After breaking down the history and legacy left behind by the Omega MoonSwatch collection as a whole, I’ll be providing a closer look at the four individual models (of 11 total) that I’ve been able to accumulate.

As you can see by the image, I’m starting with the MoonSwatch Mission On Earth, which is marked by a mint green case and dark blue dial.

Rather than providing an intricate review, and given that I’ve only been wearing this MoonSwatch Earth for a couple of months, this article will concentrate more on unboxing the watch itself and its accessories.

I’ll provide some technical specs as well as tons of pictures, but I will reserve my owner’s review/commentary for a later date when I’ve spent more time with this particular model.

Omega MoonSwatch Earth Review & Unboxing

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MoonSwatch Mission On Earth Specs

  • Reference: SO33G100
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Case Material: Bioceramic
  • Crystal: Plastic
  • Water Resistance: 30m / 3 bar
  • Dial Color: Dark Blue
  • Bracelet: Dark Blue Velcro
  • Movement: ETA G10. 212
    • Quartz, Battery-Powered
    • Chronograph Function
  • Retail Price: $270 [Shop on eBay]

From what I’ve seen online, this Mission On Earth MoonSwatch is deemed to be one of the most common models out there.

Honestly, I’d have expected it to be one of the most sought-after as the color of its case is both unique and agreeable, unlike some of the other MoonSwatches, which can be somewhat loud.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Mission Earth Box

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Moon Swatch Earth Box Set & Accessories

I don’t have much experience with Swatch watches, but the box set the Omega & Swatch created for these is very cool and creative. It’s composed of a light green cardboard sleeve (similar in color to the case) that surrounds a black internal box.

Omega Swatch MoonSwatch Mission Earth Box Sides

The sides of the box are printed with characteristics about the specific planet, as well as graphic depictions of all the planets. Aside from the scientific facts about Planet Earth, I did find some humor in the facet of the box that says, “The Only Planet With Life And Bioceramic.”

What’s Inside The Box?

The inside of the MoonSwatch Mission On Earth (and every MoonSwatch, for that matter) is rather simple. Of course, there’s the watch, but it also includes a couple of booklets. Unlike the box, these internal accessories are not unique to the specific model; they are universal across the collection.

MoonSwatch Mission On Earth Box Set With Booklets

MoonSwatch Earth Dimensions

For this section, I’ve enlisted the help of my trusty calipers to get some measurements of the case. Swatch does provide most of these on its website, but I’ve found that the case measurements on a manufacturer’s website aren’t always precise. Below are the ones I collected.

MoonSwatch Earth Case Dimemsions Diameter

In person, the case diameter, including the crown, was 43mm. Not including the crown, I measured the case diameter at 41mm.

MoonSwatch Earth Lug to Lug Measurement

As far as the lug-to-lug measurement, I measured the MoonSwatch Earth at about 46.5mm.

Omega MoonSwatch Earth Case Depth and Strap Size

When it comes to case depth, or how high the watch sits on the wrist, it is 13mm.

If you’re thinking about aftermarket straps, you’ll want to note that the strap size of the Omega MoonSwatch is 20mm. In fact, this is precisely what I did when searching for the below aftermarket straps on Amazon.

Omega MoonSwatch Aftermarket Strap Green

I found this green aftermarket MoonSwatch strap to fit the colors of the watch rather well, and it was only about $13 on Amazon, so I picked one up.


I have a relatively large wrist, so even in spite of the 43mm diameter and 41.5mm lug-to-lug, the watch didn’t feel large at all.

Swatch Moonswatch Earth On The Wrist

Additionally, the turned-down lugs and the Velcro strap help it to “sink into” the wrist, making for an even more snug and comfortable fit.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Earth on the Wrist

Final Thoughts

There’s been a lot of smack-talking and negative opinions online regarding the MoonSwatch collection, and I have to admit that I disagree entirely.

These MoonSwatches are supposed to be fun collection-starters, not luxury wristwatches, so those who approach them without the proper perspective are sure to be disappointed. I believe this is what has happened to many of the critics. Simply because it looks a lot like a genuine Omega Moonwatch, it does not mean it will be up to par in quality (obviously).

Omega MoonSwatch Earth with Box Set

However, it seems many folks let themselves be carried away by the hype and found themselves disappointed when their $260 watch did not match up to the real thing, which retails for more than $6,000.

If you approach them with the right mindset, as I did, I think you will find a lot of enjoyment in seeking out and collecting the Omega MoonSwatches, which are still surprisingly challenging to find.

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"Easily one of my favorite MoonSwatches so far, this Mission On Earth version has a unique green-toned case that you will undoubtedly never see in a genuine Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch"
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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