Enjoying a fine cigar while playing golf is one of life’s simplest pleasures. However, it can quickly become frustrating if you end up awkwardly fumbling around with your different sticks!

Avoid smoke in your face with our guide to the best cigar accessories for golf:

  1. DIV Pro 6-In-1 Golf Tool
  2. Stage V Clinger
  3. Cigar Caddy Travel Humidors
  4. Xikar Travel Humidors
  5. Windblaze Cigar Lighter
  6. ST Dupont Défi Extreme
  7. Xikar Portable Ashtray Can
  8. Boveda Humidity Packs
  9. Xikar XO Cigar Cutter
  10. Keychain Cigar Punch Cut

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Top Cigar Accessories for Golfing

Best Cigar Golf Accessories

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1. DIV Pro 6-In-1 Tool – Golf Cigar Holder

It’s inevitable that you’ll be putting down and picking up your cigar while you play. Some people manage to hold the cigar in their mouths while they take a swing. However, the smoke can get in your eyes or irritate your nose.

Consequently, you may want to put the cigar down. The ground isn’t exactly a pleasant option and it may simply roll off or even damage any other surface that you use.

The 6-in-1 DIV Pro golf tool is a wonderfully intuitive device. It has several tools, which can be used for cleaning clubs or act as a marker.

Most importantly, however, it has an in-built cigar holder! Simply clip the cigar inside and press the stand into the ground. While it may be a simple tool, it can completely change your experience from something awkward to a relaxing time.

"The DIV Golf Tool is so handy that you'll wonder how you ever survived without it!"
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

2. Stage V Clinger Golf Bag Cigar Holder

Meanwhile, we’re also fond of the Stage V Clinger. It is designed with an integrated magnetic support. Its ribbed design will fit multiple ring gauges. As such, it can accommodate any and all cigars you bring with you on the course.

While the DIV tool is great when in the tee box or on the green, it’s not overly convenient for parts of the fairway, the rough, and other hazards. Since the Stage V can be attached to a caddy cart or even onto an unused club, it’s great for moving around or when the ground isn’t a suitable spot.

3. Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor & Golf Cigar Case

Another essential accessory when combining cigars and golf is a quality travel humidor that will keep your cigars safe and secure. If you’ve ever smoked cigars before, you’ll likely know that they’re quite fragile and can easily get damaged if kept loose in a pocket or bag.

Similarly, cigars require an airtight container to ensure that they don’t dry out or get humid. While a simple cigar case or pouch will do at a push, we highly recommend a travel humidor like the Cigar Caddy in the image above.

Not only are cigar cases limited in storage space, they rarely provide an adequate seal for more than a few hours. Furthermore, some can be quite valuable and you won’t want to lose them on the golf course!

A proper travel humidor will protect a larger quantity of cigars while providing insulation from the sun, heat, and moisture. One of the most common travel humidors is the aforementioned Cigar Caddy. Depending on its size, it can store anything from four to twenty cigars!

4. Xikar Travel Humidor & Golf Cigar Case

Another well-known brand is Xikar, which manufactures a variety of cigar accessories like lighters, cutters, and ashtrays. It also produces excellent travel humidors, which you can use to safely carry your stash on the field.

Although Xikar travel humidors are a little more expensive, we’ve found that they tended to be better quality than Cigar Caddy. Indeed, Cigar Caddy generally offers better value for money but we have noticed a few that don’t seal properly when closed every now and then.

You can learn more with our detailed travel humidor guide.

5. Windblaze Jet Lighter

As mentioned above, wind can be a nightmare when smoking a cigar outdoors. However, even the slightest breeze can render a typical lighter or match completely useless.

Instead, we highly recommend that you buy a jet flame lighter so you can easily light your cigar outside. There are lots of different jet lighters, which can have one to four torches. They come in different sizes and are adapted to different types of use.

Multiple flames will allow you to quickly light a cigar but a gust of wind can send the jet up the side of the cigar and damage the wrapper. Otherwise, a single jet flame will provide you with a greater level of precision.

Wind Blaze is an excellent choice as it’s specifically designed for lighting a cigar outdoors. Its angular shape is convenient and the flame has a small shield to protect against the wind.

6. ST Dupont Défi Extreme Cigar Lighter

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Lighter

Generally, we wouldn’t take a premium Dupont lighter on a golf course as it’s easy to lose. Instead, we usually suggest a cheap but reliable lighter that functions well.

However, the Défi Extreme is simply of the best jet lighters that we’ve ever used. Sturdy and built to last, it produces a powerful and precise flame.

It never lets you down and the stylish design certainly looks the part if you fancy yourself as a somewhat sophisticated golfer.

Otherwise to see more options, head to our guide to the top 10 best cigar lighters.

7. Ashtray & Cigar Holder For Golf Cart

Cigar etiquette on the golf course may depend on where you play. Generally speaking, though, chunks of ash and smoldering nubs aren’t particularly appreciated on the green!

While you could throw them somewhere in the rough, this wonderfully-designed portable ashtray can is a great option to have on hand. It’s made to fit perfectly in most cupholders, which means that it can be securely stored in golf caddy carts.

The hinged lid has a structure for holding a cigar if necessary and, perhaps most importantly, it’s airtight when closed. This means that your finished cigars will safely extinguish to be thrown away later without producing clouds of smoke.

8. Boveda Humidity Packs

Golf Caddy, Xikar Travel Humidor, & Boveda Pack

One can never have too many Boveda packs! Although for many seasoned cigar smokers, using a Boveda pack in your travel humidor goes without saying. However, you’d be surprised by how many people overlook it.

Boveda is generally our favorite brand when it comes to cigar humidification. Its packs are so versatile that they can be used from anything as large as a cabinet all the way down to the smallest desktop humidor.

Nevertheless, they’re best known for being the ideal humidification system for travel humidors. Thanks to a two-way membrane, the reverse-osmosis process will release moisture when needed but also absorb it when the environment becomes too humid.

Leave them flat, roll them up, or shove them in a corner, a pack works perfectly well no matter how it’s positioned in your travel humidor. Therefore, it’s the perfect way to ensure your cigars stay fresh while out on the links.

9. Xikar XO Cigar Cutter

Xikar XO Cigar Cutter With Putter and Golf Ball on Green

Needless to say, a cigar cutter is a basic necessity for smoking. Yet, when on the course, you don’t want to be fumbling about with an oversized cutter or, worse yet, one that doesn’t get the job done properly.

When it comes to cutters, Xikar consistently produces some of the best in the industry and the XO is one of their highest-quality offerings.

The Xikar XO always produces a clean guillotine cut regardless of the vitola, shape, or ring gauge of the cigar. It’s also small enough to fit in a travel humidor and compact so that you can keep it in your pocket without it being bulky and uncomfortable.

Lastly, and as you can see above, it can serve as a cigar holder in a pinch!

10. Keychain Punch Cut

Xikar Twist Cigar Punch

As you may have experienced in the past, it’s very easy for a cigar cutter to get misplaced or fall out of your pocket when playing golf.

Unless a charitable fellow player finds it and hands it in, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see it again when this happens.

Therefore, a cheap and versatile cutter is always handy to have nearby. Keychain punch cuts are perfect for golfing. Most are quite cheap but you can also buy some very nice ones, too.

You can attach it to your keys so it’ll never get lost. Alternatively, you can also secure it to a zipper on your golf caddy. As a result, you’ll always know where it is when you need it.

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