Many reviews have already been published across the web about each and every one of the Omega MoonSwatch watches. However, having recently started building my collection of these unique timepieces, I still wanted to cover the ones I’ve purchased here on Bespoke Unit.

Accordingly, in this article, I’ll be covering the MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn relatively briefly and will allow the images I’ve taken to do most of the talking.

Below, I’ll also show the latest aftermarket band that I’ve purchased for this Mission To Saturn MoonSwatch. It’s made wearing the watch a lot more comfortable, and I am very satisfied with the comfort that this strap provides.

Before that, let’s take a look at the specifications of the Mission to Saturn, which are exactly the same as the Mission On Earth I recently covered except for the obvious differences in the color scheme and strap tone.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Saturn Review

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MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn Specs

  • Reference: SO33T100
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Case Material: Bioceramic
  • Crystal: Plastic
  • Water Resistance: 30m / 3 bay
  • Dial Color: Beige
  • Bracelet: Brown Velcro
  • Movement: ETA G10. 212
    • Quartz, Battery-Powered
    • Chronograph Function
  • Retail Price: $270 [Shop on eBay]

Swatch describes the tone of the MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn bioceramic case as beige. However, I think it is a bit more grey than beige.

The dial is marked by brown subregisters and a depiction of Saturn & its rings. The bezel insert is presented in the same brown tone, which I find is an excellent pairing for the beige/gray bioceramic.

Mission To Saturn MoonSwatch Box External

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MoonSwatch Saturn Box Set

Like all other MoonSwatches, this Mission to Saturn comes in black cardboard box with an outer sleeve.

MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn Watch Box

Along with pictures of all the planets corresponding to each individual watch, the sleeve of this watch box also alludes to Saturn:

  • Having a temperature of -139°C
  • Being the flattest planet
  • Having 14 rings
  • Having a high density

I’m not sure exactly what is they’re referring to with this last point, but I suppose it’s somewhat related to the last facet of the sleeve, which indicates “One cannot stand on Saturn as it is made of gas.”

What’s In The Mission To Saturn’s Box?

The box set of the Mission to Saturn MoonSwatch is relatively simple. It includes the watch wrapped around a cardboard “pillow” as well as a couple of booklets covering the entire collection.

Omega MoonSwatch Saturn Unboxing Review

MoonSwatch Saturn Dimensions

The product listing page of the Mission to Saturn includes the official case dimensions as advertised by Swatch. However, I’ve often found that these aren’t quite right. Therefore, I’ve measured the case myself with my calipers and shared them here.

Case Diameter Of MoonSwatch Saturn

When measured with the crown, the diameter of the Mission to Saturn is 43mm.

Omega MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn Dimensions

When measured without the crown, the case diameter is about 41.5mm.

Lug to Lug of MoonSwatch Saturn Watch

When measuring the lug-to-lug dimension of this MoonSwatch, I found it to be about 46.5mm.

Case Height of Saturn MoonSwatch

As far as case height or how tall the watch sits on the wrist, it is 13mm. I have a relatively large wrist, so this measurement was perfectly fine for me. However, I can see this being slightly large for some with smaller wrists. IDeally, you’d try these on your wrist before shelling out the cash for them.

Strap Size Of MoonSwatch Mission To SaturnFinally, and perhaps most importantly if you’re planning on fitting the watch with aftermarket straps, is the strap size. This MoonSwatch has a strap size of 20mm.

Below, you can see the rubber MoonSwatch strap that I’ve fitted to mine. These are available in dozens of different colors on Amazon for about $13. I found this brown one to be the most fitting, and in fact the brown tone of the strap is very similar to the brown tones found on the watch.

Brown Rubber Strap For MoonSwatch Saturn

I’ll also note that the fit of the straps against the case is quite snug, so it’s clear these are well designed and do offer a cleaner look when they’re fitted to the watch.

Aftermarket Strap For MoonSwatch Saturn


In the following images, you can see how this Mission To Saturn fits on my wrist. Additionally, I’ve tried to capture the true tone of the case in some natural light.

MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn On Wrist

The bioceramic makes the watch really light, so much so that I’ll often forget I’m wearing it. Moreover, if I change back to a steel watch, I’ll instantly notice the difference and have to get used to wearing a more substantial watch once more.

I mention this as I’ve noticed other reviewers online mention that the light weight makes the watch feel cheap. I disagree with these opinions wholeheartedly and have been quite happy wearing this Mission To Saturn and the few other MoonSwatches I’ve managed to purchase so far.

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