Stage V Clinger Magnetic Cigar Holder On Golf Clubs

The Stage V Clinger is a magnetic tool designed to hold your cigar while your hands are occupied on the golf course.

While relatively inexpensive and simple in its design, I’ve found the Stage V to be effective in this application and even in others far outside of its intended use.

In this article, I review the Stage V Clinger cigar holder via the following sections:

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Stage V Clinger Review

  • Brand: Stage V Clinger
  • Material: Spring Steel
  • 2x Neodymium Magnets
  • Multiple Colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Velcro Strap
  • Pricing: $14.99 [Buy On Amazon]

This magnetic cigar holder by Stage V has surprised me with how handy it truly is. The design is quite genius in its simplicity, and to this day, I am still finding new places where I can stick the Stage V Clinger if I need an “extra hand.”

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Overview Of The Stage V Clinger

The Stage V Clinger is delivered in a plastic clamshell-style package with the cigar holder itself, a velcro strap, and some instructions. It’s unreasonable to expect anything more not only because of the $14.99 price point but also because nothing else is required. You simply take it out of the package and begin using it.

Stage 5 Clinger Stuck To Golf Cart

The device is made of coated stainless steel and has two strong magnets on the back. Additionally, the metal is folded back on itself so that you have a loop through which to insert the velcro strap if need be. I have yet to use this velcro strap for any application and if I’m perfectly honest, I’m not sure what I did with it.

Since I mostly use the Stage V cigar holder while golfing, the strength of the magnets is more than sufficient to keep the cigar clip stuck onto the cart or on the clubs in my bag. I’ve seen the Stage V Clinger be recommended for boats, so I can see how the velcro strap could be useful in such an application given that golf carts, when driven legally, tend to be a lot slower than boats.

Stage V Clinger Cigar Holder

The most prominent feature of the Stage V Clinger are the two prongs at the top. These prongs are not only curved to mold around your cigar, but they also separate towards the distal or far end. This means that the Stage V can accommodate just about any cigar ring gauge or vitola. You can also bend these prongs slightly to provide a better fit on any specific cigar.

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Pros & Cons Of The Stage V Clinger

What I find most advantageous about the Stage V Clinger is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is stick it to metal and put your cigar between the prongs. That’s it.

Stage V Cigar Holder Stuck On Bike Gas Tank

After the ease of use, what I like the most about it is that it can hold many different sizes of cigars. Oftentimes, onto the green I’ll bring my travel humidor packed with a wide variety of cigars. I can go from smoking a 60 ring gauge Nub to a 44 Fino Mombacho Tierra Volcán and know that both will be held snugly by the Stage V Clinger.

Third, the magnets are wide enough that they provide secure attachment to a metal surface and I’ve yet to have a situation where the cigar holder falls off. As I mentioned above, if the bare magnets don’t inspire confidence in you, feel free to use the velcro strap that is included.

Magnetic Cigar Clip On Golf ClubsLast but certainly not least is the fact that the Stage V Clinger can be used pretty much anywhere. I’m still learning of new places where sticking the Stage V is useful. Most recently, while on my motorcycle in Estelí, Nicaragua, I found that the Stage V is able to securely hold a cigar while riding if I place it on the gas tank.

The only downside I can think of is that it’s possible that, for your particular situation, there is no metal to stick the Stage V Clinger to. I haven’t encountered this issue yet but it’s certainly possible. In such a situation, I suppose you’d have to resolve to the old-fashioned way of holding a cigar – using your hands.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, I’d say that it’s tough to go wrong with the Stage V Clinger, especially considering how affordable it is.

Stage V Clinger On Motorcycle In Nicaragua

Many cigar accessories tend to be expensive simply because the end consumer is already accustomed to spending a lot of money on the hobby. Consequently, I don’t often expect much functionality or durability from a tool that costs less than $20. Yet with the Stage V Clinger, I was pleasantly surprised.

The device does everything it promises to and more. The quality is solid and I can’t see how it could break or stop functioning, so it’s quite likely that I’ll continue using (and recommending) it for many years to come.

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"Not only durable and affordable but also very useful, especially for those who enjoy a cigar or two while out on the golf course."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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