Dunhill X-Centric Bottle & Packging With Lighter

X-Centric is a classic Dunhill fragrance that is still in production nearly 20 years after it was released in 2001. Promising a bracing and refreshing experience, X-Centric presents itself as an excellent potential summer fragrance.

In this review, you will discover Dunhill X-Centric with a focus on the following topics:

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  • Brand: Dunhill
  • Fragrance: X-Centric
  • Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Release Year: 2001
  • Batch Reviewed: 15076
  • Olfactive Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
  • Related Fragrances: Dunhill Desire, Dunhill Pure
  • Price On Amazon: From $25 [Buy Now]
  • Price On FragranceX: From $22 [Buy Now]

Released in 2001, X-Centric is one of many new fragrances by the British accessories label that was launched during this period. Still produced today, this summery fragrance has garnered a loyal following.

Dunhill X-Centric Sky Background

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Dunhill X-Centric Composition

Dunhill X-Centric With LighterDespite being an overall fresh fragrance with a spicy head, X-Centric mostly features woody notes. Meanwhile, its accompanying aromas are mostly aromatics. Therefore, Dunhill X-Centric is an overall woody aromatic fragrance.

Head Notes

  • Nutmeg
  • Cypress
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage

X-Centric lives up to its name during the initial dry-down where it reveals an unusual concoction of nutmeg, cypress, cinnamon, and sage. Given that these are mostly notes typically expected in the heart of a fragrance, it was a surprising opening to say the least.

Heart Notes

  • Freesia
  • Cedar
  • Lotus
  • Rose

Once the spicy head dries down, it quickly begins to exude a crisp heart dominated by cedar. This is supported by a bouquet of floral notes, which include freesia, lotus, and rose.

Base Notes

  • Ambergris
  • Patchouli
  • Sandalwood
  • Guaiacwood

Once into the base, X-Centric tends to project a clean tobacco note thanks to the combined presence of ambergris and guaiacwood. Additionally, the base is earthy due to the patchouli and has a fragrant woody character given the sandalwood.

X-Centric’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength

X-Centric doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with its dry-down, which is overall quite classic as fragrances go. Meanwhile, its sillage, projection, and longevity are somewhat moderate.

Indeed, the sillage offers a decent trail but it slightly lacks enough punch to leave a distinctive wake. As for the projection, it is able to create a reasonable scent bubble.

Finally, the longevity will require a few reapplications through the day.

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What People Think Of Dunhill X-Centric

Dunhill X-Centric & PebblesAdmittedly, Dunhill X-Centric is far from the brand’s most popular creation compared to the others that we have reviewed. Indeed, most people in the fragrance community regard it as an overall average fragrance from a period where Dunhill were producing lots of different blends.

Meanwhile, the general public isn’t overly enamoured either. While it’s often perceived as an inoffensive fragrance that’s overall pleasant, it doesn’t win many fans. Nevertheless, nobody regarded it as a bad fragrance. In fact, everyone said that it was perfectly fine. However, nobody went wild either!

Additionally, a few people who tried it felt like they had smelled it before. Although this is unlikely, it does indicate that it lacks its own character.

Overall, it seemed to be preferred by men who were in their late twenties to early thirties. Most said that they would perhaps consider wearing it for the office. However, few women found it particularly appealing.

When To Wear Dunhill X-Centric

Dunhill X-Centric In HandFirstly, X-Centric has a distinctive summer character thanks to its light muskiness and aromatic notes. It would also be a solid choice during the springtime too and is generally best worn in the warmth.

Similarly, it would be most fitting for men in their thirties and is suited for the office. That being said, it could also be very easily worn casually. You may also consider it as an option for dating given that it is very inoffensive and would unlikely turn your date away.

Finally, it should be noted that despite its mildness, X-Centric is still distinctively masculine thanks to the use of notes like cedar, sandalwood, and ambergris.

Presentation & Value For Money

Dunhill X-Centric Lighter Atomiser DetailAlthough the bottle itself is nothing new, the strange-looking embellishment over the atomiser that is supposed to function as a cap does raise eyebrows. Seemingly a reference to Dunhill’s famed lighters, the decoration is simply pushed aside to reveal the atomiser.

Outside of this eccentricity, there is nothing else that really lives up to its name and the bottle is quite classic. Otherwise, the atomiser functions very well a gives a nice, thick spray of fragrance.

Despite the bottle, the packaging is actually very well-executed. Indeed, the box is a masculine shade of blue and features a creative use of silver dots across the front. Meanwhile, the brand and fragrance are clearly and cleanly displayed across the top.

Finally, X-Centric offers excellent value for money despite some of its shortcomings. Although this fragrance isn’t perfect, it does cost just slightly more than $20! Indeed, it’s very cheap and can be found on FragranceX for $22 or on Amazon for $25!

Closing Thoughts

Dunhill X-Centric may not receive much love in the fragrance community or from the general public. However, what it does offer is a very affordable and inoffensive designer fragrance experience.

It’s probably one of the cheapest Dunhill fragrances that we have reviewed so far. While it may not have an identity as strong as the others, it’s a quality fragrance that will still satisfy certain needs for a very reasonable price.

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"Although Dunhill X-Centric isn't the most exciting fragrance, it's very affordable and still offers a refreshing and clean experience."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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