Toscano Master Aged 3 Cigar Review

Building on the unique 50/50 blends of Italian and Kentucky Fire Cured tobaccos from its predecessors, Toscano introduces the Master Aged 3 cigar, a bold step into a 100% Kentucky Fire Cured puro—where both the filler and wrapper are exclusively crafted from this robust tobacco.

With over a century of expertise in cultivating and blending this distinctive tobacco, Toscano is indeed in the best position to demonstrate the potential of a Kentucky Fire-Cured cigar.

So, let’s dive into the depth of flavors that the finest Kentucky Fire-Cured tobacco has to offer. Read along as I review the Toscano Master Aged 3 via the following categories:

Toscano Master Aged 3 Cigar Details

  • Brand: Toscano
  • Range: Master Aged 3
  • Reviewed Vitolas: 6.3 x 40 “Double-Truncated Cone”
  • Wrapper: Kentucky Fire-Cured
  • Binder: N/A
  • Filler: 100% Kentucky Fire-Cured Tobacco
  • Factory: Lucca (Italy)
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Full
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 90 Minutes
  • Pricing: $225 / Box of 30 [Buy On CigarPage]

The two previous series from Toscano that I reviewed, the Master Aged 1 and Master Aged 2 cigars, contained mixtures of Kentucky-seed tobacco from Tuscany, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

As alluded to earlier, this Master Aged 3 employs only Kentucky Fire-Cured tobacco, both in the wrapper and filler (no binder used,) so I’m eager to try it and see if the smokey notes are overwhelming or if they provide a smooth experience.

Toscano Master Aged Series 3 Cigar With Pampero Rum

Toscano Master Aged 3 Cigars

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Look & Feel Of The Master Aged Series 3

  • Wrapper Hue: Deeply Stained Mahogany
  • Rolling Consistency: Bumpy
  • Spring: Hard
  • Aromas: Tomato Paste, Mesquite, Dry Cocoa

The Master Aged 3 sports the darkest wrapper of the Toscano series I’ve reviewed so far; it’s a deeply stained mahogany that is visually striking. This Kentucky Fire Cured (KFC) wrapper, characterized by its bumpy texture and noticeable oils, adds a rugged beauty to the cigar.

Master Aged 3 Cigar from Toscano Cigars

At this point, off the body and foot, I’m getting some intriguing notes of canned tomato paste, mesquite, and dry cocoa.

Reviewing The Toscano Master Aged 3 Cigar

Pre-Lighting Experience

  • Draw: Ideal
  • Aromas: Dry Chocolate, Peat, Moss

The Master Aged 3 presents a pre-light draw with ideal resistance and a primary note of cocoa with peat and moss, promising a rich and earthy profile.

1st Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Campfire, BBQ Sauce, Cedar

Lighting up the Toscano Master Aged 3 was a surprising experience. Admittedly, I expected a punch to the face in terms of strength due to the 100% KFC composition. Yet, this presented as a mild to medium-bodied cigar.

Toscano Master Aged 3 Cigar First Third Review

The flavor journey began with the aromatic nuances of a distant campfire, seamlessly transitioning into the spicy zest of BBQ sauce and rounding out with a cedar finish. Additionally, the retrohale introduces a subtle funk reminiscent of white pepper, adding a unique twist to the flavor profile.

So far, this experience marks it as the smoothest Toscano I’ve encountered to date.

2nd Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Almond, Cinnamon, Charcoal

Approaching the belly of this Toscano cigar, the flavor notes are reminiscent of Horchata- an almond and cinnamon drink from my childhood.

Second Third of Master Aged 3 Cigar

In the back of the palate, there is also a faint charcoal grill aroma, and the retrohale has an oakiness akin to bourbon.

The wrapper continues to surprise me; its depth and texture are reminiscent of what I’d expect from a Mexican San Andreas wrapper.

Final Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Cola, Warm Spices, Dry Orange Peel

As the Toscano Master Aged 3 tapers to its narrowest point, the mouthfeel becomes distinctly coarser than at the initial light-up—a consistent trait I’ve noted across all my review samples, given that I always light the thicker end first. While this coarseness is noticeable, I wouldn’t say it is unpleasant.

Final Third Review Of Master Aged 3 by Toscano

The flavor profile in this final third is a mix of cola, warm spices, and dry orange peel, almost Christmas-y. Additionally, the retrohale is sharply accented with freshly cracked black pepper, a surprising twist given my overall mild, peppery expectations for this blend.

Overall Burn

  • Ash Backbone: Flakey
  • Burn Angle: Wavy
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Draw: Slightly Tight
  • Final Smoking Time: 90 Minutes

I’ve noticed that this Master Aged 3 tends to have a consistently tighter draw than other cigars in the Master Aged line. This leads me to believe that Kentucky Fire Cured tobacco, which exclusively comprises this blend, may be particularly challenging to roll effectively.

Despite this tighter draw, the burn line remained wavy, akin to other Toscanos, yet it required no touch-ups throughout the smoke.

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Overall Experience

While I didn’t acquire a full box of the Master Aged 3, I already know the Master Aged line maintains a cohesive aesthetic across its range, with each ‘series’ primarily distinguished by the large number displayed on the band.

Master Aged 3 Cigar On Charred Wood In Firepit

The box itself features a sleek matte black design with white artwork and bronze details. The artwork depicts a tobacconist carefully monitoring the aging Toscano cigars, reflecting the craftsmanship behind each cigar. Of course, the Italian flag also makes an appearance.

Overall, each cigar showcases a simplified yet elegant color scheme of black, bronze, and white, contributing to the sophisticated appearance of the line.

Pairing Recommendations For Toscano Master Aged 3 Cigar

Picture this: you’re unwinding on Mount Hood, just outside of Portland, Oregon. After a long day of hiking and enjoying the wilderness, you’re back at your log cabin with a smoldering campfire and dinner behind you. Now, imagine enjoying a Toscano Master Aged 3—a perfect end to the day.

Rum Pairing For Toscano 3 Cigar

Naturally, s’mores would be an excellent pairing, their malty sweetness accentuating the cigar’s earthy, spicy notes. A hearty bowl of chili would also enhance the BBQ and charcoal flavors of the cigar, while buttered popcorn could bring out its spiced notes even more vividly.

As for drinks, a dark sipping rum like Pampero from Venezuela pairs well, matching the cigar’s almond and cola notes with its funky profile. Alternatively, pairing this cigar with a classic bottle of coke could highlight its herbal, woody flavors. And for those chilly evenings, a mug of hot chocolate would wonderfully complement the dry cocoa flavors noted in the pre-light draw.

Closing Thoughts

Toscano’s official description of the Master Aged 3 touts it as a powerhouse of strength. However, based on my taste, I would have to respectfully disagree.

Perhaps the samples I reviewed were exceptionally well-aged, or maybe my palate is used to taking a beating. But this discrepancy, in my opinion, is why reading cigar reviews is important; what one smoker finds mild, another might find overpoweringly strong.

Master Aged 3 Cigar In Ashtray

In my experience with other Kentucky Fire Cured blends from various brands, none have quite matched the refinement and nuance of the Master Aged 3. Just like comparing fried chicken made by a national chain to a southern grandmother. What’s the matter, Coronel Sanders… Chicken?

I have had blends from other cigar makers that use KFC that I haven’t enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed this blend. This is blend is a refined and nuanced. Just like comparing fried chicken made by a national chain to a southern grandmother. What’s the matter Cornel Sanders? Chicken?

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"The Toscano Master Aged 3 offers a surprisingly nuanced and mild experience, challenging its reputation as a powerhouse with refined flavors of cedar, spices, and a smooth finish."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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