Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Review

Following our review of the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut, we’ve decided to take a look at the Sun Grown.

In this review, you will discover the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown as we explore each of the following:

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  • Brand: Perdomo
  • Range: 20th Anniversary [Sun Grown]
  • Reviewed Vitolas: 6 x 56 “Epicure” Toro
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed
  • Binder: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed
  • Filler: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed [Estelí, Condega, Jalapa]
  • Factory: Estelí, Nicaragua
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Medium
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 95  Minutes
  • Pricing: $9.25 / Single [Shop On CigarPage]

As it’s produced using only Nicaraguan tobacco, the Sun Grown is a Nicaraguan puro. Furthermore, the wrapper was aged for eight years before maturing for a further ten months in bourbon whiskey barrels.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Look & Feel

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Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Look & Feel

  • Wrapper Hue: Moka
  • Rolling Consistency: Mostly Straight
  • Spring: Firm
  • Aromas: Tonka Bean, salted Caramel, Cinnamon

First of all, we’re looking at a very smooth roll overall. However, you may detect a couple of soft spots underneath the wrapper. It’s a little bit on the soft side, but that being said, unlike the Connecticut, it does have a box-pressed finish. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for them to be a little softer than usual.

The hue is a mild mocha colour. Although a little dark, it’s a far cry from the maduro that we’ll be reviewing soon. Furthermore, it gives off the light with a slight reflection but it’s not overly oily.

In terms of veins, it’s quite refined and they aren’t particularly rustic in appearance. As for the aromas on the foot and body, it consists of salted caramel, some tonka bean, and cinnamon.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Review

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar First Third

As with almost all of our reviews, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown has been stored using a Boveda acrylic humidor for three weeks. This step ensures that it has been properly acclimated and reviewed in the same conditions as other cigars. Humidity was maintained with Boveda 69% packs and closely monitored with a Boveda Butler.

Pre-Lighting Experience

  • Draw: Ideal Resistance
  • Aromas: Labdanum, Ambergris, Salted Caramel

The draw is ideal and gives just the right level of resistance despite being a little bit soft on the spring. Furthermore, the flavours are quite rich. It delivers a pleasant bouquet that’s much milder than the Connecticut, which is quite surprising.

In this case, there were hints of labdanum, a vegetal musk, ambergris, a leathery musk, and a hint of salted caramel that leaves a mild residue on the lips.

1st Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Rosewood, Nutmeg, Yuzu

Halfway through the first third and the 20th anniversary Sun Grown is quite impressive. Unlike the Connecticut blend, the Sun Grown is complex and nuanced.

It is dominated by overt rosewood, much like the Connecticut blend itself. However, it’s not spicy and only gives of aromas of rich and succulent nutmeg. There’s also an element of citrus. However, it’s not zesty but is reminiscent of yuzu paste.

You may have a few minor burn issues. Indeed, one side had a tendency to burn at a faster rate than the other.

2nd Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Coffee Grounds, Agarwood, Oak

The second third starts as quite woody but also delivers a growingly gourmand element throughout. It’s dominated by oak but agarwood oud produces a leathery and resinous bouquet. There’s also a distinctive hint of coffee grounds in the retrohale.

Furthermore, the second third is somewhat dry and requires a beverage to whet your whistle as you smoke it.

Final Third Smoking Experience

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Final Third

  • Notes: Oak, Coffee Grounds, Black Pepper

Unfortunately, the burn issues don’t correct themselves quite as much as you’d hope. Therefore, the cigar may require touching up. Meanwhile, the oak and coffee notes experienced in the previous third have persisted all the way to the nub.

Nevertheless, the agarwood has left and instead, the cigar has a potent black pepper note that is quite present on the retrohale.

Overall, the cigar is complex with a velvety mouthfeel that leaves a slight residue on the palate. However, the astringence is on the dry side. Therefore, you’ll need a drink to accompany it. Despite this issue, the cigar is relatively balanced.

In terms of life-cycle, the cigar has a discernable evolution throughout each third even if the second and third were somewhat similar. Similarly, the finish is quite lingering and you may want a palate cleanser, at least to subside your dry mouth!

Finally, the residual scent leaves a pleasant woodiness in the room.

Overall Burn

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Second Third

  • Ash Backbone: Flaky
  • Burn Angle: Wavy
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Draw: Ideal Resistance
  • Final Smoking Time: 95 Minutes

As mentioned above, there were a number of burning issues throughout the smoking experience. Despite these, the draw remains consistent and provides just the right level of resistance. Similarly, the smoke remains cool.

However, the ash is somewhat flaky and tends to plop off quite easily.

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Overall Experience

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Box & Presentation

Although I’m quite fond of the band and find it stylish, it’s quite large. It would have perhaps been better if the single band was separated into two that could have been removed independently as you progress down the cigar.

Some might feel that the band is a little bit too ostentatious. However, I think it’s still quite tasteful in this colour compared to the Connecticut blend’s somewhat gaudy gold. When it comes to the box, the cigars are presented in a 5-cigar presentation box. Indeed, it would be ideal for a special occasion like a bachelor party.

Each cigar is individually packaged in cardboard boxes, which is both stylish and ornate. The RRP of the cigar is around $9.25. However, purchasing the larger 24-count box will bring their individual price down.

Although great for special occasions, the Sun Grown may be challenging for inexperienced smokers. Nevertheless, it can be enjoyed casually or, given its red colour, a great one to consider for Christmas parties.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut Pairings

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Pairings

Given that the Sun Grown is a gourmand cigar, consider pairing it with dark chocolate. Otherwise, carpaccio di manzo, or beef carpaccio, would be a great choice if well-cured. Alternatively, consider walnuts, that will offer a harmonious pairing;

As for beverages, we’d first suggest cognac, such as Hine’s Rare V.S.O.P. Otherwise, our guide to the best cognac will offer more suggestions. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, a well-roasted and concentrated ristretto would be ideal.

Finally, wine lovers ought to consider a pinot noir. Nevertheless, avoid wines of this grape from Bourgogne (Burgundy) as they’ll be too high in acidity. Consider options from California or Oregon instead.

Closing Thoughts

With deep and balanced harmonious notes, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown is a very pleasant cigar to enjoy in the evening. However, some may be quite tart even when well-stored. Therefore, consider pairing it with a drink!

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"Rich and gourmand in flavour, the Perdomo Sun Grown is a great choice for evening celebrations!"
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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