Amberjack Cap-Toe Review In Chestnut Leather

We’ve reviewed several of Amberjack’s shoes on BespokeUnit, consistently finding them among the best business casual shoe options available today.

The Cap-Toe Oxford, their latest release, introduces a more formal aesthetic compared to their Original Derbies while still incorporating playful broguing details. Naturally, Amberjack also adds its unique spin to this classic design.

In this review, I’ll take a closer look at the new Amberjack Cap-Toe, covering the following categories:

Amberjack Cap-Toe Review

As is traditional for Amberjack, their new model is offered in standard full-grain leather. Over time, I expect the addition of Italian suede leather, as seen in their established models.

Personally, I’m looking forward to this, as suede brogues are among my favorite dress shoes. For now, I chose the Chestnut leather, which makes for a very handsome shoe nevertheless.

Amberjack Cap-Toe Shoes In Box

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Style & Appearance

On their surface, Amberjack’s Cap-Toes look like traditional brogue oxfords. They have the trademark closed-throat lacing system and decorative perforations throughout the toe box, vamp, and heel counter.

Chestnut Leather Cap-Toe by Amberjack

However, Amberjack has added additional perforations to the top of the toe box, where classic brogues often have a decorative medallion. These meticulous perforations on the toe add a sporty flair, distinguishing these shoes from more conventional styles.

A practical (and now trademark of Amberjack) pull tab at the heel facilitates easy wear, being especially useful during rushed mornings.

Amberjack Captoe Pull Tab Loops on Heel

Finally, the dual-density sole replicates the look of a traditional Goodyear welt with a contrasting “welt” that hints at classic craftsmanship. Despite not being an actual leather welt, this design choice significantly boosts comfort, a trade-off worth noting compared to the break-in period required by classic leather soles.

The overall aesthetic of the Amberjack Cap-Toe balances elegance with casual appeal, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Their design ensures they can easily transition from business settings to more relaxed environments, maintaining a stylish edge.

Amberjack CapToe Leather Business Casual Shoes

Fit & Comfort

The dual-density soles of the Amberjack Cap-Toe shoes offer excellent shock resistance and a slight bounciness.

With this being said, I find the memory foam insoles do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to comfort. If your experience is similar to mine, I think you’ll find these to be the most comfortable dress shoes you’ve ever worn right out of the box.

I didn’t take an individual picture of the memory foam insoles for the Cap-Toes, but they’re the same as those on their loafers, which are shown in the image below.

Amberjack Arch Support Foam Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles On Amberjack’s Loafers

Following Amberjack’s true-to-size assertion, I ordered a size 12 for the Cap-Toes and they were spot on. I have slightly wide feet and felt the toebox had plenty of space.

Although these Cap-Toes currently don’t offer wide sizes, I imagine they might in the future, as they’ve just introduced their Original derbies in wide sizes. Until then, if you typically buy size E or EE shoes, the Cap-Toes might not be the best option for you right now.

Amberjack Chestnut Cap-Toe Shoes On Feet

You should also consider that the American steer leather uppers are pre-stretched, so if the initial fit isn’t perfect, I highly suggest exchanging them for a larger size.

Unlike traditional leather shoes, these won’t stretch as much with wear. Amberjack does offer free returns and exchanges, so make sure to leverage this to get the best fit your money can buy.

Mesh Lining Inside Of Amberjack Cap-Toe Shoes

Lastly, I’ll note that the inside of these shoes is lined with soft, perforated buck-skin leather, which ties into the brand’s dressy-sport shoe ethos and helps prevent the dreaded “swamp foot” that can come after a long day.

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Dress Code & Formality

Above, I classified Amberjack’s Cap-Toes as business casual, making them perfect for laid-back office settings, which are most common in the US. The hybrid dress shoe style balances formality and comfort, ideal for environments that don’t require strict professional attire.

Chestnut Leather Cap-Toe Dress Shoes Amberjack

For those in more formal business professional offices, the Obsidian Cap-Toes with the all-black colorway might be a suitable option. They can blend more seamlessly with a traditional business wardrobe while maintaining the comfort and style that Amberjack’s shoes provide.

Broadly speaking, Amberjack’s shoes shine the brightest outside of the workplace. Whether you go for drinks after work or dinner on the weekend, they provide a polished look without sacrificing comfort.

Amberjack Brown Cap-Toe Shoes On Feet

I’ve been wearing them mostly with chinos and particularly liked how the Chestnut leather paired with maroon pants (as you can see in the pictures). They also look excellent with white trousers and jeans.

Presentation & Value For Money

Amberjack ships its shoes in a box that doubles as the shipping container, ensuring eco-friendliness and convenience. Inside, the shoes are wrapped in protective paper and come with a small card and a dust bag.

I’ve been traveling, so the dust bags are excellent for protecting the leather uppers while the shoes are (crammed) in my luggage.

New Amberjack Shoes In Shipping Box

When it comes to value, I’ve always found that Amberjack’s shoes are some of the best, and these Cap-Toes are no different. For less than $200, you get a snazzy pair of dress shoes that you can wear both at work and for casual outings.

I’d argue that most of the value comes from this versatility. The fact that they’re both great-looking and incredibly comfortable is almost a bonus.

Closing Thoughts

If the price point of Amberjack’s Cap-Toes is within your budget and their slightly casual aesthetic fits your workplace’s norms, then I think you’ll have a tough time finding a better choice.

Chestnut Cap-Toes by Amberjack

The decorated leather uppers, as seen in the picture, are of excellent quality, resulting in a beautiful pair of shoes. Couple this with their comfort factor, which in my experience, is unmatched, and I’m sure you’ll truly enjoy adding these new Cap-Toes to your wardrobe.

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"Another home-run by Amberjack, their new Cap-Toes further exemplify the brand's ability to blend traditional styles with their own flair and comfort elements."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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