Welcome to the first #BespokeFocus challenge between the members of Bespoke Unit.

Purple Bespoke Focus

What Is #BespokeFocus, You Ask!?

Each week, the team at Bespoke Unit will choose a “focus” to incorporate into our ensembles. The focus will illustrate how each of us can have the same instructions, but interpret them in extremely different (but always dapper) ways!

Let us know if you have a topic or focus that you would like us to zero in on by contacting us here (mention #BespokeFocus)

“Tag” #BespokeFocus & Win

We encourage you to share your interpretation of the week’s #BespokeFocus on Instagram and other social networks by tagging your pictures. Occasionally, we’ll recognize the best looks with “shout-outs” and even prizes. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Inaugural #BespokeFocus – Purple

The theme this week is Purple, and here are three different interpretations:

Paul – Corporate

Dapper Looks with purple accessories

“Purple is by far my favorite color. With it’s rich history and depth, I like to add some purple accent to every ensemble (most of my custom suits have the last sleeve button in purple or lilac as a “signature”). I can go all the way from purple laces to a lavender summer sports coat. Purple just seems to work well with my complexion and personality. In the outfit above my purple pieces are: purple turtle shell glasses, knit tie, floral pocket square, Emilia cuff links & lapel pin, and purple braces.”

Craig – Creative

That Dapper Chap - Purple Focus

“Purple is a pretty new color for me. I used to stick to blues, black and greys. Classic, right? True, but also sometimes slightly dull! Adding a color like purple lifts an outfit and helps to make it more individual. The bow tie is solid purple, the trousers are a dark purple corduroy, and the shoes from Asos fit in with the color scheme.


Carlos – Casual

Carlos in Lavender
“Admittedly, I’m not much of  a purple lover. It doesn’t work as well on darker skinned folks, but I was looking through some Cesar Renuan oxford cloth fabrics and found this perfect Lavender/Powder blue that is ideal for separating oneself from the blue OCBD group. I cut it into a popover ( Which I now call the “Captain’s Cut”), and it’s a killer. Perfect with olive chinos and some good ol’ Texan BBQ.
God Speed!”

About the Author:

Carlos is a cigar lover living out in Portland Oregon. After first joining Bespoke Unit back in 2014 and taking a hiatus to get established in his career as an airline pilot, Carlos is back to review cigars. While not flying Carlos enjoys collecting fuzz guitar pedals, Japanese watches, and watching horror movies with his wife and cat.

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  1. Gordon February 24, 2014 at 7:00 am - Reply

    Yes I agree Purple works well and I have a few items in my Purple collection as well. Best thing are my bright Purple braces, which when I first wore them got a bit of shocked look from my workmates but they soon settled down and some did say they liked the look.

    I have a few pairs of purple trousers which look great on night’s out when matched with a white shirt and purple bow tie, with matching watch and maroon loafers, well I think it looks stylish anyway.

    I need to get a darker pair of purple braces as I think my other pair are a bit bright, even for me for normal wear about the office etc.

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