Welcome to #BespokeFocus! This week’s theme: Tweed.

Team Bespoke Tweed

What Is #BespokeFocus, You Ask?!

Each week, the team at Bespoke Unit will choose a “focus,” an element or style, to incorporate into our ensembles. The focus will illustrate how each of us can have the same instructions, but interpret them in extremely different (but always-dapper) ways!

Let us know if you have a topic or focus that you would like us to zero in on, by contacting us here (mention#BespokeFocus).

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We encourage you to share your interpretation of the week’s #BespokeFocus on Instagram and other social networks by tagging your pictures. Occasionally, we’ll recognize the best looks with “shout-outs” and even prizes.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

This week’s #BespokeFocus – Tweed!

Charles-Phillippe – The Outdoorsman

  French countryside with man in vintage tweed ensemble
 “It’s said to be an unwritten rule that tweed is prohibited as city attire. Despite my penchant for sticking to conventions, my love of tweed makes it one that I gladly cast aside. Moreover, my wife and I enjoy lengthy country walks – what better opportunity to adorn oneself head-to-toe in this beautiful fabric? The thickness of the twill makes an ideal and incredibly hard-wearing material when confronted with pesky winds and villainous thorns. The jacket, vintage from Debenhams, is a traditional hacking coat for riding. The waistcoat, with fox motif buttons, is reversible with moleskin on the other side providing extra warmth and comfort.”

Paul – The Dandy

Harris Tweed street style look in Philadelphia

“The one saving grace of winter is that all my tweed comes out, to look dapper and more importantly stay warm! I’m a particular fan of Harris Tweed (all the tweed in my #BespokeFocus outfit above is Harris), as the colors, warmth, and craftsmanship are amazing. Sometimes I think the above jacket could be bullet proof!

Outside of winter clothing, I try to have a smattering of tweed throughout the year, from my wallet to my collection of vintage Hartmann luggage.

My last note about tweed is its resilience. It will last for many decades without any issues. So buy vintage, or make a new “investment” in your winter wardrobe and cross over to the tweed side!”

Craig – The Gentleman

Street style tweed three piece brown suit” The one good thing about cooler weather is that one gets to wear tweed. I love its heaviness and the warmth that it gives you. People at work say to me, as they don their fleeces, “arent you going to be cold out there in that?” I’m dumbfounded! They do know that it’s wool, don’t they? And that wool comes from sheep? What do sheep do in the freezing Scottish landscape in the middle of winter? They don’t pop on a shapeless nasty cheap fleece, do they?! Give me tweed any day!” 

Carlos – The Cheater

Panama hat worn on Miami waterway

“I live in Miami; I can’t wear tweed! However, tweed is defined as an “unfinished woven fabric,” so technically my straw panama hat is tweed. Panama Hats are the quintessential tropical hat. My only advice is don’t buy a stingy-brimmed fedora, otherwise you will look like a college freshman. As you may notice, I get away with never wearing socks or a tie, this is mainly because hotter climates have more relaxed dress codes. In the deep summer I am known for wearing a pair of Nantucket red shorts with a shirt and jacket.”

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About the Author:

Carlos is a cigar lover living out in Portland Oregon. After first joining Bespoke Unit back in 2014 and taking a hiatus to get established in his career as an airline pilot, Carlos is back to review cigars. While not flying Carlos enjoys collecting fuzz guitar pedals, Japanese watches, and watching horror movies with his wife and cat.

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