Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar Review

Full disclosure, Paul and I are particularly fond of Plasencia’s Reserva Original ever since we first sampled it during a tour of the factory with Nestor Plasencia. Fortunately, we have the Bespoke Unit Cigar Formula to act as a safeguard and ensure that we remain impartial throughout this review!

In this article, you will discover the Plasencia Reserva Original where we review it using the following considerations:

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  • Brand: Plasencia Cigars
  • Range: Reserva Original
  • Reviewed Vitolas: 4¾ x 52 Robusto
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Organic Nicaraguan Japala & Condega
  • Factory: Plasencia Cigars, Estelí, Nicaragua
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Mild – Medium
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 70  Minutes
  • Pricing: $7.90 / Single [Shop On CigarPage]

The Reserva Original’s claim to fame is that it’s the only fully organic cigar on the market. Indeed, this Nicaraguan puro is produced only using tobaccos grown in Plasencia’s Condega and Jalapa fields that have been certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA).

Furthermore, the crops are grown using a traditional Nicarao native technique that has existed for over 500 years.

Plasencia Reserva Original Box Details

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Plasencia Reserva Original Look & Feel

  • Wrapper Hue: Nutmeg
  • Rolling Consistency: Straight
  • Spring: Firm
  • Aromas: Labdanum, Caramel, Cinnamon

You’ll first notice that this is a remarkably straight cigar with a very smooth and solid construction. There are no discernible soft spots, and the Reserva Original tends to have a firm spring when pinched.

It also has a distinctive nutmeg hue, which is emphasized by the mottled and stretched vein texture, which is quite refined overall. And it has a very oily sheen.

On the foot, I have listed a couple of aromas, which include labdanum, which is quite musky, some sweet caramel, as well as a touch of cinnamon spice.

Plasencia Reserva Original Review

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar First Third

As with all of our reviews, the cigars had been stored for three weeks in a Boveda Acrylic Humidor with 69% RH Boveda packs. Furthermore, they were closely monitored using a Boveda Butler throughout this period.

Pre-Lighting Experience

  • Draw: Mild Resistance
  • Aromas: Salted Caramel, Cinnamon, Gingerbread

Some people have mentioned that the Reserva Original typically has a hard draw. However, I had not experienced any of these issues with the cigars that I smoked for the purposes review. In fact, they all had a very good, smooth draw.

The flavours aren’t as strong as I expected on the pre-light given how rich they are on the foot. Nevertheless, I experienced salted caramel that just left a residue on the lips, as well as some cinnamon spice as before, and some gingerbread on this occasion too, which offered additional yeastiness.

1st Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Labdanum, Rosewood, Malt

The first third opens up with the same musky labdanum richness that you experience when you’re smelling it off the foot. However, here it’s paired with some fragrant rosewood. There’s a lovely woody texture that goes very nicely with a malt creaminess that you get on the retro-hale.

2nd Third Smoking Experience

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar Second Third

  • Notes: Charred Patchouli, Grape Must, Nutmeg

As you transition into the second third, you start to notice an earthiness, which I would describe as charred patchouli. This herb has a very distinctive flavour, which I certainly detected here as if it had been burned ever so slightly.

Another note that I particularly enjoyed in the second third was grape must. Grape must is the byproduct when you’re producing wine and it’s what’s leftover after pressing the juice.

This is sometimes fermented to produce an eau-de-vie such as grappa and can also be used to produce something called Ratafia. It’s quite vinous, very fruit-forward with a distinctive raisin flavour, which is a little bit boozy as well.

This aroma was quite distinctive and had a kind of balsamic flavour, which paired quite nicely with some nutmeg spice that was revealed in the retro-hale.

Final Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Terracotta, Pepper, Sandalwood

Once you get into the final third, you’ll be greeted by a dominant terracotta note, which is reminiscent of musty earth and the soil of its native country. This flavour is rich in minerals and goes quite well with the pepper that is particularly present in the retro-hale as well as a long and lingering sandalwood finish.

As you can probably gather, this is a very complex cigar and it features a rich, smooth, velvety mouthfeel with a balanced palate stimulation that interacts with every part of the tongue.

That being said, throughout the first and second third, it focuses more on the front and it’s not until the final third that we start to feel something at the back of the tongue.

The lifecycle is quite developed. You get a rich variety of characteristics or notes throughout each third, which evolve nicely, producing new and unique flavours.

And finally, the finish is particularly lingering. It lays very nicely on the tongue, continues to pair with your beverage of choice, which we’ll talk about later. And of course, the residual scent left in the room is pleasingly aromatic. It’s not overbearing or offensive whatsoever. I quite enjoy it after smoking the cigar.

Overall Burn

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar Final Third

  • Ash Backbone: Strong Resistance
  • Burn Angle: Most Straight
  • Temperature: Mostly Cool
  • Draw: Mild Resistance
  • Final Smoking Time: 70 Minutes

Next, we’ll dive into the burn and combustion of the cigar. I did touch up one out of three of the cigars in the first third. However, it probably wasn’t even necessary. Overall, the burn does produce a little bit of waviness that’s razor-sharp in appearance, but you probably don’t need to touch it up.

Meanwhile, the temperature can get quite hot, especially the Robusto if you smoke it too fast. Therefore, I encourage you to smoke it slowly and give it the time that it deserves.

Similarly, the backbone is strong enough to produce some long ash, which can read the first third of the cigar at the very least, which then eventually just plop off naturally into your lap or into an ashtray.

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Ideal Pairings With A Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar & Baron Albert ChampagneI often talk about how I love having a cigar during a barbecue. Indeed, the Reserva Original is a great cigar that you could have with grilled steak. And I would suggest specifically a hanger steak. Indeed, it’s very tender and delicate as well as rich in flavour, which would go well with the characteristics of this cigar.

Alternatively, you could go for some dark chocolate. For instance, Argencove a Nicaraguan artisanal brand that produces some very fine creations that would suit it well. Otherwise, consider a Danish pastry to enhance the yeastiness and spices of the cigar’s profile.

As for beverages, I would go for an Armagnac rather than a Cognac. Although Cognac is probably a more common choice with a cigar, Armagnac is produced using a continuous column still. Therefore, it’s distilled only once whereas Cognac is distilled twice.

As a result, Armagnac manages to retain a lot of that vinous fruit-forward flavour, which would certainly pair well with the cigar’s second third.

Alternatively, vintage champagne would be a great choice as well, especially given the first third’s creamy malt as well as the second third’s vinous character. Vintage champagne tends to be a lot more mature and complex and would definitely be best suited to this cigar.

Finally, when it comes to coffee, as much as I love espresso with my cigars, I would instead suggest a filter coffee. Not only is it going to be a longer and more nuanced experience.

Overall Experience

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar BoxAs you can see in the photos, the Reserva Original has three bands. There’s lots of ornamentation on the cigar with a white and gold theme. Some may regard it as overkill but I’m quite fond of the design.

For instance, the first band, it does a good job of protecting the foot of the cigar from any damage. The second band gives you some very beautiful and ornate rustic ornamentation. Meanwhile, the final band will stay on when you’re well down to the nub.

Therefore, you can still have a little bit of ornamentation throughout the whole smoking experience.

The box has a very rustic design with leather strips around the edges, which have been nailed in place. the centre resembles planks and ther’s a branded Plasencia logo. If you open it up, the underside of the lid features the cigar’s story with the same typeface as the band.

As for the value of the cigar, it provides you with a lot of bang for your buck! You can pick these up as singles for just $7.90, which is excellent given the experience that it provides and that it is a fully organic cigar.

However, you can do even better, and Paul managed to pick up a couple of boxes which came to $5 each per cigar!

The investment is certainly worthwhile as the Reserva Original is a very versatile cigar that you can use just about anywhere, any time.

Indeed, it would look great at a formal occasion, in a luxury lounge, or you could enjoy it at a special occasion, such as a wedding, especially given that it’s a white band with a gold text on it. It looks very luxurious and yet it is an affordable cigar. Otherwise, you can still enjoy it casually alone or with friends.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve done my best to be as impartial as possible and I hope that you’re satisfied with the results. Indeed, the Plasencia Reserva Original is a fantastic, versatile cigar that you can enjoy for a variety of occasions.

It’s also very beginner-friendly, and it’s a great cigar to get started on. It’s mild, but not too mild, and it has a variety of complex flavours. It will also satisfy even the most seasoned veteran of cigar enthusiasts.

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"A beautifully crafed and industry first, this organic cigar offers a luxurious and harmonious experience that will be universal for most palates."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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