CODE41 NB24 Chrono Stratom Titanium Case

Since bursting onto the horological stage in 2016, CODE41 has seamlessly blended time-honored traditions with a uniquely contemporary flair. Most notably, they’ve managed this while painting an unmatched value proposition.

From the captivating X41 to the intricate details of the DAY41, the Swiss brand has consistently been at the forefront of wristwatch innovation. Now, CODE41 introduces the world to the 3rd edition of their record-breaking NB24 Chronograph.

Crafted with insights from their passionate community, precision engineering, and the brand’s unwavering commitment to transparency, the latest NB24 Chrono invites timepiece enthusiasts to become a part of CODE41’s ever-evolving narrative.



The Legacy of CODE41’s NB24 Chronograph

When CODE41 unveiled the NB24 Chronograph in 2021, the brand’s devoted fans and watch enthusiasts worldwide took note. Indeed, its standout skeleton design, numerous dial and strap options, and noticeably customized 7750 movement set new benchmarks.

Following that inaugural release, CODE41 surpassed expectations with the second edition of the NB24 Chronograph. As was customary, new color themes were introduced. Most importantly, an AeroCarbon or grade-5 titanium case was now thrown into the mix.

With this third edition, the brand once more iterates on an already successful platform while still providing the technological advancements that have helped it reach its current status.

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NB24 Chronograph: Breaking Down the 3rd Edition

The most recent release of the CODE41 NB24 Chrono brings with it some exciting innovations and the extension of cherished hallmarks from previous editions.

Stratom Case: The Game Changer

The 3rd Edition of NB24 now proudly sports the Stratom case – a recent sensation that made waves during the T360 Tourbillon launch.

CODE41 NB24 Titanium Case Blue Strap

New NB24 With Stratom Case (Blue Dial)

A blend of urban appeal and athletic charm, the Stratom design is defined by its multi-layer build, sporty lines, and four pronounced screws. A contemporary touch for those who cherish modern aesthetics.

This Stratom-case NB24 will be available exclusively in grade-5 titanium

NativeDNA Case: Timeless Elegance

The iconic NB24 NativeDNA case remains a staple choice for CODE41 traditionalists. Its chambered structure and unique lugs beautifully emphasize a classic charm. It’s no wonder it remains a perennial favorite.

CODE41 NB24 Chronograph With AeroCarbon Case

NB24 NativeDNA AeroCarbon Case

This NativeDNA case will be available both in AeroCarbon and grade-5 titanium.

Advanced Material Choices

CODE41 NB24 Chrono with Leather Racing Strap

The NB24 Chronograph continues to push boundaries with material choices. They include:

  • AeroCarbon: a high-density aeronautic carbon fiber known for its extreme durability
  • Grade 5 Titanium: boasts double resilience of steel as well as intricate finishing

Additionally, the third edition of the NB24 Chronograph also offers a vast assortment of interchangeable straps that ensures a style for every wrist.

A 7750 Chronograph Like No Other

Building on Concepto’s chronograph expertise, the 3rd edition of the NB24 Chrono is powered by a movement based on the trusted Valjoux 7750.

NB24 Chrono On Wrist Picture

But this isn’t just any 7750. CODE41 has added its signature touch by relocating the chrono counters on the dial’s face, reimagining the bridges, and adding a dial-side peripheral winding rotor. The result is a fusion of trusted heritage and innovative redesign, delivering both reliability and novelty.

Reserved for a select few in the watchmaking realm, the peripheral weight is a significant feat of horological engineering. And while the X41 already showcased this feature, the NB24 takes it a step further by proudly displaying it on the dial side, a rare find in luxury timepieces without the exorbitant price tag.

NB24 Movement Specifications

The 7750 cam-driven chronograph’s specifications include:

  • 48-Hour Power Reserve
  • Stop Seconds Function (Hacking Seconds)
  • 326 Components
  • 35 Jewels
  • Frequency of 28,8000 BPH (4 Hz)
  • Precision of -5/+5 seconds per day
  • Incabloc Shock Absorber

This customized movement will be visible through the front and back of the watch, both sides of which possess sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coatings.

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Transparency at its Core: The TTO Label

If you’ve been collecting watches for any amount of time, you’ll know that the origin of the components inside your favorite timepieces remains shrouded in mystery. In contrast, CODE41 stands out from more established peers thanks to its unwavering dedication to transparency, epitomized by its TTO Label.

NB24 Chronograph Anthracite Dial Green Strap

TTO, or Total Transparency on Origin, is more than a label for CODE41—it’s a philosophy. It’s the brand’s way of saying customers have a right to know the origins of every component in their watch.

Most luxury brands shroud their processes in mystery, often leaving enthusiasts to speculate about the origins of components or the true value of a watch. CODE41, on the other hand, proudly shares intricate details, including the costs of production, research, logistics, and even the margins they keep.

For the NB24 Chronograph, the TTO Label guarantees that every aspect of the watch – from the AeroCarbon or titanium case to the modified Valjoux 7750 movement – is presented with complete clarity.

Straton Case NB24 Orange Dial

Stratom Case & Orange Dial

In essence, the TTO Label goes beyond just a branding element. It embodies CODE41’s ongoing commitment to its community.

By prioritizing transparency, the brand not only elevates its creations but also fosters trust, ensuring that its loyal customers are always in the loop and assured of the authenticity and value of their investment.

The Official Launch Of The NB24 3rd Edition

The newest CODE41 NB24 Chronograph is available starting today, September 20th; however, there is a slight caveat.

If you’re interested in the newest Stratom case, you’ll have to place a pre-order, with delivery expected in the Summer of 2024. The NB24 Stratom is exclusively limited to just 200 pieces and has a starting price of $7,200 before applicable taxes.

However, if you’re not the waiting kind, you can immediately get your hands on a NativeDNA NB24. Unlike past releases of the NB24, no waiting period is necessary, and the brand promises delivery within seven days.

All of CODE41’s watches are backed by a 3-year guarantee and can be returned (in unworn condition) within 30 days of delivery.

Learn more directly on CODE41’s website.

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