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Here at BespokeUnit, as much as we are enthusiasts of cigars, we are also resolute supporters of brick-and-mortar cigar stores & lounges. There’s an unparalleled charm in walking into a local store, feeling the ambiance, and conversing with passionate cigar smokers, whether they be staff or other patrons.

However, when you’re on a mission to amass a collection of your favorite cigars at home, it’s difficult to ignore the substantial savings that buying cigars online offers. Yet, numerous online cigar retailers put forth varied propositions within this space.

Accordingly, we’ll be taking look at CigarPage, one of the most distinguished of the pack.

The following article explores their offerings and tackles common questions that arise if they’ve yet to earn your business.

A Comprehensive Review of CigarPage

In this article, we offer an in-depth look at CigarPage. We cover everything from common questions, to exclusive CigarPage deals, to their shipping and return policies.

For convenience, we’ve listed the topics below. If you’re keen on a specific section, click its link. Otherwise, simply scroll down to read through the full review:

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What Is CigarPage?

For the uninitiated, CigarPage is a popular online retailer of premium cigars. CigarPage sells a wide range of cigars manufactured by the largest brands in the industry. Aside from cigars, they also sell accessories like humidors, cutters, and lighters, but this selection pales in comparison to their cigar catalog.

CigarPage Chimp Logo

The CigarPage Mascot, Chimp

Most notably, CigarPage sells cigars at the cheapest prices on the web.

At a glance, may not appear like the epitome of modern web design. Indeed, this is not their goal, as more intricate web designs often lead to increased maintenance costs, which inevitably trickle down to the customer.

Instead, CP aims to get their customers cigars at the lowest price possible.

Still, simplicity doesn’t compromise CigarPage’s functionality. The website remains user-friendly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

Who Owns CigarPage?

CigarPage was founded by Keith Meier in 2015; however, Keith has been working in the cigar industry in some capacity since 1996.

Keith Meier, CigarPage Founder

Keith Meier

In that year, at 22, he co-founded Cigars International with John Demarco. During his time with CI, he also launched another popular online cigar store, After much success, both e-commerce properties were acquired by Swedish Match in 2007.

Though Keith would remain an advisor to Swedish Match for some years after the acquisition, he remained restless. This led to the birth of Field Supply, an online outdoor equipment store, in 2012.

Three years later, with Field Supply’s rise in full swing, Keith would turn once more to cigars, and CigarPage was born. Since then, it’s been run from Bath, Pennsylvania, in the same headquarters where Cigars International once stood.

CigarPage's Design Team Hal & Elenie

CigarPage’s Design Team, Hal & Elenie

Today, Keith’s influence in the industry is evident. His tenure at CI birthed many standards now utilized by online cigar retailers. He continues championing a disruptive approach at CigarPage, motivating his team to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

What Is Brandshopper?

If you’ve looked into CigarPage on the web, you’ve likely come across another name – Brandshopper. That’s because Brandshopper is the name of the umbrella organization encapsulating CigarPage, Field Supply, and Wing Supply (acquired by Keith in 2016.)

What Cigars Does CigarPage Sell?

Boasting an extensive cigar catalog, CigarPage offers over 150 brands, including favorites like Oliva, My Father, Avo, Drew Estate, AJ Fernandez, Arturo Fuente, Padrón, Nub (by Oliva), and many more. Despite these being premium brands, CigarPage’s prices remain staggeringly competitive.

CigarPage is also well known for their cigar samplers. These packs of 5 or more cigars can be brand-specific or a varied mix. They are particularly enticing if you want to expand your palate without shelling out the cash to buy an entire box.

For example, CigarPage currently sells an Oliva Anthology Sampler (5 cigars) for around $39. If you’re a fan of Oliva, this is an excellent way of experiencing cigars across their range.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of their “MOR is Better” packs, which includes 20 cigars from three different brands and sells for about $100.

Why Is CigarPage So Cheap?

Since its inception, Keith Meier has sought to leverage his experience in the cigar industry to sell cigars on CP at rock-bottom prices.

Cigar Boxes in CP Warehouse

More specifically, the brand has partnered with Fred Vandermarliere (Owner of Oliva) and multiple cigar factories to streamline tasks and even package their renowned samplers right on the factory floor.

In addition, CigarPage has also developed inventive strategies for navigating Manufacturer’s Pricing Restrictions that often limit how low a retailer can price any particular cigar.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, CigarPage works with thinner profit margins than its competitors, resulting in lower prices for customers.

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Is CigarPage Legit And Reliable?

Considering the advertised prices of their cigars, you might question the reliability of CigarPage. As repeat customers of CP, we can certify that they’re an authentic operation.

CigarPage's Office in Bath, PA

CP’s Office in Bath, PA

Orders are processed quickly and will often be shipped the same day if you order early enough. Moreover, the packaging is secure, and the delivery time tends to be surprisingly short.

Where Is CigarPage Located?

CigarPage is headquartered in Bath, Pennsylvania, and all orders are processed and shipped from there

CigarPage Inside Warehouse

CP’s Warehouse

CigarPage Deals

As we’ve alluded to here, the prices on are already quite competitive. However, the brand has additional channels through which they offer even better (though often limited) promotions.

Email Newsletter

By signing up for CigarPage’s newsletter, you’ll be tuned into their latest deals. Regularly, cigar deals will only appear in this newsletter as opposed to being advertised on their home page.

CigarPage Warehouse Aisles

Inside CigarPage’s Warehouse

In other cases, some of their deals will be limited in time or stock, so unless you act quickly, a particularly enticing deal may go out of stock and you’ll have missed your chance.

CigarPage Discord

For the tech-savvy, CigarPage’s Discord server offers exclusive specials and provides a platform for like-minded cigar aficionados to interact.

Scorcher Deals

Scorcher deals are fleeting bi-monthly promotions and encompass some of CigarPage’s most notorious deals. Generally, each “scorcher deal” will only be available for one minute and must be added to your cart on the website within this timeframe.

CigarPage’s Scorchers are promoted mainly via email, so signing up for their email newsletter will keep you in the loop.

Cigar Perks Rewards Program

While not a deal per se, CigarPage’s Cigar Perks program is one of their best value propositions. Essentially, it’s a sort of CigarPage “cashback program,” not unlike what you’re likely already accustomed to with credit cards.

CigarPage Office Staff At Desks

Anyone can create a Cigar Perks profile by creating an account on their website. From there, with every dollar spent, points accumulate in your account. Generally, you’ll receive 1 point for every dollar spent, though occasionally, specific purchases will earn bonus points.

These points can then be redeemed on future purchases, with each point equivalent to 1 cent.

Free Shipping & Return Policy

One of CigarPage’s most alluring tactics is its free shipping, which applies to all orders regardless of the final sale price.

If you’ve shopped for cigars online before, you’ve probably stumbled across an exciting deal, only to be disappointed by shipping costs that ultimately stop you from purchasing. With their free shipping advantage, CP has removed this obstacle altogether.

When it comes to returns, CigarPage advertises a 14-day return period. However, there are some nuances here, and you will likely have to take care of the refund shipping costs if you change your mind once a package arrives. Nevertheless, CigarPage’s customer service is exceptionally attentive, so I’d suggest speaking with them before trying to process any return.

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"Unmatched deals on the most popular cigars, along with a free shipping policy on all orders, make CigarPage one of the best, if not THE best, seller of cigars on the entire web."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

CigarPage has optimized many aspects of its operation and leveraged its founder’s business acumen to provide cigars at increasingly affordable prices. For this reason, we regularly turn to them when restocking our favorite humidor blends or even when looking for a new cigar to try.

As the company grows, it’ll be exciting to see its offerings grow, as economies of scale will undoubtedly play in its favor.

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