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Recently, we were contacted by Rascal, an ambitious grooming brand for men who cater to the mischievous gentleman. At the time of writing this, the Coronavirus scare is peaking. With many of us in self-isolation, we’re embracing the self-pampering philosophy of Hygge despite being early springtime!

I’m no exception. Therefore, Rascal’s care package was perfectly-timed! In this review, you will discover RascalMan with a focus on the following topics:

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Who Is Rascal?

Rascal is the brainchild of The Gents Place, an upscale membership-based grooming and lifestyle club that was founded in 2008. Based in Texas, it marries barbershop, spa, and salon concepts with a strong emphasis on male personal grooming.

The Gents Place is renowned for its high standards and premium service. Therefore, Rascal was founded with many of these ideals as their guiding philosophy. In short, Rascal presents the opportunity to have a piece of The Gents Place at home.

Rascal caters to men by providing them with the tools to express their authentic identities. It allows them to stay a little rough around the edges while simultaneously adding just the right amount of sophistication to shine through.

Both Rascal and The Gents Place play an integral role in their local community. A portion of Rascal’s proceeds are donated to feed homeless veterans. Meanwhile, The Gents Place is a founding member of “Haircuts for the Homeless,” a monthly event at Austin Street Center.

Rascal Man Grooming Products

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Rascal Man Products

Assortment Of Rascal Man Grooming ProductsRascal Man specialises in all things hair and skin, which branches out between the face and the body. Furthermore, Rascal is proud to not retail any products that feature paraben in their ingredients. Additionally, everything they make is cruelty free.

In terms of hair styling products, Rascal stock no less than five different pastes and pomades! Each of these offer different holds and properties, which have their benefits depending on your hair type. This doesn’t include their grooming cream, which is a modern alternative to Brylcreem.

As for their “face collection”, it includes a scrub and cleanser for exfoliation as well as a moisturiser and eye cream. Meanwhile, there’s also face toner. This is a somewhat rare product for men, which we will detail in the review below.

With regards to the body range, these include a grapefruit wash and an avocado lotion. Finally, their hardgoods include a variety of shaving bowls, safety razors, shaving brushes, and stands.

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Hands-On Rascal Product Review

In their care package, Rascal sent us their face moisturiser, toner, and Matte Light Hold Paste N°1 Pomade. They also included a barber cape, which is decorated with legendary quotes from people like Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, and Abraham Lincoln. As cool as it looks, I haven’t yet had a real chance to use it.

Otherwise, I’ve been using the toner, moisturiser, and hair pomade on a regular basis. I’ve been particularly enjoying the toner, which I’ll use after a hot shower before applying moisturiser.

Why Use Toner For Your Face?

Man Applying Rascal Face Toner With Cotton PadAfter a good scrub in the shower, the toner helps finish in clearing and then shrinking the pores. Although you can spray it directly into your hand and rub it in, I’ve found that it’s much more effective with a cotton pad.

Rascal’s toner features a variety of natural ingredients of which the most apparent are wild mint and green tea extract. The result is quite reminiscent of with hazel and tea tree, which produces and braces and refreshing sensation.

Once the pores are nice and clear, it’s highly recommended to moisturise your skin. Given that they have been scrubbed clean, they’re vulnerable to drying and irritation. Therefore, the skin needs to be properly hydrated.

Rascal Chamomilla Moisturiser Review

Man Applying Rascal MoisturiserTherefore, Rascal’s moisturiser has come in very handy! Featuring chamomile, it soothes the skin and helps in eliminating eczema and dermatitis thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Similarly, chamomile is packed with antioxidants, which protects the skin from free-radical damage.

Furthermore, the moisturiser contains sandalwood oil. Not only does this impart a delightful and masculine fragrance, the sandalwood oil is astringent, which means that it helps reduce skin irritations. Indeed, it’s particularly beneficial after a shave to minimise razor burn.

Despite being stuffed with oils and butters for the skin, I didn’t find the moisturiser to be overly greasy. It absorbs nicely into the skin and leaves a pleasant coating on my face. As I’m usually susceptible to oily moisturiser, I was delighted to find that it was quite clean to use.

Final Touches With Rascal Pomade

Rascal Men's Hair Pomade N°1Admittedly, it’s been quite a while since I’ve used much hair product! Although I was a longtime fan of classics including Bryclreem, Royal Crown, and Sweet Georgia Brown, my hair’s often au-naturel. This is mostly out of fear of hair loss in my more advanced years rather than a stylistic choice.

Styling Rascal Hair PomadeNevertheless, I’ve been testing Rascal’s N°1 Pomade for the last few days. Although it was initially out of a sense of obligation, I’ve actually been really enjoying it! Offering a matte light hold paste, it’s excellent for some lazy and carefree styling.

In the pot, the product is a pinkish and mildly fragrant cream, which isn’t very greasy. Once applied, it eventually hardens in the hair. However, it can easily be restyled throughout the day.

If you use large quantities with damp hair, you can get a heavily-styled finish. Nevertheless, a light application allows for some mild styling.

Presentation and Value For Money

Rascal Man Wild Mint TonerMen’s grooming products tend to go for one of two possible directions when it comes to packaging. Either they’ll opt for a craft, vintage look with quirky names like Professor Fuzzworthy or white packing, bold black letters and a masculine name like Grizzly.

As you can see, Rascal has quite clearly opted for the latter. All their packaging is understated with a monochrome black and white design. Their pomades come in steel tins with an embossed textured label. Meanwhile, the other toiletries are clean, white tubes with understated black typography.

Personally, I’m far more partial to vintage and elaborate marketing as I find it offers more visual interest. Indeed, these white packages often come across as somewhat misguided to me as if it’s believed that men are too virile (or self-conscious) to care about the presentation of their toiletries.

Perhaps this was true around 30 years ago. However, the way a brand presents itself tells me a lot about how it endeavours to fulfil its intended market. Nevertheless, I may be in the minority, given the popularity of the faux white-label design.

As for Rascal’s pricing, it does cater to a premium market. For instance, the pomades retail for around $25 each and the face moisturiser similarly priced. Nevertheless, they come in large-volume packaging, and you must bear in mind the quality of the ingredients.

Overall, Rascal does offer rewarding value for money. Their products are well-formulated, and you only need small quantities for them to be effective. In the end, what may seem like an investment is a similar price to what you’d find on the shelves in your local drug store.

Closing Thoughts

Although a young brand, Rascal has significant potential to blossom under the guidance of The Gents Place. Offering premium and beneficial grooming products for men, the quality of its concoctions means that it deserves a permanent spot in your bathroom cabinet.

Learn more about Rascal through their website to start perusing their wares. I’m certain that you’ll find something for you!

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"Rich and lavish products for men that offer a premium personal grooming experience to add to your regimen."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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