CiTree Travel Humidor In Brown Leather From Amazon

Convenience and competitive pricing make it very easy for regular cigar enthusiasts to resort to Amazon when purchasing or restocking on cigar accessories.

If you’ve turned to the e-com giant in search of a new travel humidor for your cigars, then you’ve likely seen the CiTree travel humidor advertised as one of the top sellers on the platform. Indeed, at the time of this review, hundreds have sold just this month.

Is it deserving of the hype? In this review, I’ll be reviewing CiTree’s leather-clad travel humidor via the following categories:

CiTree also sells some individual accessories, including single-cigar metal ashtrays, one of which I’ve also included for this review.

CiTree Travel Humidor Specs

  • Brand: CiTree
  • Exterior: Brown Leather
  • Interior: Spanish Cedar
  • Capacity: Four Cigars
  • Price: $69.99 [Shop On Amazon]
  • Includes Cutter & Lighter

This CiTree Travel Cigar Humidor is currently available in three different leather colors: black, brown (featured here), and black crocodile. All characteristics among these are identical except for the different leather tones.

Within its catalog, CiTree also offers a few other cigar humidors that are slightly more affordable. However, those other options appear to employ a humidifier compartment that must be filled with distilled water to maintain the RH. While these may be effective cigar humidors, I much prefer the humidor I’ve reviewed here, as you can simply throw in a Boveda pack and make easy work of maintaining the RH within the humidor.

CiTree Cigar Humidor Inside View With Lighter & Cutter

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CiTree Humidor: What’s In The Box?

The CiTree Travel Humidor was delivered in a white cardboard box. Inside the box was the humidor, which itself was inside a black “faux velvet” drawstring bag.

The bag is a nice detail as it protects the leather during warehouse storage and shipping. However, I likely won’t use it in the future as it looks a bit cheap. Nevertheless, it accomplished the job of keeping the humidor in immaculate condition before I received it, and in this regard, I think it fulfills its role perfectly.

CiTree Travel Humidor with Black Protecting Bag

Inside the humidor were the two included accessories, a lighter and cutter, and a few Silica gel packs. The metal ashtray I mentioned earlier was delivered separately in a small cardboard box.

Quality & Construction Of CiTree Cigar Humidor

Right out of the box (or bag, in this case), the CiTree leather humidor looks excellent. The leather is an attractive light brown tone and is in pristine condition.

CiTree Cigar Humidor with Metal Ashtray and Cigar

The overall exterior design of the CiTree humidor is simple yet very elegant. All of the leather components are neatly stitched together with a matching-tone thread, and the color of the zipper has likewise been matched to the leather. Moreover, the front and back are padded, which gives the humidor a premium feel in the hand, as does the contrasting zipper lock.

As far as branding, there’s very little. All I can find is a small logo embossed into the bottom front, though it’s definitely tricky to spot.

Finally, on the front of the humidor is a pocket. The leather “flap” for this pocket is very taught, so there’s really not much that will fit in there save for some paper or business cards.

Zipper and Stitching Details Of Citree Humidor

I’m inclined against using this pocket as I’m concerned that the leather will stretch and ruin the clean aesthetic of the front of the humidor. And while it may not be incredibly useful, I do think this pocket makes the exterior design more appealing as it breaks up what would otherwise be a sterile, if not boring, segment of leather on the face of the humidor.

Cedar-Lined Interior

As soon as you open the CiTree humidor for the first time, you’re greeted by the smell of fresh cedar which all cigar enthusiasts have likely grown to love.

Leather Accessory Pockets Inside CiTree Humidor

This confirms how much cedar is actually used, which, even at first glance, seems like a lot. Is there such a thing as too much cedar for a humidor? I don’t believe so, so I was quite pleased with the CiTree humidor in this regard.

CiTree Accessories Cigar Lighter And Cutter In SteelOn the left side of the case are two leather pouches containing the included cigar cutter and jet lighter. Additionally, there is a pouch intended to hold a humidity pack.

The included lighter and cutter are helpful. At this price point, I might have expected a cheaper lighter and cutter to be included inside. Yet, I was surprised by the heft and efficacy of the cutter as well as by the jet lighter.

Both work very well, and I’ll continue to carry them within this humidor. I suppose if you have more premium accessories that you prefer to use, you could do so, but these have worked perfectly fine for me.

CiTree Cigar Humidor Inside View With Lighter & Cutter

The right side of the humidor has a slotted cedar tray for securing cigars, as well as a leather velcro leash that will keep them in place. I’ll touch on this again towards the end of the review, but the slotted tray can be removed to make a bit more space in the storage area of the humidor.

Other than this, there’s not much more to the CiTree humidor. Really, it has everything you need in a travel cigar humidor and nothing you don’t.

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How Well Does It Work?

I was curious about the RH of the CiTree humidor in new condition, so I placed a hygrometer inside for a few hours after it was delivered. Following this period, the hygrometer read 49% RH, which is definitely too low and indicated that I likely needed to season it.

Relative Humidity Reading Inside Travel Humidor

Interior RH When New

Since the interior of this humidor is lined with cedar, I employed the same strategy for seasoning it that we recommend for seasoning any other humidor. Accordingly, this entailed putting 85% Boveda packets inside the humidor, sans cigars, for a few days.

Once the interior RH of the humidor remained steadily above 75%, I felt confident enough to use it to store & carry cigars. I did so with a 75% Boveda pack and have not experienced any issues with cigars carried in this case.

CiTree Cigar Ashtray

Along with the humidor, I also ordered a metal ashtray from CiTree. Priced at $16.99, it seemed like an excellent accessory to have at a fair price.

Single Cigar Ashtray In Silver Metal Finish

The construction of the ashtray is solid aluminum with some sort of lacquer finish that makes it quite attractive.

It is excellent for keeping in your home office or cigar lounge for those smoking sessions by yourself. There are other colors available, including a yellow Cohiba-inspired one which I was tempted by, but I chose to go with the standard silver metal and found it to be the right choice.

Overall Review Of CiTree Travel Humidor

After about a month of use, I’ve been delighted with the CiTree Humidor. The outside stitches are holding together well, as is the leather exterior. The interior has likewise been effective at keeping my cigars safe and humidified while on the go.

Inside of CiTree Humidor With Cigars & Cutter Lighter Accessories

This being said, I have some aspects that I would change if I could.

Firstly, this travel humidor does not have any kind of handle on the outside to make it easier to carry. It’s not difficult to hold this with one hand, but an integrated handle could help in this regard.

Secondly, I have found that the four-cigar carrying capacity can sometimes fall short. For instance, if you’re the type to bring along some stogies to share with friends at your local cigar lounge or even on the golf course, then you may quickly find that four is too few.

CiTree Humidor With 6 Cigars And No Tray

Carrying Six Cigars (Without Internal Tray)

To combat the carrying capacity, I tried removing the interior tray and basically stuffing up to six smaller cigars inside. It works, but it’s not ideal, as the accessory pouches can put pressure on the cigars. In a pinch, it will do, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend carrying cigars under pressure for an extended period of time as it can damage the wrapper and ultimately ruin the smoke.

Considering all of these points and the CiTree Travel Humidor’s reasonably affordable price of $69.99 on Amazon, I can still recommend you try it. The overall quality and construction are excellent, and while I’ve yet to put it through the wringer, I’ve no reason to believe that it will not hold up. Ultimately, if you’re searching for a more polished method for carrying cigars out to social settings, then it’s ideally suited to the task.

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"A well-designed, well-constructed, and effective travel humidor that remains very competitively priced."
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