everywhere ranging from a wedding to an important business conference.

The Fabric

Apparel99 state their suits are made using polyester, rayon and spandex, with a unique touch of wool. While the fabric itself is good, what I really liked about it is that it’s wrinkle resistant.

It is what one would expect in this low price range. The one thing that can be said for it, is that is did not look cheap or “shiny”.

Four Suits In Apparel99 Store

Note: I have not had these dry cleaned yet, which is always a killer blow for these lower-end fused jacket options.

Shipping and Turnaround Times

Shipping costs are easy and simple with a flat $8 shipping fee. As far as the turnaround time is concerned, it would be just 2 to 5 business days for buyers based in the US.

For international buyers, they will have to contact Apparel99 for more information about the shipping time and the extra costs, as they will also need to pay for the import duties and other taxes.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was happy with the Apparel99 suits. But I am more of an off the rack size and shape, which is a big advantage for me when shopping non-custom.

Apparel99 makes sense if:

  1. You’re on a budget
  2. Looking for contemporary styles
  3. Looking for lots of size and length options
  4. In a tight squeeze for time

If you’d like to see more from Apparel99 you can see their official website.

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Apparel99 Suits
Reviewed by Trevor Guilday, on .
"Apparel99 make affordable suits that pull no punches. At the $100-200 price level they are a great option for the budget conscious shopper looking for a contemporary cut suit in many off the rack sizes. "
Rating: 4.0 ★★★★

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  1. Kevin September 12, 2018 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    Once you go custom you never go back. And I went custom because of your suit guides.

    Can’t see how you guys are promoting this crap.

    – Kevin

    • Charles-Philippe September 13, 2018 at 5:11 am - Reply

      Hi Kevin,

      Nice to hear from you. It’s great to hear that we helped initiate you to custom tailoring. Of course, if the budget permits, this is what we’d advocate for everyone.

      However, we do try to cater to all budgets on Bespoke Unit including the sub-$100 range. While this may not be relevant to somebody like you, we do have other readers with more economical constraints that will benefit from affordable retailers such as Apparel99.

      Hope this makes sense!

      All the best,


    • Paul Anthony September 13, 2018 at 9:03 am - Reply

      Dear Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment and I mirror Charles-Philippe.

      Everyone has their own lifestyle and budgetary needs.

      Some guy who only buy bench made Savile Row suits, may think the same about a Chinese / Indian custom garment.

      We’re just trying to showcase some options for all the Bespoke Unit community, and hopefully giving pros / con of value based of individual needs.

      Cheers – Paul

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