Tuxedo T ShirtHere at Bespoke Unit, we understand that though you may love everything about tuxedos, it can be a a pain to throw on a tux and tie the bow tie.

We feel your pain…

For those of you in this boat, there is another way: The tuxedo t-shirt.

Below is the Internet’s foremost guide on how and when to wear tuxedo t-shirts:

When To Wear A Tuxedo T-Shirt

The tuxedo t-shirt is a bit of a sartorial oxymoron. It’s casual by virtue of it being a t-shirt, but its bow tie, tuxedo shirt, and lapels that are screen-printed on the front dresses up the presentation. The personality type to wear this t-shirt is often someone so self-assured that he could care less what the world thinks of him, and frankly, we mean that in a positive way. Or, he’s the kind of guy who just likes to kick things up a notch.

Still, it can be difficult to know when to throw on the most formal of all t-shirts. Below, we offer a few different scenarios:

At A House Party

A party in one’s home is often a perfect opportunity to let your host know that while you appreciate comfort, you’re also willing to show respect and dress up a bit. Consider a black t-shirt with white tux shirt design and black bow tie on the front.

For an interpretation of Red Sea Rig, try a shirt with a red bow tie on it.

To A Casual Office

If you’re growing tired of the business casual dress code in your office, why not spruce things up with a tuxedo t-shirt? Your co-workers will surely appreciate it, and it’s our feeling that everyone works better when they’re a little dressed up.

*Editor’s Note: As tuxedos are evening wear, tuxedo t-shirts should only be worn to work by those working night shifts.*

If You’re Rich, Famous, Or Powerful

If you happen to be Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or another person of similar wealth, fame, or power, you may want to try wearing a tuxedo t-shirt to your next formal event. nothing says “I’m so rich/powerful/famous that I can do literally whatever I want, whenever I want” like a tuxedo t-shirt.

When Were Tuxedo T-Shirts Popular?

The t-shirt itself has been around in some form or another for many years. Some Romanist archaeologists say that Roman soldiers wore t-shirt like garments under their military gear, and we know for a fact that the Germans and French wore t-shirt-like undergarments during the First World War.

The tuxedo t-shirt first came onto the scene in the 1960’s. Over the past fifty-plus years, their popularity has never really waned. It’s honestly quite common to see them at bachelor parties, frat houses and college classrooms where men value formality, and on onesies for babies.

Who Invented The Tux Tee Shirt?

Sadly, this fact is lost to history and speculation. Anecdotal evidence puts the first tuxedo t-shirt sightings in the mid-1980’s, but this is speculative at best.

Where To Buy Online

Here are our preferred tuxedo t-shirts:

Conclusion & Real Tuxedo Attire

As an alternative to the traditional tuxedo, the tuxedo t-shirt is, well, in a class of its own. Wear them for comfort or to simply inject a bit of formality into your everyday life.