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Why Visit Nicaragua?

Mombacho Volcano Over Granada

Nestled in between Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua enjoys both a Caribbean and Pacific coastline. With its diverse geography and rich ecosystem, it is often affectionately and proudly referred to as “The Land of Lakes & Volcanoes”.

Indeed, the country hosts no fewer than 19 volcanoes  of which many are either active or dormant. In terms of climate, each region is very different from mild mountainous areas to hot, sunny beaches.

Nicaragua Country Profile

Nicaragua is a culturally diverse country with strong Caribbean and Hispanic influences. Nicaragua even hosts the oldest mainland Spanish settlements from as early as 1524 as well as two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

As a result, its long history and vibrant cultural identities have woven a rich cultural heritage that is celebrated throughout the country. From music to national and local festivals, it’s hard not to be captivated by its allure.

When we first began planning our trip to Nicaragua, several loved would warn us that it was a dangerous country and that we should take great care. However, much of the country’s reputation has been wildly over-exaggerated by the media due to the social troubles it experienced in 2018.

Upon arrival, we discovered that Nicaragua is indeed quite safe. In fact, Nicaragua boasts the lowest homicide and organised crime rates in the whole of Central America!

Nicaragua Number 1 Ratings & Quality Of life

Although we speak from only our own experience, we didn’t ever feel vulnerable. Similarly, many tourists, both men and women, felt safe enough to walk the streets alone during the day and at night.

Furthermore, locals were extremely welcoming and polite. It was customary for passing strangers to greet one another, which is rare in most of Europe or the USA unless you live in the countryside.

A Growing Economic Force

Nicaragua Economic GrowthDespite the social troubles of 2018, Nicaragua’s economy is booming. It has the highest economic growth rate over the last seven years in Central America. Additionally, its national GDP in 2017 was $13.84 billion and $13.12 billion the year after.

Calle El Caimito At NightTourists aren’t unusual in Nicaragua. In fact, it plays a vital role in the country’s economy. Every year, it welcomes around 1.42 million tourists of which 20% come from the USA.

With two international airports and two touristic ports, it’s one of the region’s most connected countries. The government also seeks to improve this by developing direct flights to and from Europe in the next few years.

Similarly, it has one of the best road networks in Central America, which makes for quick road trips throughout the country.

You also don’t have to worry about empty signal bars during your stay. 100% of Nicaragua’s municipalities have a minimum of 3G network coverage. Meanwhile, 4G coverage is currently at 42% but it’s quickly growing.

A Bright Future For A Young Population

Nicaragua Social DevelopmentWith over 76% of the population under 40 years of age, Nicaraguan authorities are making great strides to improve their quality of life and to provide a future.

Nicaragua has only 5.5% unemployment and over 56% of the government’s expenditure is invested in social development. Poverty has been alleviated by 41.1% since 2009 while extreme poverty has dropped by 52.7%.

Free national education is also a priority with new schools and facilities. In order to encourage continued studies, the government have introduced free breakfast and lunch programmes. Similarly, isolated and rural areas have developed schools with flexible timetables to accommodate their lifestyles.

Finally, grants and bursaries are proposed to poorer students so they may attend university.