Although most of our favourite shavettes feature clasp mechanisms, we were interested to try something new. Therefore, we picked up the Forgica Multi-Handle shavette for its insert-style mechanism.

In the following review, you will discover our experiences and thoughts after shaving with the Forgica shavette.


Overview Of The Forgica Shavette

  • Forgica Shavette Straight RazorBrand: Forgica
  • Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 35 g (1.23 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Insert
  • Included Blades: 50 Derby Professional Single Edge Blades
  • Price: $12.99 [Buy Now On Amazon]

With the majority of previous reviews featuring stainless steel or matte black effects, it was a refreshing change to try something with a pop of colour. The Forgica is a festive little shavette with a rubberised plastic grip featuring swirls of colours.

Similarly, there’s a rubber cap over the metal tang with the same effect. This is a nice little detail and actually makes it quite comfortable to hold. I had noticed that other shavettes in the past tended to dig into the finger that rests of the tang, which gets uncomfortable after a while.

Down the scales are three rivets that hold them together and prevents the spine from turning in the wrong direction. As for the spine itself, its finish is perfectly smooth unlike other shavettes. This is thanks to the interesting insert mechanism that allows you to replace the blades.

It’s certainly a change from the more typical clasp and somewhat easier to manipulate if your dexterity isn’t on par. Furthermore, this mechanism renders the design sleeker and less bulky in design.

Additionally, the Forgica comes with a faux leather pouch. However, the quality was lesser than both the Sanguine R5 and Taylor Of Old Bond Street shavette.

However, the weight of this shavette is minuscule. At only 35 grams of the scale, it’s about half the weight as the heaviest one that we’ve reviewed. Although some people may enjoy the lightweight build, I prefer things to be weightier in the hand.

Derby Professional Razor Blades

Slide Style Shavette MechanismI was quite happy to find that the Forgica was supplied with 50 Derby Professional razor blades. They’re very similar to the Derby Premiums that we often recommend for using a shavette.

Like the Premiums, Derby’s Professional blades are single-edge blades that feature some wax or oil, which keeps the blades snuggly in place. Usually, these are sold for about $11 for 100 so when taking into account that 50 are supplied with a $12 razor, it practically halves the price!

As for their quality, they’re quite mild and offer a smooth shaving experience. Those who like aggressive shaves may be dismayed by these blades whilst those with sensitive skin will really like them.

Shaving Experience

As feared, the very light construction of the Forgica was something of a letdown during the shave. Because I had to apply much more pressure, I experienced some mild vibrations against my stubble. However, I have experienced much worse in the past so this wasn’t too bad.

Nevertheless, the Forgica did feel cheap in my hand compared to other shavettes. Given that the spine is rolled steel and the handle is plastic, it’s much lighter and doesn’t quite feel as solid as some of the alternatives.


However, I did find that replacing the blades was far more convenient with this mechanism. With a simple tug, the slide comes right out and allows you to just change it right on the plate before pushing it back in again.

If your razor blade becomes dull mid-shave, this can actually be a godsend as trying to change one with soapy hands isn’t easy!

Final Verdict

Although the Forgica is a cheap shavette at only $12.99 on Amazon, other shavettes such as the Equinox are similarly priced. However, if you want a different mechanism and a pop of colour, this might be interesting.

In fact, we would even recommend it to those with limited dexterity in their fingers or hands as it’s much easier to manipulate than clasp shavettes.

Nevertheless, if you check out the ones we feature in our best shavette guide, you may find something that offers more quality for a similar price!

Forgica Shavette Review
Reviewed by Paul Anthony, on .
"Good but let down by cost-cutting. Whilst the insert mechanism is interesting, the Forgica lacks the weight and quality of its rivals."
Rating: 3.0 ★★★

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