Psyko Seven Cigar Reviews

Ventura Cigars Psyko Seven Natural Review
Psyko Seven is a range by Venture Cigars that first started as a collaborative project between its general manager Patrick Hurd (also known as “El Diablo Blanco”) and Henke Kelner of Davidoff cigars.

The original “Natural” edition launched in 2013 and was shortly followed by the Maduro as well as a Connecticut blend in 2016.

Ventura Cigars Psyko Seven ComparisonWhile the Natural consists of Mexican, Peruvian, Hondura, American, and Dominican tobacco, the Connecticut is primarily composed of Dominican leaves as well as an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Initially, the cigars were produced at Davidoff’s Occidental factory. When it was converted for storage, production transferred to the O.K Cigar factory. However, it has been suggested that they are also produced in the main Davidoff Galera.

In 2019, Ventura Cigars collaborated with Indiana Ortez to create a Nicaraguan blend. Featuring tobacco from her family’s farm, this Nicaraguan puro showcased a 2007 vintage Connecticut Claro wrapper.

Rather than being produced in the Dominican Republic, it is manufactured at the family’s Agroindustrial Nicaraguënse De Tabacos.

Another interesting difference between these cigars is that all the robustos, that are produced in the Dominican Republic, are 5.5 x 50. Meanwhile, the Nicaragua is actually 5 x 50.

In terms of look and feel that of course very different because they feature different tobaccos, but the construction they’re all quite similar. The Natural is perhaps a little bit more rustic than the other two.

What’s quite intriguing about the Nicaragua is that it’s relatively pale because it’s a Connecticut and so it aligns itself with the Connecticut that is produced in the Dominican Republic.

Ventura Cigars Psyko Seven Natural Vs Nicaragua Vs Connecticut Final Thirds

Nevertheless, the flavours are very, very different. We suggest that you either way the video above to learn more about their differences or head to the reviews below to discover them individually.