Interestingly, moccasins are a difficult style of shoe to define as they’re often associated with many varieties of loafers. For instance, even penny loafers and driving shoes are types of moccasins. Therefore, it can be a very confusing subject indeed! Fortunately, our guide will cut through the noise so you better understand what moccasins are and how they can be worn.

In this guide, we’ll explore the Moccasins in detail including:


Quick Buyer’s Guide

Looking to buy a pair of moccasins and in a hurry? Use the quick buy guide below to head to the retailers. Otherwise, scroll down to learn about all the different shoes and how to wear the style!


Minnetonka Camp Moccasin



Maglieriapelle handmade Cunda Tassel Loafers


Polo Ralph Lauren


Cole Haan

Cole Haan Grant Canoe Camp Moc


Wolf & Shepherd

Wolf & Shepherd Gunner Driver Shoe


Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon Cohen Penny Loafer


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What Are The Best Moccasins For Men?

In this section of the guide, we will be covering the best moccasins that you can buy online. The menu below will help you easily navigate between our recommendations. Otherwise, you can scroll down to read it all!

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1. Minnetonka Camp [Classic Moccasin]

Minnetonka Camp Moccasin
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A throwback to the moccasin’s Native American heritage, which you’ll about later, Minnetonka have been producing shoes since 1946. In many ways, we’d argue that they’re among the most loyal brands to the original style and they’re very affordable too!

2. Maglieriapelle Cunda [Affordable Handmade]

Maglieriapelle handmade Cunda Tassel Loafers
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If you’re looking for a dressier style of moccasin, we’d be inclined to recommend the Cunda by Maglieriapelle. Handmade in Istanbul, Turkey, they feature a beautiful tassel loafer design and hand-painted finish.

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3. Polo Ralph Lauren Millard [Designer Moc]

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If you’re fond of designer brands, Polo Ralph Lauren do a stunning pair of boat shoe moccasin hybrids that are surprisingly affordable. Made with suede leather, they feature functional 360° wrap-around laces for an improved fit and comfort.

4. Cole Haan Grant Canoe Camp [Hybrid Moc]

Cole Haan Grant Canoe Camp Moc
  • Colors: Light Brown
  • Material: Leather
  • Pricing: $170 [Buy On Zappos]
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Another interesting moccasin hybrid, the Grant Canoe Camp by Cole Haan features the hallmarks of the style as well as driving shoe elements. The wrap-around laces are functional and make for an ideal casual shoes for both outdoors and behind the wheel!

5. Wolf & Shepherd Gunner [Driving Shoe]

Wolf & Shepherd Gunner Driver Shoe
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Although not a traditional moccasin, the Gunner is a driving shoe variant. Known as the world’s most comfortable dress shoe, Wolf & Shepherd have received critical acclaim for their unique footwear. We were impressed by the gunner driver for its comfort and versatility.

6. Beckett Simonon Cohen [Penny Loafer]

Beckett Simonon Cohen Penny Loafer
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Thanks to the stitched finish on the toe, you can technically determine some penny loafers to be moccasins. As such, we couldn’t resist recommending the Cohen loafers by Beckett Simonon. Offering outstanding value for money, they’re a stylish shoe and very versatile to wear.

Furthermore, you can benefit from an extra 20% discount during checkout with the code “BU20”!

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What Are Moccasin Shoes?

Top And Side View Of Brown MoccasinBoat shoes. Camp mocs. Gucci loafers. Driving shoes. Technically, these are all different styles of moccasins.

As you can see, moccasins are difficult to pin down.

Historically, they’re defined as a slip-on shoe made from one piece of leather: the sole and sides were stitched together at the top of the shoe. Often (and almost exclusively nowadays) there will be an additional panel of leather that constitutes the shoe’s vamp.

They have been around for ages and are one of the most classic shoes in the menswear canon. They work beautifully as a casual shoe, and they’re renowned for their exceptional comfort.

The term “moccasin” gets thrown around a lot, though. Sometimes it refers to a heel-less shoe, sometimes it refers to a particular construction of the upper, and it sometimes refers to slippers that are constructed in a moccasin style.

So, what exactly are they?

Moccasin History: The Native Americans

Moccasins Of Elk And Beaver

Embroidered moccasins from West Canada

North America’s indigenous peoples are credited with the invention of a multitude of things, the moccasin being one of them. These are the archetypical one-piece shoes, and modern slippers beat a very close resemblance to them. As the soles were made from the same soft leather as the upper (often a deerskin), they were extremely flexible.

Structurally, mocs were made to protect the feet while allowing the wearer to feel the ground underneath. Aesthetically, there was often embroidery or beading on the upper. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this bears a resemblance to other shoes of the American Midwest and Southwest, specifically the cowboy boot.

An excellent early example of form meeting function, the word moccasin is a cognate of the Powhatan (Algonquian) word makasin, which simply meant “shoe.”

Common Types Of Moccasins

We’ll discuss three important moccasin styles below: the camp moc, the driving shoe, and the Norwegian.

Camp Moccasins

LL Bean Camp Moc

Leon Leonwood Bean is arguably most famous for inventing the duck boot, a waterproof boot made for hunters in the American Northeast. While this boot is still the company’s claim to fame, they’re also known for camp moccasins.

These were comfortable, casual shoes made to be worn around campfires, hence the name. L.L. Bean’s outdoorsy clientele loved them 75 or so years ago when they were first mass-produced, and they love them now.

Essentially a cool-weather boat shoe (another type of moccasin), the upper is constructed in a moccasin fashion, but it’s attached to a hard rubber sole and heel. It also uses a 360-degree lacing system like a boat shoe and is the only non-loafer style moccasin.

Driving Mocs: Italy’s Moccasin Contribution

Perspective View Of Driving Shoe

Driving moccasins (which we’ve referred to as “driving shoes” and “drivers”) were invented in Italy in the mid-1950’s. Popularized by Tod’s, the name is not an accident; these are shoes made for driving.

They’re constructed like a moccasin, but have rubber nubs on the sole. This is to help the driver grip a car’s pedals more effectively.

Norwegians (or, Bass Weejuns)

Burgundy Bass Weejun Shoe

A leather-soled penny loafer, this shoe is often referred to as a moccasin because the construction of the upper is similar to that of a classic moc. It gets its name from its country of origin, Norway (“weejun” is a corruption of the word “Norwegian”). This was, in fact, the first style of moccasin that used an additional piece of leather for the vamp.

The G.H. Bass company registered the name “weejun” in the 1930’s and makes the shoe to this day.

How To Wear Moccasins

No matter what style of moccasin you’re talking about, it’s casual. No suits or odd jackets and trousers, please.


The epitome of casual comfort, moccasins can be as dressed-down as slippers or dressed up with chinos or jeans, depending on the style.

  • Jeans & Casual Trousers: Weejuns, driving mocs, camp mocs
  • Shorts: drivers, camp mocs
  • Bathrobe: Moccasin slippers


Mocs are available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and construction styles. Depending on the style, they can be worn any time of year! Here are some suggestions:

  • Spring: Driver or Weejun in light colored leather
  • Summer: Driver, Weejun, or boat shoe in non-standard colors, especially suede or nubuck
  • Autumn: Camp moc in dark brown, Weejun or driver in dark brown or black leather
  • Winter: Camp moc or Weejun in black or dark brown

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy Mocs?

In a word, yes. There are so many different styles of moccasin that it’s nearly impossible to not own a pair.

With that said, you need to consider the type of wardrobe you have and buy moccasins that are in sync with that aesthetic. If you dress in a jacket and tie five days a week, you will want to focus on acquiring dressier styles, like Gucci loafers. If you’re a jeans and a button-down kind of guy, your world opens up a bit more as mocs are generally more casual.

Everyone has weekends and off-days though, so you should have at least one pair you like.

What Next?

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