Amberjack The Boot Review Brown Nubuck Leather

Since I first reviewed Amberjack’s Chelsea boots, I’ve put many miles through them. When I saw they introduced a new boot, I was very keen to try them, especially the copper Nubuck style.

Unlike the aforementioned Chelseas, the new Amberjack The Boot is a more casual style with a bit of the brand’s own modern flair. It also promises the same level of comfort as the rest of its shoe catalog.

Closest in its aesthetic to a Service boot, I’m curious to see if The Boot wears differently than Amberjack’s other boot style. Toward that end, I’ll be reviewing them via the following sections:

Amberjack The Boot Review

  • Brand: Amberjack
  • Made In: Portugal
  • Style: Service Boot
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: A-Grade Nubuck (Portuguese)
  • Construction: Cemented
  • Price: $209 USD [Shop From Amberjack]

In the pictures on Amberjack’s website, the texture of the copper Nubuck leather looked incredibly enticing, which is why I opted for it. Additionally, I already have the Chelsea boots in Chestnut leather, so either of the full-grain varieties was off the table for me.

After receiving my order, Amberjack released an Olive Nubuck option featuring a distinctive black leather segment around the heel. Although a slight difference, this variation gave the boots a unique look and made me briefly second-guess my initial choice.

Reviewing The Boot By Amberjack Shoes

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Style & Appearance

As briefly mentioned earlier, these boots are best classified as a service boot style, given their derby lace closure and above-the-ankle boot shaft. While traditional service boots often feature a stacked heel, The Boot deviates from this when it incorporates Amberjack’s dual-density soles.

Nubuck Leather Amberjack The Boot

However, this difference isn’t enough to categorize The Boot as a different style, especially considering how broad the service boot category is.

Getting into the design of The Boot, Amberjack has thoughtfully stitched different segments of leather to create the boot’s silhouette, including a cap-toe and a reinforced shaft. Throughout the upper, the stitching is clean and well done, speaking to the craftmanship of their bootmakers in Portugal, which has not let me down in the past.

Amberjack The Boot Review Outsole Details

In my opinion, the nubuck leather upper is the highlight here. It offers a soft and svelte texture with a subtle nap that handsomely alters its tone depending on how it’s brushed. Overall, this leather choice helps to give The Boot a ton of complexity and character.

Amberjack Service Boot Brown Leather Details

Finally, the Amberjack midsole and outsole are cream and dark brown, respectively, contrasting with and complementing the color of the “copper” nubuck upper. The idea here is to imitate the look of a Goodyear-welted boot, which it accomplishes to some extent.

Fit & Comfort

Amberjack’s “The Boot” offers a short break-in period thanks to the dual-density sole, which genuinely makes them feel more like sneakers than traditional boots. If you prefer the heft and bulkiness of classic boots, these might not be the best choice, as they lack that weight.

Nubuck Boot By Amberjack Cotton Laces

The leather upper was pliable and soft right out of the box, though the boots did feel a bit snug, especially across the vamp. Yet, the leather seemed to stretch after just a few minutes of walking around in the boots.

In subsequent instances, when I laced up The Boot, the snug feeling was present when putting them on, and again, it eased after walking around, which made me think that this effect was by design. Now that it’s been a few months of wearing them, both the upper and the memory foam insole have settled in to my foot’s dimensions.

Perforated Leather Lining Amberjack The Boot

Inside, The Boot is lined with perforated sheepskin leather for breathability, adding to the plush feel around the foot.

The double-layer combination of Nubuck on the outside and sheepskin on the inside definitely makes them comfortable, like wearing a padded sock around the foot & ankle, though they might be too warm for very hot weather.

Wearing Amberjack The Boot Nubuck Brown Leathe

When it comes to putting them on, they are undoubtedly more trouble than Amberjack’s Chelseas, which can simply be slipped on.  Instead, these must be unlaced almost completely to slip the foot in and then laced back up, at least in my experience.

The Boot does have pull-tabs at the back that help during this process. Moreover, the tongue has a loop to put the laces through, which helps it remain in place, and overall, I’d say they feel very secure and supportive around the ankle once you’ve laced them up.

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Dress Code & Formality

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair of service boots that can be worn formally, as the style is inherently casual and traditionally designed for use in the field. However, I think Amberjack’s The Boot is refined enough that you could wear it with some business casual ensembles.

Amberjack The Boot On Feet Picture

For instance, they’d be great with dark selvedge jeans and an overshirt, though since it’s summer at the time of publishing this review, you’ll want to wait for colder days.

For formal use, I recommend the full-grain leather boots, either in chestnut brown or obsidian black. If you’re fine with The Boot remaining casual, do as I did and have fun with the Nubuck styles.

I’ll note that casual doesn’t have to be sloppy. On Amberjack’s Instagram page, you can see how they’ve paired the black Nubuck boots with cream corduroy pants, leading to a very elegant aesthetic that’s still informal.

Amberjack The Boot Worn With Corduroy

IG: @wear.amberjack

Personally, I’ve been using The Boot as a go-everywhere, do-anything pair, especially while riding my motorcycle in Central America. The upper feels as if it’s padded and offers decent protection; they’re also accumulating a good amount of scars and dirt that makes them more handsome in my eyes.

Presentation & Value For Money

If you’ve seen my past reviews of Amberjack shoes, you’ll be familiar with how they present their products. This hasn’t changed, but I’ll recap for good measure.

Amberjack The Boot In Copper Nubuck

Amberjack ships their shoes in a sturdy box with fabric shoe bags and protective paper. The boots are also stuffed with paper to maintain their shape during storage and shipping.

The Boot, priced at $209, is slightly more expensive than the Chelsea style, which I’d say is justified given the additional substance and material. In fact, the boots offer excellent value overall due to their comfort and versatility, especially in this Copper Nubuck version.

Brown Leather Boots from Amberjack Shoes

Closing Thoughts

To answer my own question from the introduction, The Boot wears quite differently from Amberjack’s Chelseas, which I’d grown accustomed to after countless wears. The Boot is more snug and feels more rugged, which is ideal for different adventures.

The Boot By Amberjack with Camo Pants

I’ve been using them while riding around on a motorcycle in Nicaragua, and they provide excellent support and comfort for such endeavors. They also stay on my feet for nights out, when I usually wear them with linen shirts and jeans.

In closing, I’d say these boots combine the best of both worlds: the comfort of sneakers and the durability of traditional boots. If you’re looking for versatile, comfortable, and rugged footwear, The Boot is a solid choice.

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"Amberjack's The Boot offers a unique blend of sneaker-like comfort and rugged durability, making it a versatile choice for both casual and adventurous wear."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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