As you may have read, I recently tried out the Equinox shavette, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Therefore, when I was last in my old stomping ground, London, I paid a visit to a historical shop, Taylor of Old Bond Street.

When gushing all over their beautiful shaving wares, I came across a shavette. With my previous positive experiences with the Equinox, I figured I give this one a try. In the following review, you will read about Taylor Of Old Bond Street’s shavette and my thoughts on it.

Overview Of The Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shavette

  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shavette Straight RazorBrand: Taylor Of Old Bond Street
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 46 g (1.6 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Included Blades: No
  • Price: £39.95 [Buy Now On Amazon]

Taylor Of Old Bond Street is a famous London-based firm that has been around with us since 1854. Their products have a certain reputation and you can usually expect high-quality wares.

Out of the box, Taylor Of Old Bond Street’s shavette is relatively similar to the Equinox. However, there are some minor stylistic differences including a more rounded overall shape and curved tang.

The tang is the metal protrusion that acts as the blade’s counterweight. Head to our straight razor guide to learn more about the different parts.

Anyway, I was particularly fond of this tang as my finger fitted perfectly over it for a comfortable and balanced hold.

As for the finish, the stainless steel body is painted in an anti-oxidising matte black, which means that it won’t rust if neglected. As I’m not too fond of keeping my shaving gear in another room, this is quite handy. After all, I like the convenience of my shaving supplies being close at hand.

I also loved having the logo across the clasp, which was a nice finishing touch to the whole product. Similarly, the razor comes with a leather pouch, which I feel is great quality for the price.

Shaving Experience

taylor-of-old-bond-street-shavette-openUnfortunately, the shavette doesn’t come with its own razors. However, I had already picked up 100 Derby Premium blades at $6.84 on Amazon so I’m not complaining.

As a daily shaver, I found that this particular shavette offered an excellent experience. Although it’s lighter than the Equinox, it’s very well-balanced and the construction quality is very good.

As such, the shave was very smooth and I experienced no irritation caused by vibrations. However, it’s important to ensure that your shaving angle is perfect otherwise you may get some nicks or burns.

Using Taylor’s lighter shavette, I felt that I actually had more control for those hard to reach areas. However, this isn’t for everyone so keep in mind that it’s a very refined blade.

Final Verdict

Being much pricier than the other shavettes that we have reviewed, this is a very premium option. Nevertheless, it offers the authenticity that you’d hope from Taylor of Old Bond Street as well as the shaving quality.

Additionally, this shavette is milder than many and may even be a suitable option for beginners. However, we’d recommend that you read our introduction to shavettes before you start.

Unfortunately, this shavette isn’t available on Amazon right now but you can search for it in case it pops up. If you’re ever in London, you have to pay Taylor Of Bond Street a visit whether you’re looking for a razor or not.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shavette
Reviewed by Paul Anthony, on .
"A premium shave. This stylish and premium shavette is one of the best that we've tried yet!"
Rating: 4.0 ★★★★

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