Following my look into the Mission On Earth and Mission To Saturn MoonSwatches, in this article, I’m reviewing the Omega X Swatch Mission To Pluto.

As I’ve mentioned in those past watch reviews, there are not many differences across all the different models except for the case, dial, and velcro strap colors.

Accordingly, I’ll be including many up-close pictures of the watch itself so that you can get a better idea of what it looks like in person.

I find that this MoonSwatch Pluto is often overlooked by collectors as its colors aren’t so eye-catching. Yet, up close, I think the eggshell-toned dial is quite attractive, especially when paired with the burgundy subdials and bezel.

Read along as I provide an overview of this watch and discover whether this is the MoonSwatch for you.

Moonswatch Pluto on Wrist

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MoonSwatch Mission To Pluto Specifications

  • Reference: SO33M101
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Case Material: Bioceramic
  • Crystal: Plastic
  • Water Resistance: 30m / 3 bar
  • Dial Color: Eggshell
  • Bracelet: Dark Gray Velcro
  • Movement: ETA G10. 212
    • Quartz, Battery-Powered
    • Chronograph Function
  • Retail Price: $270 [Shop on eBay]
MoonSwatch Pluto with All Box Accessories

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MoonSwatch Pluto Box Set

Upon purchasing your MoonSwatch Mission To Pluto, you’ll receive it in a black cardboard box with a grey sleeve that matches the tone of the Bioceramic case.

Omega Swatch MoonSwatch Mission To Pluto Box Sides

Similar to the other Moonswatches in the collection, the cardboard sleeve of this watch has some scientific facts about the Planet Pluto; they include:

  • Temperature: -229°C
  • Is Called The “Dwarf Planet”
  • Has Five Moons
  • Status: Solid & Gaseous

A separate facet also states that a plane trip to Pluto would take 800 years. This piqued my interest, so I did a bit more research. Apparently, Pluto is about 3.1841 billion miles away from our Earth, but this number was likely too big to print on the box.

Mission To Pluto Caseback

Finally, the bottom side of the watch depicts all the planets in the MoonSwatch collection (so far).

What’s Inside The Box Of The Pluto MoonSwatch?

Once you remove the box’s sleeve and open it, you’ll find the watch wrapped around a cardboard “cushion.” Inside are also a couple of booklets, including an instruction manual for operating the quartz chronograph movement.

MoonSwatch Pluto with All Box Accessories

MoonSwatch Pluto Dimensions

Next, I’ll be going through the dimensions of the case of the MoonSwatch Pluto. Indeed, they’re exactly the same as you’ll find on any other MoonSwatch.

However, I’ve used my calipers in the images to provide a more precise idea of what they are “in the flesh,” seeing as how watch manufacturers aren’t always genuine in what they say on their websites.

Omega Moonswatch Pluto Case Width

Case Size

When considering the crown, the Pluto MoonSwatch measures 43mm across. Without the crown, it measures 41mm. On the official website, Swatch states the case diameter as 42mm.

As far as case height or depth, the MoonSwatch Mission To Pluto clocks in at just above 13mm, with the official number being 13.25mm.

Pluto MoonSwatch Case Thickness

I measured the lug-to-lug measurement of the Pluto MoonSwatch at just under 47mm. This is the only measurement I found to be less than is stated on the official Swatch page (47.30mm)

Swatch Mission To Pluto Lug To Lug Dimension

Lastly, is the strap size. This MoonSwatch Mission To Pluto has a 20mm strap size, which you’ll want to keep in mind if you want to put it on an aftermarket strap.

Swatch Pluto MoonSwatch Strap Size

On-The-Wrist Review

As you can imagine, this Omega MoonSwatch Mission To Pluto wears the same as all the other members of the collection.

MoonSwatch Pluto On The Wrist

Moreover, if you’ve ever worn an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, then you’ll be pretty familiar with the fit, too

With this Velcro strap, the watch does feel a bit bigger than the original Moonwatch. Still, its weight is significantly less, given that it’s made of Bioceramic rather than stainless steel (or another metal).

Omega Pluto Moonswatch Gray Case

What is most unique about this Pluto MoonSwatch is its cream-toned dial, which I greatly enjoy. The burgundy accents contrast the eggshell dial and the gray case, offering an aesthetic that I’m growing more fond of every time I wear it.

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"Perhaps overlooked within the MoonSwatch collection, this Mission To Pluto has a unique dial that makes it stand out from the rest."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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