Acqua di Parma Cedro di Taormina Bottle and Package

Acqua di Parma releases wearable fragrances, and Cedro di Taormina from the Blu Mediterraneo line is no different. It’s lining itself up to be one of our favorite summer fragrances! The atmospheric scents within the line and specificially this fragrance transport you to Taormina.

In this review, you will discover Cedro di Taormina from Acqua di Parma with a focus on the following topics:

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  • Brand: Acqua di Parma
  • Fragrance: Cedro di Taormina
  • Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Batch Reviewed: 0254455
  • Olfactive Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
  • Related Fragrances:
  • Price On Amazon: From $82 [Buy Now]
  • Price On FragranceX: From $85 [Buy Now]

Released in 2016, Cedro di Taormina is a fresh, spicy aromatic fragrance with hints of woodiness and citrus. The Blue Mediterraneo collection is known  to have each scent inspired by an ingredient reminiscent of the area. Cedro di Taormina reflects just that, the citrus groves and the volcano, Etna, inspire each of layer of the fragrance.

While Cedro di Taormina is discontinued today, it is still easily found on Amazon or FragranceX.

Cedro di Taormina blue bottle and sky

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Cedro di Taormina Composition

Cedro di Taormina bottle in hand

Cedro di Taormina is a refreshing spring and summer fragrance. It has the classic “blue” aromatics but surprises the wearer with the depth of cedar.

Head Notes

  • Citrus
  • Petitgrain
  • Basil

As it’s name suggests, Cedro or Citron, takes the lead in the head. You’ll notice very quickly that the sharpness of citrus is cut gently with the petitgrain and basil.

Heart Notes

  • Black Pepper
  • Lavender

Once the head begins to settle, you’ll notice the black pepper and lavender. This earthy blend draws inspiration from Mount Etna and is neither overpoweringly spicy nor lost in the dry down.

Base Notes

  • Labdanum
  • Vetiver
  • Cedar

Continuing with the now earthy scent of the fragrance, the base notes add a sophistication of scent that adds depth. Vetiver and cedar add the soft woodiness that is a fan-favorite in the fragrance. Labdanum rounds it out with a leathery note.

Cedro di Taormina’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength

While the scent does settle down quickly, you’ll be smelling it all day long. The sillage is soft but powerful and leaves a great wake to be enjoyed. As for projection, it creates a scent bubble a few feet around you.

Finally, as for longevity this eau de toilette is up to the challenge to last throughout the day.

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What People Think Of Cedro di Taormina

Cedro di Taormina bottle in handIt’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like Cedro di Taormina in both the fragrance community and general public. While there are some people in the fragrance community that don’t like the fragrance, it typically comes down to the way it sits on different people’s skin rather than the actual scent.

The general public seems to love the scent and it was well received. When asked, people compared it to smelling a fresh summer day or a citrusy-clean laundry.

Overall, it was preferred by men in their late twenties who would wear it on the weekend or casual days. Women mostly enjoyed the scent but preferred it being worn on men.

When To Wear Cedro di Taormina

Cedro di Taormina is a spring and summer fragrance. The warmth of the citrus and light muskiness lend themselves to warm weather. The hint of ceder extends the wear slightly into the cooler days of spring and the early days of fall.

The fragrance is best for more casual days, however we can also see this being worn to the office over summer. It is a long lasting fragrance that will last through any long day. Because of the lighter and spicy notes, we find it most fitting for men in their thirties.

The notes of cedar, vetiver and labdanum in the base notes make this a medium-masculine scent while the lavendar and citurs level it out.

Presentation & Value For Money

bottom of Acqua di Parma Cedro di Taormina BottleCedro di Taormina comes in the typical art deco style bottle from Acqua di Parma and features the iconic blue bottle and matching cap in the Blu Mediterraneo line. The blue bottle emulates the blue water and sky found at Taormina. The outer package is similarly blue and has a lid that opens at the top just like the bottle. These small mirroring details set this fragrance apart.

The atomizer sprays a nice mist but we found it to be slightly too wide of a spray when held at a normal distance.

Overall, the fragrance is great value. It has moderate sillage but a longevity that is not always found in fragrances. While it is discontinued, one can easily still find it for sale in the mid-$80s on both Amazon and Fragrance X.

Closing Thoughts

Acqua di Parma Cedro di Taormina is a well rounded fragrance. It’s hard to find a spring or summer fragrance with cedar that is done well, and this exceeds expectations.

While it is now discontinued, it is still readily available at a reasonable price. The quality of Cedro di Taormina refects the quality found in all Acqua di Parma fragrances.

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"Cedro di Taormina is a refreshing spring and summer fragrance with the depth of cedar."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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