Peugeot Impitoyable N°5 Glass & Packaging

Although we’ve already extensively covered whisky glassware, we’re always discovering new ways to taste our cherished expressions. French brand Peugeot has created a new and exciting way to enjoy your whisky with their unique glass from the Impitoyables collection.

In this review, you will discover the Peugeot N°5 “Les Impitoyables” whisky glass with me as we explore the following topics:

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Peugeot N°5 Whisky Glass Overview

  • Brand: Peugeot Saveurs
  • Country Of Origin: France
  • Type: Nosing Glass
  • Volume: 38 cl / 12.85 Oz
  • Pricing: $25 – $40

Although best known as a car manufacturer, Peugeot first started by manufacturing saws in 1812. By 1840, the brand began producing coffee grinders before introducing producing pepper mills in 1874.

Alongside its automotive production, Peugeot continues to craft its French-made coffee and pepper mills as well as other gastronomy accessories.

In recent years, Peugeot was awarded the prestigious EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant or “Living Heritage Company”) label for its contribution to traditional and industrial expertise.

Peugeot Impitoyable N°5 Glass & Kornog Whisky

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Peugeot N°5 Impitoyable Whisky Glass Review

Peugeot Impitoyable N°5Whisky GlassPeugeot extended its expertise to wine and spirits with its Impitoyables range. This builds on its rich experience in gastronomy and the appreciation of flavour with unique designs.

Currently, the collection of wine glasses consists of receptacles for white and sparkling wine as well as reds of different levels of maturity. Furthermore, there are glasses for cognac and beer.

Each member of their glassware range is scientifically designed to improve flavour for a single specific beverage, which explains why there are just so many. Given that each beverage will have its own unique properties, the glasses are crafted to extend their particular aromatic bouquets and rich flavours.

While Peugeot markets the N°5 specifically for whisky, it also markets it for cognac, armagnac and rum as well as other eau de vie. Like the glasses mentioned above, the design is driven by the endeavour to complement the beverage’s unique character.

Peugeot’s Whisky Glass Shape

At first, the glass is somewhat reminiscent of a typical Glencairn nosing glass thanks to its somewhat fluted tulip shape and bulbous base.

This wide base encourages the release of aromatic compounds thanks to a large surface area, which is then channelled up the flute. As a result, the aromas are not just amplified when sniffing but when tasting too.

This allows for a greater appreciation of the expression’s nuances through the flourishing aromas that complement the flavours.

However, what sets this glass apart is a central dome that gives the base something of a doughnut shape. This unique addition is designed to reduce alcohol bloom by preventing its concentration at the centre.

Peugeot Impitoyable Whisky Glass Dome Vs Normal Tumbler

Consequently, the release of aromas is instead encouraged up the flute. Meanwhile, the alcohol is pushed to the sides for a more refined experience. Nevertheless, the user only benefits from this feature when only pouring to just below the dome’s peak. Therefore, it’s important to note overfill your dram.

Aside from its purposeful design, it’s also quite stylish as well as ergonomic in the hand. I like to hold it with my thumb in the base for a little extra grip.

Cooling Base For Peugeot’s Whisky Glass

Peugeot Impitoyable N°5 Glass Cooling BaseAn optional addition when ordering a glass, the unique cooling base is well worth the extra investment.

For those who prefer to enjoy a slightly chilled expression, it provides you with an excellent way to achieve this.

While we do encourage people to enjoy their whisky the way they like it, we’re firm believers that you shouldn’t add ice to whisky.

This is because you cannot control the extent to which it both dilutes with water and chills.

Meanwhile, we usually recommend whisky stones as alternative. However, you may experience the same issue where you can’t control how much the whisky is cooled down.

A Careful Chilling Process

Yet Peugeot have overcome this with their stylish and practical base. After placing the base in the freezer for two hours, you’ll be able to sit the glass snugly on top, which slowly yet consistently cools the whisky.

Once at the desired temperature, you can simply remove the glass from base or leave it to continue observing the changes in flavour until it eventually returns to room temperature.

Peugeot Impitoyable Cooling Base Process

Another benefit of the cooling base is that the slow cooling process avoids thermal shock, which could damage the aromatic compounds hidden inside the dram. Therefore, was warmed up again, it shouldn’t have lost the flavours after being chilled.

Interestingly, I was talking about this glass with our whisky editor, Robert Raymond, who suggested that it could also be used for warming the expression instead. Although I’m not sure if the base is designed for this, it might be an interesting experience to see how heat may affect an expression’s properties.

Although you may not use the base regularly or at all, it’s a very stylish accessory. In fact, it looks great as a metallic coaster that’s made specifically for the glass.

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Does The Peugeot Whisky Glass Work?

Sniffing Whisky From Peugeot Impitoyable N°5 GlassAlthough it does share many of the characteristics of a Glencairn glass, its additional features do provide you with a more refined experience.

Having now used it to taste a number of expressions and comparing with a regular nosing glass, I do detect a difference.

Overall, I believe that it does provide something new the tasting experience. As someone who is easily affected by alcohol bloom and the way it blinds the palate, I’ve noticed that the dome does help reduce this efficiently.

It’ll likely be my glass of choice when sampling expressions for our whisky reviews on Bespoke Unit for this reason!

As for the cooling base, I rarely chill my whisky for the reasons mentioned above. However, this has actually changed my perspective somewhat and I’ll be willing to do it more regularly with my affordable expressions.

Its large size also makes it quite convenient for washing too so I’m also quite fond of that!

Overall Experience & Value For Money

Peugeot Impitoyable N°5 Whisky Glass PackagingAs mentioned above, the Peugeot glass is very stylish with its geometric tulip form and etched Peugeot logo. The same can be said for the base, which has a rubber logo at the top.

Furthermore, it’s supplied with a leather coaster if you prefer not to use the base. This can also be used to cover the whisky while waiting for it to cool to prevent dust falling in.

The glass is presented in an eye-catching cardboard tube similar to a whisky bottle. It’s carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and is also supplied with a pamphlet that explains the brand’s heritage and how to use the glass in several languages.

Finally, the Peugeot whisky glass is admittedly quite expensive given that it doesn’t seem to be made from crystal. You can buy it for between $25 and $40 on Amazon depending on whether you want the base. I’d recommend it with the base at the very least but I certainly think that it’s a worthwhile investment.

Closing Thoughts

Peugeot’s innovative design brings offers a rich a unique tasting experience for both novices and experienced enthusiasts alike. The renowned French brand have created an intuitive glass that’s a worthwhile addition to your collection.

While it’s rather pricey compared to some glasses, I firmly believe that it offers great value for money. Not only is it a quality whisky glass but a conversation piece as well.

You can expect to see this glass more regularly around Bespoke Unit as I will be sure to use it for my future reviews!

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Peugeot Les Impitoyables N°5 Whisky Tasting Glass
Reviewed by Charles-Philippe, on .
"An innovative and unique design. While the cooling base concept might not be for everyone, these glasses by Peugeot offer a unique tasting experience and look great as part of a set."
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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