If you’re in search of a briefcase, something cool, or even a gift for someone a vintage Samsonite should be topping your list!

I personally own SEVEN, five slim and two “normal” size ones. They make an ideal daily business companion of function, and a great talking point. Seven Mint Condition Vintage Samsonite Briefcases

Top 5 Reasons Why They Make A Great Briefcase

  1. They are a briefcase! (I know that’s a bad one, but true…)
  2. Great talking point for being vintage and / or colorful
  3. Cool to imagine the history associated with the case, all the big deals that could have gone down within its life and who owned such cool pieces (what can I say I’m a romantic)
  4. Fun activity to search out, from Ebay to estate sales (it took me a long time to find a mint red slim one…but well worth it! see pictures below)
  5. Very affordable. I have amassed a collection of seven for less than the price of a designer briefcase (although I love these Dunhill ones). With, in my option all the kudos, functionality, and more….of their new counterparts. As for price I  would say a good condition one with keys should range from $50 -125

Bonus: one size fits all! I’m a big guy, so sometimes it’s hard to find vintage items in my size. The beauty of these cases (especially the slim ones) is that they look just as good in my hands as that of my girlfriends.

Top 5 Reasons Why They Make The Best Gift

Obviously for all the reasons above, but in a quick punch list:

  1. Unique & expressive designs
  2. Quality product / long lasting
  3. Functional
  4. Memorable
  5. Affordable

Why I Love Them

I have a thing for vintage and classic items. At the very least I always try to incorporate one vintage piece in every ensemble, and what could be better than a piece of pure function and style.

Favored Design – Slim

My personal favorites are the slim cases. I currently have five: white, blue, green, red, and brown. I’m also thinking about adding two more with a black and grey. But for sure, the colorful ones give you the best bank for your buck, as always a great talking point, and who doesn’t like a 60’s retro print!?

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Men's vintage briefcase by Samsonite in green
Retro print in vintage red Samsonite briefcase
Samsonite vintage briefcase in blue with retro flower print

Cool floral print design in white vintage brifcase

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Highly Functional & Roomy

Seven briefcases in a row verticallyAs you can see from the green briefcase above although these are slim and very light, they are still perfect for today’s business needs. I usually carry my Chrome book, mouse, charger, phone charger, note pad, sunglasses, and papers with no trouble! The dimensions of the slim cases are: 17.5″ wide, 13″ high, and 3.25″ deep / thick (44.45cm wide, 33.02cm high, and 8.26cm deep)

Where Can I Find A Vintage Samsonite?

I have found most of mine on Ebay and / or Etsy, with search terms like: vintage Samsonite, retro Samsonite, slim briefcase, slim attache, etc… Outside of that there are a million other places you can find these gems, like yard sales, estate sales, flea markets,  thrift stores, vintage stores, and the list goes one.

So what are you waiting for….go get yourself one! Happy hunting.
As always I welcome your comments below or on social media, and please let me know / share if you have any other colors or internal prints.