Star Wars The Force AwakensSeveral of us here at Bespoke Unit are huge Star Wars fans.

As with any new movie release it sparks much conversation between the team about this and that with respect to conspiracy theories, wardrobe, and more. One such conversation was about what accessories a Jedi would use from today’s offerings.

So with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens we thought it would be fun to take a look at accessories which the modern Jedi may carry.

We chose these items based on their style, functionality, and attuning to the force.

Top 5 Dapper Jedi Accessories


Red Wing Boots

Red Wing Shoes Heritage Iron Ranger 8119 (Oxblood Mesa) – $319

These stylish boots are equally at home traipsing through the sands of Tatooine or drudging through the bogs of Dagobah. The Red Wing logo culled from the call-sign emblazoned on an X-wing. An American heritage brand with a classic styled boot; these are both rugged and chic. The Iron Ranger feels like standard issue for any Jedi.

Battery Pack

Battery Power Pack
Zendure A5 – $55

Affectionately referred to as A5 here at Bespoke Unit HQ, this little wiz comes in handy for making sure his fellow Droids (and iDevices!) are always running during travel. With 16,750ma of power, dual USB ports, and an automatic disengage feature, this battery pack is up to the challenge of juicing up even the largest of tablets. The best part is that the A5 has an amazing, eye catching design which looks like it was culled directly from the original trilogy.


MW60 Headphones

Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headset (Silver Metal, Brown Leather) – $549

Whilst Leia may be the only person in the universe who can pull off the “bun look”, these headphones are reminiscent of her iconic ‘do. Sleek and sophisticated, any Jedi worth his robes would be sure to take these on a mission. Plus, what better way to enjoy the sounds of your favorite space opera than with a frequency range from 5-25,000 hz. Talk about being attuned to the force…

Driving Gloves

Leather Driving Gloves On RR
Chester Jeffries The Executive Deerskin – $150 USD

Making the Kessel Run is hard enough so make sure you do not lose grip on the cockpit controls. These gloves are also gentlemanly but masculine; perfectly complimenting that most elegant of weapons, the lightsaber. For those who are sartorially inspired–these gloves are hand cut and sewn in England, making them a great conversation piece in addition to being well-fit.

Cigar Knife

Les Fine Cigar Cutter

Les Fines Lames Cigar Knife – $470

Puffing a cigar is a relaxing way to enjoy spending time in the local cantina. However, no respectful Jedi would use his lightsaber on their stick. Sure, you can mind-trick the Jawa in the corner to come get you settled but a more elegant maneuver is to brandish this tool which borders on artwork. This will give you the cleanest cut, even when operated with one hand.

Bonus: The Dark Side Accessories

Key Ring

Black Key Ring
Keyport Dark Slide 2.0 – $29 entry point

If Darth Vader needed a place to store the keys to his T-top Camaro, this would be it. Dark, contoured, and exceedingly menacing, the design of this key ring would be right at home swinging from the belt of a Sith Lord. For those of us with less sinister purpose, the ability to retract your keys as well as hide a pen, USB drive, or knife, make this a very versatile and unique investment.

Driving Gloves

Black leather gloves
Manifatture Sannino Midnight Blue Luxury Drivers – $200 (available through Lord Midas)

Sinister style? These gloves have it. Well suited to keep a grip on your lightsaber or the neck of your force-choked subordinate. Wearing a pair of these lets people know you mean business.

Top 5 Dapper Jedi Accessories - Bespoke UnitSo there you have it the Bespoke Unit Dapper Jedi accessory list run down.

What did you like and what would have changed? Suggestions are welcomed in the comment box below.

May the force be with you….

About the Author:

Philadelphia born and raised; a lover of life with a penchant for three-piece suits and single malt Scotch: Robert draws inspiration for his style from the cultural renaissance of his hometown, fusing modern design with a vintage vibe. His hope is to inspire style in others and make the world a better dressed, better mannered, and more chivalrous place. When not pontificating on the value of a well-made suit, Robert and his bow ties can be found planning as a risk advisor, counseling as an outside director, or engaging in philanthropic endeavors.


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