Calvin Klein CK2 Fragrance Review

After recently learning that Calvin Klein CK2 was being discontinued, I felt it apt to give it the full review that it deserved.

In this review, you will discover Calvin Klein CK2 with a focus on the following topics:

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Released in 2016, it was recently announced that CK2 would be discontinued. It was developed by perfumer Pascal Guarin who is best known for Hugo Boss the Scent, but has also worked for Givenchy, Armani, Diesel, and a variety of other designer brands.

Calvin Klein CK2 Floral Background

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Calvin Klein CK2 Composition

In this part of the review, we break down CK’s notes where you’ll discover that it generally resembles a floral musk overall.

Head Notes

  • Wasabi
  • Violet
  • Bergamot

What’s quite interesting is that CK2 uses an interesting opening note of wasabi, which is a very strong, very spicy, and prickles the nostrils. This spiciness is softened by some bergamot as well as a hint of violet, which is slightly herbaceous.

Heart Notes

Calvin Klein CK2 Bottle & Packaging

  • Mineral
  • Jsmin
  • Orris Root
  • Peonies

Moving into the second third, we have an overall mineral note, which some people have likened to pebbles. I don’t think it’s quite as specific as that, but there is a distinctive minerality. This is then extended by some jasmine.

There’s also orris root and peonies, too. So overall, it’s a very floral bouquet and the minerality adds an intriguing note to its overall profile.

Base Notes

  • Vetiver
  • Ambergris
  • Sandalwood

Finally, we have a base of vetiver, ambergris, and sandalwood. The ambergris has a slight pipe tobacco muskiness. The vetiver is quite earthy, and then the sandalwood has a powdery dry woodiness, too.

CK2’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength

Calvin Klein Bottle & Stopper

CK2’s dry-down is pretty conventional with clear transitions. the unusual pebble or mineral note does seem to come early and persist somewhat into the base. Nevertheless, it’s an otherwise classic fragrance.

For a light summery fragrance, it gives decent enough longevity, projection and sillage. Nevertheless, it doesn’t cling on the skin for very long.

It descends into a skin scent quite quickly. The scent bubble is quite closed and the sillage isn’t going to leave a long trail behind you. Therefore, if you’re going to wear this, perhaps consider getting a little travel atomizer and topping up regularly.

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What People Think Of Calvin Klein CK2

Calvin Klein CK2 Details

Overall, people seem to really enjoy CK2. Nobody finds it offensive at all. Although some people may be finding it a little bit bland and that doesn’t express much in its overall composition. Some people have compared it to a fresh summer morning.

Furthermore, people have quickly identified the sort of moist pebble accord without being prompted, which they find to be particularly interesting.

Generally, I’d say there’s no generation or age range that finds it the most appealing. Maybe possibly a younger audience would be more suitable for this fragrance rather than more mature people. In that case, I would argue that Acqua di Gio or Dior Homme Cologne would be more suitable fragrances.

When To Wear Calvin Klein CK2

CK2 is a distinctive summer fragrance, especially with the sheer quantity of floral and citrus notes. The minerality is kind of reminiscent of an afternoon on the beach. so this would be really something that I would recommend for a hot day out in the sun.

As mentioned earlier, this is quite a universal fragrance, but when it came to the age range, I’d say somebody in their twenties. That means that it is very suitable for somebody in their teens as well. Overall, actually, I’d argue that it’s more of a youthful fragrance and older people would fare better with the suggestions above.

As for the time of day, this is a daytime fragrance. And in terms of occasion, it’s a casual fragrance. This is something that you probably want to wear on a day out by the pool or while on vacation, or even taking a day out to see some buddies, going to a sports game, something like that.

While CK2 is marketed as a unisex fragrance, it’s actually mildly masculine. Indeed, while women are going to find it easy to wear, it does feel more adapted to men.

Presentation & Value For Money

Calvin Klein CK2 & Packaging

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, I’m quite fond of the bottle. The design is original and is reminiscent of a gas canister. What’s quite unique is how the atomiser is upside down, which is a break from convention. Instead, the atomiser is inserted into an acrylic stand rather than using a cap on the top.

The atomizer itself performs quite nicely. You have a relatively concentrated yet thin mist, which lands very delicately on the skin.

When it comes to the packaging, the outer sleeve causes the box to slip out if you don’t grip it too firmly, which can be annoying. Otherwise, the sleeve indicates that it’s a unisex fragrance whereas the actual box shoes the different way you can use the bottle and the stand.

CK2 is sadly quite hard to find. Occasionally, you may stumble upon it on Amazon or other retailers. However, you will generally struggle to find it from trustworthy retailers. Otherwise, expect to pay around $40 for 100ml, which is a fair price.

Closing Thoughts

I’ll be sad to see CK2 go. It was a fragrance that both my girlfriend and I would wear together and it’s one of the few unisex fragrances that we both enjoy. Hopefully, Calvin Klein will release a replacement or even reverse its decision. Until then, I’ll have to go and search for something new!

"A refreshing fragrance that's perfect for hot summer weather, it'll be sad to see it go and hopefully something similar will soon fill its shoes."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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