Flor de Caña Spresso Coffee Liqueur Review

Flor de Caña 18 was the only rum-related goody that we picked up after our travels in Nicaragua! In fact, Flor de Caña’s coffee liqueur, Spresso, was the trip’s official drink! Therefore, it would have been a shame not to bring some back. In this article, we’ll be reviewing Flor de Caña Spresso with a focus on the following:

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Flor de Caña Spresso Overview

  • Producer: Flor de Caña
  • Expression: Spresso
  • Variety: Coffee Liqueur
  • Region: Nicaragua
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Casking: Oak Barrels
  • Cask Strength: 30% ABV
  • Pricing: $30

Produced using Flor de Caña’s 7-Year Old fair-trade certified rum, Spresso is a refreshing coffee liqueur delivered in a jet-black bottle. However, it contains no caffeine so if you’re concerned about the side-effects, jitters won’t be one of them!

Furthermore, it’s made only with a 100% natural syrup and contains no artificial flavouring. Therefore, it promises to be an exceptional alternative to most sickly-sweet coffee liqueurs that dominate the market.

Flor de Caña Spresso Coffee Liqueur Sky Background

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Flor de Caña Spresso’s Robe

Flor de Caña Spresso Coffee Liqueur In Glass

  • Hue: Molasses
  • Transparency: Nubilous
  • Body: Light

Although Spresso can be enjoyed in whatever glassware you prefer, we’ve opted for a cognac snifter so we can really admire its unctuous body.

The liqueur has a dark brown and almost black hue. However, you may notice that the edges of the surface by the glass resemble an oily caramel. Swirling the liquid in the glass, you’ll see how Spresso leaves an oozy caramel trail on every surface.

As it’s packed with syrup, you’ll also notice that it’s very viscous. If just a single droplet falls onto your hand or fingers, it will leave a sticky residue. However, the liqueur itself is quite light-bodied and not overly thick.

Spresso’s Nose & Bouquet

  • Notes: Coffee, Molasses, Vanilla
  • Nosefeel: Succulent

Unsurprisingly, Spresso doesn’t feature a particularly complex nose. However, it is rather pleasant and not nearly as cloying as most coffee liqueurs. Indeed, it has an overall sweet profile and it reveals aromas dominated by coffee but with a few hints of syrupy molasses and vanilla.

Flor de Caña Spresso’s Palate & Mouthfeel

  • Primary Tastes: Sweet
  • Mouthfeel: Syrupy
  • Opening:  Lime, Tonka Bean, Fudge
  • Heart: Candied Orange, Banana, Molasses
  • Finish: Short [Oak, Espresso, Liquorice]

As you can expect, Spresso has an overly sweet flavour profile with a rich, syrupy mouthfeel. Its opening is surprisingly zesty with notes of lime, which are contrasted by gourmand tonka bean and buttery fudge.

A slightly warming bittersweet candied orange note follows, alongside mature, flambéed bananas, and thick molasses. Its crescendo of flavour eventually settles to a somewhat fleeting conclusion of oak, espresso, and liquorice.

Indeed, Flor de Caña is easy to drink but it’s more complex than you’d expect! You can certainly identify the matured rum but it’s rather subtle. Overall, it has a gourmand character, which is occasionally contrasted by sharp, tart notes.

Best Pairings & How To Drink Flor de Caña Spresso

Flor de Caña Spresso Coffee Liqueur & Cigars

Flor de Caña Spresso can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Yet, we also find it quite pleasant to sip even at room temperature!

Furthermore, Spresso is a versatile drink that pairs well with a number of snacks and cigars. For instance, you could enjoy it with some medium-bodied dark chocolate or even some caramel.

Meanwhile, we would recommend a cigar that generally marries well with coffee. A Nub Connecticut or a JC Newman Brick House are both excellent choices.

Best Flor de Caña Spresso Cocktails

Firstly, we’ve mostly enjoyed Spresso neat. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent ingredient for creating some fun and exciting cocktails. For instance, it’s a great option for making an espresso martini, which combines espresso, a coffee liqueur, vodka, and sugar syrup.

Alternatively, you could find creative ways of combining Spresso with grappa or sambuca, which both have a close relationship with coffee. In our guide to the best grappa cocktails, we provide a recipe for making a Grappino. You could potentially use Flor de Caña Spresso as an alternative to the amaretto.

Otherwise, we’re quite fond of the Terry’s Orange Coffee, which combines sambuca with Grand Marnier. You could potentially use the liqueur as an alternative to the espresso to create a cold variant.

Finally, the Sambuca Coffee Frappe is a classic and it uses coffee liqueur as one of the ingredients. Flor de Caña Spresso would be a perfect candidate!

Overall Experience & Value For Money

Flor de Caña Spresso Coffee Liqueur Label & Screw Cap

Spresso is presented in a striking jet-black bottle with a matte finish as well as an embossed silhouette of a sugar cane. The stylish label wraps around three-quarters of the bottle and contrasts gold lettering with a jazzy motif that has a native South American vibe.

The lid closes with a screw top, which is secured with a plastic tube that is braced by a metallic clasp. As a result, the seal is water-tight but perhaps not entirely airtight. Therefore, it may slowly evaporate or even perish with time. Nevertheless, it’s stylishly presented for an affordable liqueur!

In terms of value, we’ve seen Spresso retailed for around $30 throughout some parts of the USA. However, it’s not easily available just yet so prices may vary. Needless to say, it cost somewhat less in Nicaragua but not as little as you’d expect.

Closing Thoughts

Although Flor de Caña Spresso may be a little challenging to find in American or European stores for now, we have a sneaky feeling that it’ll soon become a popular beverage.

Offering a naturally unctuous yet refreshing flavour profile at an affordable price, it’ll be a firm favourite for both coffee lovers and people who like a gourmand liqueur.

"A syrupy and gourmand yet refreshing liqueur that is great on its own or an important part of your future cocktails."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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