For decades, Omega and Swatch have shared a roof under the Swatch Group’s expansive umbrella. Yet, it wasn’t until 2022 that these two horological powerhouses would stun the watch world with an unprecedented collaboration.

At first glance, the idea of a special edition Moonwatch might not seem groundbreaking—Omega has a long history of releasing special and limited-edition Speedmaster Moonwatches. However, this was the first time Omega would co-brand its most emblematic model with another entity, marking a bold departure from tradition.

The announcement of the Omega X Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch collaboration sent ripples through the watch-collecting community, igniting debates and excitement alike. Now, nearly two years after the launch, we examine the reception of the MoonSwatch, its impact on the legacy of both brands and its implications for other luxury watchmakers within the Swatch Group.

Join us as we delve into the MoonSwatch phenomenon, exploring its significance and what it heralds for the future of luxury horology.

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What Is The Omega Swatch MoonSwatch?

As the name directly implies, the MoonSwatch is the result of a collaboration between Omega and Swatch.

In this partnership, Omega, known for iconic wristwatches such as the Seamaster and Speedmaster, supplied the majority of the design and function. On the other hand, Swatch put forth the movement powering the watch as well as the material for the case.

The result was a quartz-powered watch that boasted a BioCeramic case built to the exact dimensions of a genuine Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. The dial of this MoonSwatch, too, mimicked the luxury Moonwatch very closely, though its unique tri-register arrangement is not one that has been seen on a Speedmaster before.

Omega Moonswatch Watch Models

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Full MoonSwatch Collection

The entire MoonSwatch collection is composed of 11 different models, each one corresponding to one of the planets in our Universe as well as the Moon, and Sun. And yes, Pluto was included as well.

Entire Collection Of Omega Swatch MoonSwatch

They are as follows:

  • Mission To The Sun
  • Mission To Mercury
  • Mission To Venus
  • Mission On Earth
  • Mission To The Moon
  • Mission To Mars
  • Mission To Jupiter
  • Mission To Saturn
  • Mission To Uranus
  • Mission To Neptune
  • Mission To Pluto

What Is Bioceramic?

Bioceramic is a novel material crafted by Swatch in Switzerland, where all of their watches are also manufactured. Initially showcased in 2021, Swatch’s BIG BOLD collection (quartz-powered wristwatches that typically retail for around $150) was the first to benefit from this novel material.

Moonswatch Earth Watch With Booklet

The formula for Bioceramic is a blend of two-thirds ceramic, specifically zirconium oxide, and one-third “biosourced material derived from castor oil.

Why Use Bioceramic For The MoonSwatch?

Choosing Bioceramic for the MoonSwatch collection was an intelligent move by Swatch for a couple of key reasons.

Swatch Models Made With Bioceramic

First off, it was a great way to get people talking about Bioceramic itself. The MoonSwatch grabs attention, and as watch customers start to wonder, “What’s this Bioceramic all about?” they’re likely to stumble upon Swatch’s other watches made with the same unique material. In this manner, the spotlight would come upon not just the MoonSwatch but all the other Bioceramic watches that Swatch offers.

Second, the choice of Bioceramic would resonate with the established preferences of luxury watch enthusiasts. Indeed, many watch fans are already accustomed to the prestige associated with ceramic materials in high-end timepieces, such as those found on Rolex GMT-Master IIs.

This familiarity ultimately positions the Bioceramic MoonSwatch as a premium offering within the Swatch portfolio, justifying its higher-than-normal retail price and appealing to those seeking luxury at an accessible price point.

Swatch Omega MoonSwatch Earth Moon Pluto Saturn

L to R: Earth, Moon, Saturn, Pluto

A third reason why Bioceramic was used is the versatility of the material. As the Bioceramic can be made in many different colors, it fits perfectly for this collection of 11 different watches, all of which were of a different color.

Finally, by choosing Bioceramic for the MoonSwatch, Swatch sought to establish its position as a leader in sustainable and innovative watchmaking. Seeing as how the material combines durability with eco-friendly components, it aligns with the growing consumer demand for products that are both high-quality, attractive, and conscientious.

Reception Of The MoonSwatch

The MoonSwatch’s release in March 2022 was nothing short of a sensation.

Moonswatch Mission To Saturn

Wristwatch enthusiasts were so eager to get their hands on one that they lined up outside Swatch stores from the day before the launch, despite each store having only a few hundred units. Naturally, this intense demand meant many (if not most) went back home empty-handed. Moreover, those towards the back of the line were often left with no choice in model and had to accept whatever was left—usually not the most sought-after colors.

Previous to the global release, there were hints from Swatch on social media that the MoonSwatch might be available online. However, the brand later clarified that it would be sold exclusively in select Swatch Boutiques around the world. As production ramped up, the number of stores carrying the MoonSwatch expanded, but the frenzy didn’t ease.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Saturn With Box

The limited supply and high demand led to MoonSwatches appearing on resale platforms like eBay. Of course, these were marked up thousands of dollars and very far from their original $260 retail price.

Whether intentional or not, this scarcity tactic by Swatch & Omega generated immense buzz around the release but also left many collectors frustrated by the inaccessibility.

Despite the challenges, the MoonSwatch was a triumph for Swatch. The brand reportedly sold about 3 million watches in 2022, with a third of those being MoonSwatches. This release helped boost Swatch’s sales volume by approximately 25% YoY and also introduced a higher price point that customers were willing to pay for a Swatch watch, elevating the brand’s perceived value.

Omega MoonSwatch Watches with Moonwatch Only Book

Furthermore, the MoonSwatch’s success had a halo effect on Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch, countering skeptics who feared the collaboration might dilute the luxury brand’s image. Instead, it sparked renewed interest in Omega’s iconic model, showcasing what turned out to be strategic brilliance behind the partnership and reinforcing both brands’ statuses in the watchmaking world.

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Reviews Of The MoonSwatch

Diving into the realm of MoonSwatch reviews reveals a spectrum of opinions, with a significant tilt towards the negative end, primarily due to the scarcity issue at launch. Many enthusiasts who wished to acquire the watch immediately found themselves facing steep prices on the secondary market, a factor that inevitably influenced their perceptions.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Moon Mission With Box

Critiques have also targeted the Bioceramic material itself. Its lightweight nature and somewhat plasticky texture have led some to describe the MoonSwatch as “feeling cheap,” especially in comparison to the heft and finish of a genuine Omega Speedmaster. The difference is stark, with the MoonSwatch and the Speedmaster occupying opposite ends of the material and tactile experience spectrum, despite sharing a case design.

The hype surrounding the MoonSwatch’s release set high expectations, leaving some watch enthusiasts feeling underwhelmed when they finally got their hands on one. Moreover, in the vast sea of online opinions, negative views tend to stand out, so you’re more likely to hear these rather than the overwhelmingly satisfactory response from most customers.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Mission To The Moon

Furthermore, naysayers argue that, given its quartz movement and Bioceramic composition, the MoonSwatch might be overpriced for a Swatch watch, especially when Swatch models with Bioceramic cases and the same movement are available at a significantly lower price.

However, the perspective shifts when considering the MoonSwatch’s design, which mirrors that of the Omega Moonwatch, which retails for over $6,000. With a similar aesthetic at a fraction of the cost, plus the added benefit of color variety, the MoonSwatch truly allows for personal expression beyond the single color option of the traditional Moonwatch.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Moon with Calipers

One practical concern raised by users is the durability of the MoonSwatch’s plastic crystal, which is prone to scratching but can be polished out relatively easily. Additionally, there have been reports of crowns detaching from the case, though, surprisingly, cases cracking have not been an issue. This resilience against cracking, a common vulnerability of ceramic materials, is noteworthy, offering a silver lining to those wary of the material’s perceived softness and susceptibility to dings and scratches.

Overall, the MoonSwatch has created a broad dialogue among watch enthusiasts, with its innovative design and materials sparking both admiration and skepticism. Even considering the negative feedback, Swatch & Omega are likely more than satisfied with the commotion, regardless of its nature.

MoonSwatch FAQs

The Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch has sparked a lot of interest and, understandably, quite a few questions. Below, we tackle some of the most frequently asked ones to help you get a clearer picture of this unique collaboration:

Is The MoonSwatch Waterproof?

The MoonSwatch is water-resistant up to 3 bar or approximately 30 meters. While this might sound sufficient for a quick dip, it’s generally advisable to avoid swimming or showering with watches that have a water resistance rating below 100 meters (or 10 bar). For everyday splashes and rain, though, the MoonSwatch should hold up just fine.

Moonswatch Mission To Pluto On Wrist

Is The MoonSwatch Still Hard To Get?

Yes, but availability has improved. The MoonSwatch continues to be a hot item sold exclusively at retail Swatch locations. To see if a store near you carries it, visit Swatch’s official store locator here, and be prepared for the possibility of multiple visits.

Additionally, it’s wise to check in with your local store about restock dates and plan to arrive early on restock days to secure your chance at purchase.

Which MoonSwatch Is Rarest?

According to online discussions, the Mission To Neptune variant of the MoonSwatch is considered the rarest. This scarcity is partly due to issues with the blue color staining wearers’ wrists, leading to a temporary halt in sales of this specific model.

Omega x Moonswatch Mission To Pluto Box Set

After addressing this problem, Swatch reintroduced the model, but it remains less widely available than others in the collection.

Will The MoonSwatch Go Up In Value?

The MoonSwatch has been trading on the secondary market at prices starting from $350, showing a notable increase of approximately 35% over its $260 retail price. This price bump is a clear indicator of its high demand and limited availability.

However, Swatch hasn’t indicated any plans to cease production or sales of the MoonSwatch. Should they continue producing it, it’s likely that supply will eventually exceed demand, leading to a decrease in resale prices. All in all, though, the future value of the MoonSwatch hinges largely on Swatch’s production strategies and ongoing market demand.

Moonswatch Mission To Pluto Caseback

Will Swatch Collaborate With Other Swatch Group Brands?

Swatch has already embarked on another exciting Bioceramic collaboration, this time joining forces with Blancpain to create the Blancpain X Swatch Scuba Fifty Fathoms.

This new venture, inspired by Blancpain’s diving heritage, introduces multiple models, each named after one of the world’s oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic). Just like the MoonSwatch, they are presented in a variety of colors.

Swatch x Blancpain Scuba Fifty Fathoms Full Collection

The 5 Watches Of The Blancpain x Swatch Scuba Fifty Fathoms Collection

In contrast to the quartz movement of the MoonSwatch, these are automatic watches powered by Swatch’s System 51 self-winding movement, boasting a 90-hour power reserve. Priced at $400, the Scuba Fifty Fathoms aims to rejuvenate Blancpain’s appeal and introduce the brand to a new generation of watch enthusiasts, leveraging its historical significance in the diving watch space.

Lastly, this latest collaboration with Blancpain raises the question of whether Swatch plans to pursue similar projects with other brands within the Swatch Group.

Speculation around a potential collaboration with Breguet has surfaced, given its storied history and recent loss of visibility in the watch market. However, the prospect of integrating Bioceramic into Breguet’s lineup, renowned for its ultra-elegant dress watches, presents a challenging juxtaposition. It remains to be seen how Swatch might navigate such a collaboration.

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"In spite of the controversy, the MoonSwatch has now been cemented in the minds of watch collectors everywhere and will likely lead to more groundbreaking collaborations between Swatch Groups brands."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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