The Agonizing Question From A Bespoke Unit Reader

Ok so it’s getting colder and colder so it’s time to break out my favourite accessory, Gloves!!

How many pairs or colours are best? Driving or Dress gloves? Any particular brand to recommend?

I’m not fussed about actually keeping my hands warm, it’s more the look of them I’m usually concerned with so I always choose unlined or silk lined. Any alternatives?Hugh

That Dapper Chap Uncovers The Answer(s)

Hello Hugh,

Firstly, what a fine and splendid name you have.  Secondly, thank you for popping by.

Choosing gloves ultimately comes down to personal taste!  Like any accessory, you can choose a pair in bright yellow or pink leather to compliment a flamboyant personality or a comfortable, plain black woolen pair if function’s all you’re looking for.

I note from your email that for you, gloves are more about aesthetics, with hand-warming capabilities a secondary concern.

Fine Stitched Taupe Leather Gloves By Blacks

Make a statement in these taupe cashmere lined gloves with saddle stitching £79.00 at

Colour wise, most men’s wardrobes, particularly in terms of outerwear, consist of standard blacks, blues, greys and browns.  I’d therefore suggest both a black and a brown pair, without doubt.  The gloves need either to blend in with an outfit (I’d be annoyed with you if you chose to wear brown gloves with a black coat!) or make a personal statement.  With that in mind, I’d also suggest something a little more daring, but this depends on how far you’re willing to push the envelope! Maybe a bright red to match that new scarf, or a bright blue to go with those suede brogues you just bought.  I would call these ‘statement’ gloves.  In this arena, it’s all about personal taste and how willing (or desirous) you are to be noticed.  ‘Statements’ like these will make you stand out from the crowd, and be seen as someone who takes their style seriously. So, black, brown and a brighter colour would be my suggestion.

Men's Winter Gloves In Black Leather and Herringbone Wool

Leather and Herringbone wool gloves £85.00 at

As for fabrics, I’d stick with leather and wool.  Let me tell you a story.  Until recently, I had a lovely pair of gloves. The palms were a soft black leather and the backs were a nice grey herringbone tweed. I have no idea where they ended up.  Maybe I left them on a shop counter, or maybe I gave them to a homeless person, after leaving a nightclub at 4am after one to0 many tequila slammers, who knows?! I just hope their new owner appreciates them as much as I did.  To this day, I still hanker after their warmth and, of course, style!

I’d opt for at least one woollen pair; you’ll need them at some point, simply for warmth! And you won’t want to wear an expensive deer leather pair when you’re helping that elderly neighbor shovel snow off her path! This is your practical pair and doesn’t need to be expensive.

Steve McQueen in Driving Gloves Driving gloves, in my humble opinion, are great if you’re Steve McQueen and you’re whizzing around the Italian Rivera in an open-top sports car. Other than that, I think they look a little pompous.  They’re not practical for real warmth and their style is so distinct that the wearer would almost have to plan the outfit around the glove for it to work fully. You have to be very cool to get away with driving gloves on a daily basis.

Cashmere Lined Leather Men's Gloves

Cashmere lined leather gloves

Other than that I’d always go with leather. Leather shows class and is very stylish. Choose a nice soft leather; cheap leather is thick and restricts your movement. As for the lining, you’re on to a good thing with silk; it’s warm in winter and cool in warmer weather. You could also go for a cashmere lining, which is warm, soft, and natural, allowing the hands to breathe.  And which true gentleman could deny themselves that little bit of luxury?

Also, please make sure they fit snugly.  You don’t want a glove cutting off the blood supply to your hand.  Likewise, you don’t want one to end up in the duck pond because it’s flown off your hand as you throw bread toward chomping beaks (yes, I have done that).  A snug fit allows the wearer some ‘feeling’ beyond the glove, particularly if you choose a good soft leather, which is great for driving and also for slapping people across the face when they attack you for throwing ill-fitting gloves into duck ponds!

Top 7 Men’s Glove Tips

• Make sure they’re a snug fit
• Choose a good quality, soft leather.
• Natural fabrics allow the hands to ‘breathe.’
• Driving gloves are for driving in.
• Let leather gloves dry naturally, do not be tempted to put them on the radiator!
• If they get soiled take them to a dry cleaner. Do not put them in the washing machine.
• Match the gloves to your outerwear or go for a bright statement pair, but try to match it with another accessory for a cohesive look.

All the gloves pictured above can be found at

About the Author:

Born in the wrong era, Craig has always had a fascination with vintage wears, from the 20’s to the 50’s. His home is homage to the 1930’s, kept in keeping with the year it was made. Often found scouring vintage shops, fairs and online auctions, he has quite a collection of vintage clothing and combines this with modern and reproduction styles to create a distinctive look. His day job in the insurance industry doesn’t allow much creativity so you’ll find his outlet for his creative side here and on Instagram .


  1. Daryl May 2, 2017 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    Hey Craig, I really like the Leather and Herringbone wool glove. Where can I get them? I can’t seem to find them on Cheers!

    • Michael Oxman May 4, 2017 at 11:00 am - Reply

      Hi Daryl,

      Those particular gloves are no longer available, as the article was published about three and a half years ago. We did, however, find an aesthetically similar pair here:

      They’re not as luxe, but the look is similar. Let us know if you pick them up, and thanks for reaching out!


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